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November 11, 2021

A typical business model used by translators isn’t a good fit for customers. It increases costs, the human element as well as a lack of transparency and visibility.

Today’s translation services do so much more. The models of today fit seamlessly in existing web and content development processes. They provide more context, human-to human interaction and central processes that provide translations that are not only technically accurate, but additionally localized to be able to connect with an international audience on an individual scale.

However, hiring trustworthy legal translation JLT services is difficult. To find the most suitable translation service for you will require you think about your company’s needs requirements, web content and content as well as your strategies for localization.

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The Five Questions You Should Ask when hiring a Translation Service

It’s more than just words. If you’re thinking about hiring a translator or just want to get started in localization, here are the top five questions you should consider asking.

1. Why should you use certified translation services?

It wasn’t too long back that the only companies needing translators were multi-national and global firms. Think of the big names like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, or Apple. These brands were already large and global enough to warrant multilingual content.

This is no longer the case. less than a 1/3 of the more than 4 billion users on the Internet can speak English as their primary language, and that’s even in countries that are English-speaking. It takes on average the use of 52 different languages to connect with 99% of Internet users. If you’re planning to expand the reach of your business, it is important to think about the people in your targeted audience who are fluent in Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Arabic, Portuguese, Swedish…the list of languages is endless.

Every company is globally oriented, but for it to be a successful global company it is essential to replicate the same brand equity, trust among buyers and customer care in your local language. Businesses must be personal and local to be competitive.

Every company is an international company

.2. What are the various types of services for translation?

At at a minimum, your translation services providers should be able to support the most crucial languages for your company. However, after that there’s a broad range of services that you might require or desire depending on the goals you have for localization.

The three major kinds of translation services are:

  1. professional translation Changes one language for the content being viewed that is done by human translation. This should be done by native language experts you have met and with whom you talk frequently.
  2. Transcreation In contrast to translation, that focuses on swapping words between various language, transcreation is the process of transcreation the meaning, the style, and the tone of your content. The result is written in the language you want to use using the original language as a reference.
  3. Post-editing post-editing employs the combination of AI and human translation. The text can go through machine translation before, then edited by a person to ensure that the translation is accurate and has the appropriate quality of voice and tone. This allows you to produce high-quality translations in a short time for a cheaper price.

Other services will depend on your needs and the sort of content you’re translating. It is possible to consider specific translation, transcription, subtitling, voiceover, global SEO management Desktop publishing, language asset development, and quality control.

Your requirements will likely increase and evolve when you enter new areas, which is why it is essential to choose an expert translation company that will adapt and grow with you.

3. Do I need to use an agency or freelancer for translation of documents?

The answer, as with most things, is dependent on your personal preferences.

Professional translators, also known as linguists, typically native speakers and can provide expert knowledge in a particular language, and become an integral part of your team, with quick turnaround times. Directly working to freelance translators can be an ideal option for certain types of work or for only one or two languages and many freelancers are able to suggest reviewers to proofread and quality control.

But when the project is more complicated (involving different languages and content types or formats for files) agencies are usually the best option. Translation agencies will handle a multitude of moving parts for you, including managing projects, managing multiple languages, editing, offering quality assurance, as well as providing various types of services at the same time. All you have to think about is making great websites or articles in your language of choice. They’ll take care of the rest.

This is the reason we recruit top-quality freelance translators for our team here at Prime Quality Translation & Interpretation LLC to ensure that our clients receive all the benefits of two worlds. 

4. What is the cost average in the field of translating services?

Think about translating as is an investment to improve the quality of your product or content.

If you are presented with a choice of comparable products 75percent of people will select the one that offers information in their language of choice. When you consider the percentage of companies don’t employ localization, it is obvious that using the services of a translator immediately makes you stand out from the rest of the pack.

In accordance with the ATA The minimum price for translation is 12 cents for each word. However, pricing is contingent on the experience level, the type of services provided, and the project scope. The more complex or top-quality you’d like the translations you receive to have as well, the more expensive they will cost. At Prime Quality Translation & Interpretation LLC we provide several plans that are that are based on the needs of our clients. require. Check out the pricing we offer here.

5. What should I know to begin using the translation service?

Before you hire a company for translation company it is important to think about:

  • Languages of target What language pairs are you looking for and how does it connect to your expansion strategy?
  • Price, currency, and payment Does your company prepared to handle multilingual content? You’ll need to help your international buyers throughout the entire process. Before you begin, make sure you’ve got a clear pricing strategy for global currencies, and you have the appropriate payment methods to accommodate different currencies or payment methods.
  • Brand, tone, and voice What are the best ways to adapt your brand’s image to different markets, if you do? There may be a chance that certain parts of the voice do not sound as appealing when translated into different languages.
  • Types of content Translation services can handle any kind of content; however, they must be considered in a different way. Be aware of whether most of your needs for translation are on websites, eBooks, blog posts video, e-learning or images, or podcasts since each one will require different skills.
  • Security and privacy If your company is in a more controlled sector, you may require an additional layer of security. Documents from government agencies, legal document translation dubai  or medical translations dealing with sensitive data may require specific expertise.
  • Workflow What are you doing to create content or launch new software? The translation services you choose to use will have to be integrated into the workflow for your projects to be on schedule. Consider your reviewers as well as your model for software development as well as turnaround times and your overall production schedule to ensure you get the perfect service.

Where can I find the most professional translation service?

You’ve discovered it. You’ve shared your goals, and we offer a strategy. In the process of transcription and machine translation Prime Quality Translation & Interpretation LLC achieves the perfect balance between quality, speed and cost to ensure that the experience of translating is effortless. With years of experience, you can trust their ability to provide high-quality work.

November 11, 2021

Translation services are a growing sector, and that’s why many are looking to make it a success. There is a distinct distinction from professional translators and services offered by translators who are not experienced. If you want your business to be able to connect with a variety of markets, it is essential to employ quality translation in Abu Dhabi as they’ve got the expertise and experience in making the translation suitable for the needs of the user. Unexperienced translators frequently do the wrong thing by doing literal translations.

Professional Translation Services

Professional translation services understand that maintaining the credibility of your original document is crucial. Professional translators will ensure that your document will contain the language that your consumers expect to read. In addition, they have the knowledge to match the translation to the language of the source text tone, style, and vocabulary to ensure the correct presentation of the message you want to communicate.

Benefits of Using Professional Translation Services

You’re looking for approval to your business’s expansion plan into a foreign market education institution, immigration as well as a variety of other issues. Therefore, you must employ an experienced translator. You can expect top quality precise and flawless translations when you have a professional take care of your translation work. Benefit from their education and experience, their cultural understanding and proficiency in the language of your target, as well as their expertise in the subject.

Prime Quality Translation & Interpretation LLC are aware of your market and can use terms and phrases that ensure that your audience is able to comprehend the message. With expert knowledge of the subject in addition A professional translator can either determine the correct terminology or ask you to supply the list of terms that are specialized to ensure consistency in the translation.

A company offering professional translation services follows a strict workflow procedure, which includes an assigned project manager and translator, proofreader, and editor. They ensure that the translation is passed through a strict quality assurance process. The company ensures that the translation project will meet the deadline.

You should not trust specialized translation services to a beginner or a translator with no experience. Only translators who are professional who have expertise in the subject and many years’ experience within a specific sector or industry, and mastery of both the language of the source and the target can deal with medical, legal or business language translations.

Legal Translation Services

You’ll need a skilled translator who is knowledgeable in the field of law that may include a variety of topics. Legal documents comprise:

  • Patent translations, patent filings, and patent translations
  • Registration of trademarks and service marks
  • Copyright registration
  • Depositions, litigation documents and affidavits as well as pleadings, settlement agreements, correspondence, and other written discovery documents
  • Proposals, business plans, contracts, business formation in compliance with regulations, financial records, as well as business ownership documents
  • Immigration documents
  • Birth certificates, insurance marriage licenses documents for divorce driver’s license wills, deeds, and academic documents

Legal translations need precision, security, accuracy, and security. You can get all these characteristics by hiring an expert translator or professional translation company.

Medical Translation Services

Medical translation is also a process that requires precision and accuracy. It involves translating sensitive information, such as medical histories of patients as well as the doctor’s diagnosis and prescriptions. Apart from these documents medical translators also deal with the translation of manuals, legal translation Dubai such as training materials, medical device documentation, technical documents as well as packaging labels, inserts marketing materials, clinical trials and many more.

The medical and healthcare are governed by specific terms. Translators with expertise in medical fields know the terms used in different fields that require medical translations. They are knowledgeable and have knowledge of healthcare and medicine. Medical translators who are professionals can modify the translations to ensure they are appropriate for the understanding of the people who are using the documents translated.

Business Translation Services

Like legal and medical service translation, translation for business comes with specific terms. It requires a skilled business translator to be able to understand the terminology and requirements to translate business documents. Companies handle numerous written materials such as articles of incorporation or articles of organization as well as tax identifications and permits as well as accounting reports (cash flow statements and balance sheets, income statements) among others. The only professional who has expertise in the business world can comprehend the intricate nuances of business language.

Get Your Professional Translation Services Right Here, Right Now

Prime Quality Translation & Interpretation LLC has an extensive network of native-speaking experts that offer professional translation services no matter where you may be. They’re in the country, therefore they have a thorough understanding of the culture, language, and preferences of the local consumer. We have more than 100 different languages and you can be at ease knowing that we have your language of choice. If you require special translations Experts in the field can assist you. Contact us right now to avail professional translation services that provide excellent precision and rapid turnaround time with affordable prices.

November 11, 2021

In the UAE the principal language of the country is Arabic. With the UAE particularly Dubai growing into a hot destination for international tourists and business, the demands for a variety of languages such as English, Chinese, French, Japanese, Farsi, and Urdu have grown. legal translation services in JLT provide complete translation services to all languages spoken in the UAE using local translators and experts in localization.

There are several companies offering legal translation services throughout the UAE. These firms offer many services that are related in legal interpretation. Prime Quality Translation & Interpretation LLC can provide services using expertly trained and certified legal translators. They employ professionals who have exceptional academic credentials in linguistics, as in translation. A lot of translators who are eligible within the UAE are members of international organizations like the world union of translators.

There are numerous experts who have legal translation expertise. Today establishments that offer legal translation in UAE can assist you in translating practically all types of commercial contracts, documents, and all other forms of documentation.

You can trust the professionals who provide precise and timely translation services. Some translation companies cover more than 100 languages. However, the popularity of translations performed in Dubai is built on English to Arabic as well as a host of other languages.

There are many services available that provide a fast simultaneous, consecutive, and well-written translations for nearly every legal area or subject you could think of. Most businesses utilize these kinds of services to assist in working with their foreign customers efficiently. They provide a solution to many problems related to the translation industry. Anyone who is interested in using the service can avail the various translation services that is provided by translation companies.

Technical Translation services

Technical translation service provider is involved with the translation of various technical documents. These include instruction manuals, technical documents assistance with documentation, safety details tender documents, and data sheets.

Official translation

Prime Quality Translation & Interpretation LLC are essential for starting an enterprise or expand to foreign customers. This translation service covers the translation of contracts, articles of associates, cases collections witness statements, and other legal-relevant documents.

Translation service for websites

This service aids in dealing with the global market website and connects people of different nations. It allows you to reach a wider audience in their native language.

Tips for translating for the UAE:

If you’re looking for the translation service, it is important be cautious about the provider of the service if it provides the service at low prices.

It is vital to learn about the modern technology. It is also essential to understand the different kinds that offer translation service. Expert translators are cautious when they translate documents. The translation of documents should have adequate breaks.

It will be easier to communicate messages when you understand what the intended message is. You’ll feel more comfortable and can deliver the right message.


There are numerous benefits to selecting the services of a certified Legal translation dubai near me . It can be useful for the government and businesses. Translator services are available in various languages. Additionally, translators provide the possibility of translating the language spoken in your area into the desired, meaningful language.

With the assistance of translation service providers, it is possible to expand your business in a different country and establish a solid bond between clients from all over the world by obtaining legal documents. Many people are confused interpreter and translator. Here are some crucial differentiating aspects:

In translation the word or text is converted from one language to another language, whereas when it comes to knowing, the translation of speech is carried out between two languages.

Therefore, you should look for an affordable translation services within the UAE. You can locate the most reliable translation agency on the internet. A well-known translation agency will provide you with the most affordable cost within the UAE and 100% accurate translation.

November 11, 2021

Expansion of a business internationally is not without its own set of legal hurdles. Certain are closely linked to culture and are dealt with by adapting your products to the preferences and customs of the new customers.

However, the necessary steps like filing patents, creating your business in the target country, and signing multilingual agreements for foreign clients will need the help from a professional translators and interpreters in Dubai If you’re expanding your company internationally, you’ll need to handle many paperwork and a reliable translation business can make a significant difference. Particularly if there are significant cultural and thematic distinctions between your country of origin and the target market.

The 6 Traits of Quality Legal Translation Services

Translation services for legal purposes are not quite as easy as you think they are. Legal translators operate across formats, helping to facilitate communication and ensuring compliance with the law. Their job involves translating and decoding the language, recognizing the cultural conventions, mannerisms, and legalese, thereby capturing the heart of the statement while keeping the translation accurate.

If you’re new to your culture It’s often difficult to differentiate between untrustworthy legal translators, interpreters, as well as experts. Therefore, we’ll discuss this in the following section. we’ll outline the main characteristics to look for when choosing a legal translation service company.

These are the traits:

  1. Legal knowledge
  2. Native professionals with the highest qualifications
  3. A multidisciplinary team
  4. Strategic automation
  5. Quality assurance ISO-certified
  6. Confidentiality

1. Legal Expertise

Not all translators know the best way to interpret legal documentation. This type of translation demands substantial subject-specific expertise. Every translator must, at the end of the day, should possess a basic understanding of the field they’re translating into. A rare example is literary translation. Many people believe that literary translators do not require knowledge of the subject, but only the ability to communicate in two languages, as well as creativity. It’s not true.

A literary translator must understand how prose styles work and what are the components in a prose-style and how to translate the same across different languages, so that readers from other countries can take in the full text. A literary translator should be a proficient reader in the genre of work they are translating. Indirect and direct reference to other works of literature in a work are not uncommon. Translators who don’t get the joke could translate these references poorly.

In the case of legal translation, understanding the way the legal systems that are in question operate, will greatly impact the outcome. If you are inquiring about an organization that specializes in legal translation in Dubai inquire about the background of their Legal Translation in Dubai . Are they proficient in the kind of document that you’d want to translate? Do they have any experience in law? Do they have any experience in the legal industry previously?

2. Native Professional Translators

Language linguists from native languages typically have an advantage in comparison to non-natives. If you’re searching for the top Legal translation solutions in Dubai the firm of choice should provide the services composed of native Arabic people.

Native speakers can decipher the cultural implications of a document or agreement in a manner that isn’t feasible for non-natives who work from outside of. Additionally, your translator provider might offer the help of non-natives who have lived in your targeted market. In this case, they are in the UAE

In certain instances, translators can have the same degree of understanding of culture as native speakers. Working with them can be very beneficial, especially when they have a legal background.

3. A Multidisciplinary Team

The top professional legal translators in Dubai do not just provide document translation. Your translation service should be able to provide you with an official document that is ready to be delivered at the request of your partners in business or sent to local or government departmental authorities. This isn’t possible by translation alone. The language service provider you choose should also be able adapt the formatting of your document to accommodate the new content. This is accomplished by desktop publishing services that are typically found in legal and business translation software.

The most reliable legal translation services available in Dubai as well as beyond. trust multidisciplinary teams to tackle your issue on multiple levels.

4. The Right Dose of Automation

As you’re likely to know professional legal translation services dubai requires a lot of care and sensibility. It’s therefore unimaginable to abandon such a delicate process to the care of a machine-generated translation tool. There are numerous situations where you could make use of the machine to advantage. Legal literature is monotonous, repetitive, and subject-specific jargon is constantly used.

Translation memories must be created by experienced legal translators. It’s necessary to verify manually if that output from the software is accurate. The fact that a machine can perform the majority of repetitive tasks, it allows humans to concentrate on the overall quality of text. The top Legal translation solutions in Dubai are based on a mix of human expertise and strategically applied technology.

5. ISO-Certified QA Processes

A translation project will only be the successful if it has a quality assurance procedure. The firms that provide the top Legal translation solutions in Dubai use quality control measures built into their workflows. They also generally perform what’s known as 3-EYE TEP.

At Prime Quality Translation & Interpretation LLC the translator (or the translation team) converts the document in a different language and performs an internal edit to ensure the highest quality of the base. Editorial staff will propose and make changes in direct cooperation with the translators, to reduce ambiguity and ensuring a reliable translation.

After their high standards are satisfied, these teams will send their text over to the team responsible for desktop publishing who will design the layout of the document and modify it for the new material, local conventions, and much more. In the final stage, the proofreading team will verify that the content has been included in the layout without mistakes. For instance, they’ll make sure that no sentences are missing.

This is done using translation tools, which make it dynamic, secure, and safe. It is overseen by the project manager, who determines the objectives of the project, in line to the legal translation firm’s requirements.

6. Confidentiality

The most important factor in the demand to have ISO-certified processes in place, is the requirement for confidentiality. Legal documents are very delicate and usually contain important business details that shouldn’t be disclosed to competitors or even to the public. So, finding a legitimate translation service provider is much more than just finding someone capable of translating legal documents.

Your partner in language shouldn’t handle your valuable documents via unsecure platforms or cloud-based services that aren’t reliable. The most reliable legal translation services in Dubai utilize secure measures to make sure that your personal information is not stolen, leaking, or stolen. A less technical, but most essential steps is prior screening of the translators who will be responsible for your project.

The requirement for absolute security is among the main reasons why a service provider for language will be an ideal choice for your company than individual translators. A LSP who is familiar with large companies will easily offer an NDA which is appropriate for your project and will be equipped to ensure that they are adhering to their part of the contract.

Are you in need of top-quality professional legal translators in Dubai? Do not look any further.

In this brief guide you’ll find all the information you require.

Your Search for the Best Legal Translation Services in Dubai Is Over

Do you need a legal translator who is professional in Dubai? The search is over. Prime Quality Translation & Interpretation LLC is an industry leader in translation, with more than two decades of expertise. We partner with the most prestigious firms around the globe, helping facilitate their access to new markets and further.

As Prime Quality Translation & Interpretation LLC based in the UAE provider, we’re a region-wide leader that is powered by the latest technology carefully selected native designers, developers, translators and many more.

November 11, 2021

Language translation is one of the primary necessities in every field in the present. Online translation isn’t a solution every time and often you require certified translators to convert documents. Translation services may be able to perform the process of conversion to a variety of different languages and requires that the translator be proficient and knowledgeable in both languages. Professional legal translators in Dubai have translators who are government-approved in Dubai to offer authentic translation services for any kind of documents.

Why would you require a Certified Translation Agency?

Certified translators such as Prime Quality Translation & Interpretation LLC are someone who has been certified by the government for the conversion of documents. It is vital for the government officials to maintain the legal records which are only provided by an authorized translator. The certified translation is not always mandatory, but it’s mandatory in the case of legal documents. Legal language is delicate and correctly interpreting them allows for minimal mistakes. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a certified company since it is assumed that document conversion requires an effective proficiency in language it’s difficult to identify and confirm the authenticity of an agent or business.

Language Translation Services in Dubai

Language translation services are rendering of conversion services that translate contents from one language to another. The conversion is possible for any type of content including documents, papers video, documents websites, and other content. This could happen from a regional language, or from a regional language in a different language, or the reverse, or even from a foreign-to-foreign languages. Professional translators must have a thorough understanding of both the languages and terminology pertaining to the region. Prime Quality Translation have the best native translators who can translate documents to any required language.

Document Translation Services in Dubai

Document translation involves translating documents required by two authorities who follow two distinct language standards are inoculated. In general, this type of documents is required to prove the proof of legitimacy or nationality, age, and education, or even business. There are generally three types of document types: Personal commercial, and educational.

Legal Translation Services in Dubai

The notary employs professional professional translation company in dubai  to translate the document. They are certified. The conversion process is quite delicate job. The people performing it are well versed in the legal document and ensure that the process doesn’t alter the meaning of the document. These errors could result in consequences. This might be required in the case of judicial reasons or reasons related to apostille or attestation and. Translators who are approved by the government in Dubai are required to be appointed to translate legal documents. A selection of legal documents we provide service for are as follows:

Some examples of legal papers we provide service to are as follows:

  • Power of Attorney
  • Court documentation
  • Filing trademark and patent applications
  • Affidavits
  • Contract
  • Court documents and a few other

Technical Translation Services in Dubai

Technical translation is the process of converting technical information in one form to the other. The technical translation includes the conversion of manuals, user guides instructions, booklets of instruction as well as training materials and videos, as well as marketing content in the fields of manufacturing, science, or engineering. The translator must be well-defined with the technical as Prime Quality Translation & Interpretation LLC of the materials intended to be translated. A precise translation of technical terms is the most crucial as Prime Quality Translation that is required in the process of translating technical terms. There is a need for adequate knowledge of the technical as Prime Quality Translations of the product for which the translation will be completed. The translator should be aware of that the two dialects are compatible and not result in minimal errors.

What is the cost of Translation Services cost in Dubai?

The cost of translating is contingent on the kind of conversion to be carried out. The price of conversion is determined by the kind of content to be translated, whether it a document, video, paper or advertisement or even web-based content. Translation services offered by Prime Quality Translation & Interpretation LLC are cheap and executed by our professionals. To find out the best price for translation get in touch with our managers.

October 28, 2020

The oldest languages in the World can be described as the earliest to develop from the oldest to the latest. The fact that the first languages developed is not an accident. Rather, it is the consequence of a history that has seen multiple languages develop across the globe. Although these languages have changed over the years, there are still certain characteristics shared by all of them.

First, they all belong to various groups. This is because their evolution has been driven by a need for self-preservation. Each group developed as a way of making itself unique from the other and at the same time as a means to communicate to a wider audience. Second, each group of languages has different dialects. A majority of them can be heard around the world, although there are isolated pockets of speakers who live in isolated areas.

Third, all languages share the ability to have many variations in their structure, including variations in phonology and syntax. The fact that these languages have a great variety of structures is not an accident. They developed during the same periods that they began their life in different parts of the World.

Most languages in this group are also written. While this is not always the case, the writing systems used for the most part do not change much over time. Instead, it is the culture that tends to make the biggest changes. Even if the written form does not change, language can evolve significantly over time. Some languages become very specialized, while others may become increasingly abstract.

One reason why some languages remain virtually unchanged over time is that people have never tried to change a language too much in the past. The only reason why modern languages have been invented is that they have been developed in an attempt to solve problems that existed in a language’s past.

Some languages are spoken by fewer speakers, while others have hundreds of thousands of people speaking them on a daily basis. It is possible that they speak hundreds of languages that are mutually incomprehensible.

A few languages have been modified to such an extent that it is now considered a second language. There are even some where only a native English speaker can read and write these languages. One of these is the Indo-Iranian languages.

Some of the oldest languages are the oldest forms of literature and can be found in historical documents. Some of the oldest forms of literature can be found in historical documents.


1. Arabic Language

It is thought that Language has originated when early people started gradually modifying their ancestral communicating systems to structured languages. Language is just a system of communication that consists of a pair of sounds and written symbols that can be used by the people of a particular country or region for writing or talking. Languages started thousands of years back and discovering the oldest language is highly debated across the world. But, linguists revealed that the next 5 languages are among the oldest surviving languages around the world.

Arabic is one of the earliest spoken languages and it conveys a fantastic history and culture behind. The earliest example of the Arabic inscription dates back to 512 CE. Currently, around 300 million people speak Arabic around the planet. Arabic belongs to the Semitic language family that includes Aramaic. It is by far the most common spoken Semitic language in fact. The English language can be split into two variations Modern Arabic and Classical Arabic. Arabic is the official language of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar, Syria, Lebanon, Kuwait, Oman, and many other countries. There are many unique dialects and branches of Arabic.

Arabic Translation in Dubai

Arabic translation in Dubai is our competence and enthusiasm…we provide Arabic to English and English to Arabic Translation in Dubai over a wide variety of all industries and areas to individuals, companies, and governmental and non-governmental authorities who trusted people as their primary language associate. Our specialist team of Arab translators at Dubai has sufficient knowledge, experience, and linguistic skills needed to deliver added-value and precise translation of all jobs and successfully transfer your information. We have over 50 professional Arabic translators that can provide large-volume projects in short timeframes.

  • Arabic to English
  • Arabic to French
  • Arabic to German
  • Arabic to Italian
  • Arabic to Chinese
  • Arabic to Russian
  • Arabic to Spanish
  • Arabic to Portuguese
  • Arabic to Chinese


2. Greek Language

The Greek language dates back to about 1500 BC. Although it has evolved substantially from its ancient variant it is still spoken by nearly 13 million people. The contemporary form of Greek is the official language from Cyprus and Greece. It is also an official language at the EU and speaks in Greek communities around the globe and also in Turkey, Albania, and Italy. More than a thousand decades ago, a number of the planet’s most respected scholars and philosophers used to communicate in Greek. A number of the foundational documents in Western doctrine, like the works of Aristotle and Plato, logic and mathematics, astronomy and other branches of science were originally written in the language.

Greek Translation in Dubai

The Greek alphabet originated in the script employed by the Phoenicians. We Provide Greek translation in Dubai, Arabic to Greek, and Greek to Arabic translation services for all Industries and all Kinds of documents. We can tap the full potential of our international system of Greek translators and interpreters to serve our customers in all their communication needs in Greek-speaking markets.

If you need some Interpreter from Greek into English, Greek into Arabic, or any other language we have the best linguists to function you personally for meetings, seminars, workshops, and conferences.

  • Greek to English and English into Greek Translation
  • Greek to English along with English into Greek Interpreters
  • Greek into Arabic OR Arabic to Greek Translation
  • Greek to Arabic OR Arabic to Greek Interpreters


3. Tamil Language

Tamil language is a part of the Dravidian language family and has been spoken chiefly in India. Tamil produced its first appearance at 300 BC. The literature collection in Tamil, that is really a classical language, is very vast. It’s likewise diverse. Tamil is spoken by almost 80 million people in southern India, Sri Lanka, and Singapore. It can be classified into Modern Tamil, Classical Tamil, and Colloquial Tamil — all of which are popularly used now.

Tamil translation in Dubai

As a result of wonderful financial situation in UAE. Daily businesses have faced more problems in maintaining high earnings and ensuring fantastic profit margins in UAE. This situation, combined with the high dollar value, has led commercial managers to guide their efforts in the search for new markets, focusing on exports.

Assessing the description of merchandise and services correctly to global buyers and negotiating in Tamil. Or in the language of the country of destination of these merchandise is challenging. We are ready to provide Tamil translation from UAE.

So as to guarantee the success of the item in the new nation. It is essential for supervisors to perform an accurate and dependable Tamil to Arabic translation. This helps the coming of the solution and its approval.

We guarantee that the translation is carried out correctly and faithfully. Because we employ Tamil to translators who specialize in the topic. In case the product description or data erroneously explained in the guides will damage the organization’s image in the new market and hinder earnings.


4. Latin Language

The earliest appearance of this language can be traced back into the days of the Roman Empire that was formed around 75 BC. The Roman Empire chosen to make Latin its proper speech, making it a significant speech at that moment. Latin has been the origin of all the Romance languages — Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Catalan and Romanian and several words including several words from modern-day English. Latin is still the official language of Poland and the Vatican City. Latin is taught at many higher education institutions around the world.

Latin Translation Services in Dubai

Latin is rather often considered as the lifeless language but this isn’t accurate at all. It’s a classical and crude language that belongs to the Italic branch of Indo-European languages. Historically, this language has been discussed in Latium, Italy. Due to the immense energy of the Roman Republic previously, this speech became dominant in many regions of the earth. This language is widely utilized in the Western world for scholarly and literally functions. Even today this terminology has been used for the production of new words in various kinds of modern languages. Our company provides fast and most accurate Latin into English, Latin into Arabic, and English into Latin and Arabic into Latin translation options to the customers belonging to the varied collections.


5. Farsi Or Persian Language

Farsi is the direct descendant of Old Persian vocabulary, which had been the official language of the Persian Empire. Persian emerged around 500 BC. Modern Persian emerged around 800 CE, also it’s transformed sparsely since then. Farsi is the common language spoken in modern-day Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan. The speech is spoken by more than 110 million individuals. Though it’s almost exactly the same with minimal variation, it is called Dari in Afghanistan and Tajiki from Tajikistan due to political reasons.

Are you currently working on a job that requires Farsi translation in Dubai or any other portion of UAE? Uncertain about if you would like to employ a specialist Farsi translator? Leave your uncertainties at the doorway! At Prime Translation Services, we offer topnotch Farsi translation solutions in Dubai. Dubai is one of the largest expat cities on the planet, and as such, we get Farsi translation inquiries from internationals who live and operate and beyond.

Farsi Translation Service in Dubai

As a top Farsi translation service in Dubai, we work with leading clients from all over the world and can get your text translated and returned to you within the blink of an eye — top quality Farsi or Persian translation agency in Dubai with no inflated expenses. At Prime Translation Services Dubai We provide Farsi translation as per the language pairs below.

  • Farsi to English translation
  • Farsi to Arabic translation
  • English to Farsi translation
  • Language to Farsi translation

Why hire an expert Farsi translator in Dubai? Selecting a professional translator will make your work stand out and communicate your thoughts clearly and concisely. It’s no fun if you have a significant deadline from a company, or even a presentation as a result along with your final text is riddled with mistakes, or it just makes no sense! A professional Farsi translator will make your work really shine compared to an online translation machine or inexperienced one.

Best Farsi Translators in Dubai

In Prime Translation solutions, we’ve got a group of Farsi/Persian language experts who will take care of any kind of text. This includes film scripts, instructional texts, business tips, POAs, MOAs, professional translation company in dubai documents… you name it! All members of our Farsi translators at Dubai have high qualifications and years of experience to boot. In addition to this, our Farsi experts also come from a vast range of professional areas. Your Farsi related project will be paired with the terminology expert who matches and can be bested suited to your job. Before sending the files back to you, our specialist Farsi proofreaders make certain that your job is flawless. Got an urgent job? No problem! We’re constantly accessible (24/7) To handle Farsi and other translation requests. We are known for our speedy response time and job completion times.

At Prime Translation Services Dubai we make product quality and client service our main priorities. Our customers receive real-time status updates on their jobs via email or WhatsApp. Moreover, we’ve got a customer satisfaction warranty… meaning if you have some concern/issue together with the job, we will rework it for you until your satisfaction.

Farsi, also known as Persian, is a Western Iranian language that is widely spoken across Afghanistan, Iran, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. There are three main dialects: Western Persian, Dari, and Tajik. Farsi uses its own writing system, which likewise to Arabic script,” is written and read from right to left; Farsi script gets its own origins in the ancient Aramaic alphabet. The only exception is in Tajikistan, where they write Farsi with the Cyrillic alphabet. Farsi has a very rich tradition in literature and poetry dating back centuries past, including the functions of Rumi and Hafez.

October 12, 2020

It’s certain that Arabic is the official language in the United Arab Emirates. As we know that the UAE specifically Dubai is one of the preferred parts of the world by tourists who have a number of people belonging to different casts, cultures, countries, and languages. This creates a big language gap for which the assistance of legal translation in Dubai is inevitable. By acknowledging the fact, there are numerous companies offering translation in Dubai. It’s the rule of thumb that not every organization needs to be trusted and assurance of its legitimate performance is necessary.

If you’re planning to expand your business abroad, getting migrated to another country, to write a letter to your neighbor who barely knows English or Arabic, or to guide your employees about the rules and regulations of your company, all these requirements are taken care of by the companies offering translation in Dubai. 

You may not know it but there are many other grades of translations besides legal translation. Legal translations only deal with the translation of legal documents such as affidavits. However, the best translation company in Dubai is the requirement of time because a human is a social animal and needs to communicate for the purpose of conveying messages. This is where translation companies in Dubai come forward. They interpret and decode the messages to other people.

Below we’ll discuss some of the basic yet best tips essential to choose the best translation company in UAE.

Most of all, the experience speaks itself for the performance of the companies. To believe it, you can ask the companies for their previous work for the clients.

Most of all, the experience speaks itself for the performance of the companies. To believe it, you can ask the companies for their previous work for the clients.

Most of all, the experience speaks itself for the performance of the companies. To believe it, you can ask the companies for their previous work for the clients.

Most of all, the experience speaks itself for the performance of the companies. To believe it, you can ask the companies for their previous work for the clients.

Most of all, the experience speaks itself for the performance of the companies. To believe it, you can ask the companies for their previous work for the clients.

We Offer All Legal Translation Services in Dubai

For the matter of translation in Dubai, it’s obvious that many people will come to you including your own relatives and friends offering free translation and interpretation of your essential documents of any nature, be it for technical translation, official translation or website translation. BUT it’s not at all recommended because only experts in translation can be handed over the task to because they are not only well-versed with the terminologies but they have also been qualified in the linguistics. This leaves no corner for any mistakes.

Must note that any change in the tone, nature or meaning of even a single text that you’re getting translated can result in a serious problem combining sudden rejection and for whatever procedure you’re getting your documents will be delayed.

A dedicated translation company in Dubai will offer you with the best rates possible and the best outcomes after extracting from you all the required information and considering the confidentiality.

Translations are of many natures and people can search for them by looking up translation office dubai nearby.

Keeping in sight all the basic tips and precautions for choosing the best translation company in UAE, Prime Translation Services is a renowned epitome of trustworthy translations and interpretations striving hard to deliver quality on time. The outcome they offer is accepted in the blink of eyes in any field. It has over a decade long experience with handling a wide array of tasks including subtitling, translation in Dubai,

legal translation, interpretation, and managing website content. Besides offering the opportunity for you to have your valuable documents translated by highly qualified experts, Prime Translation Services alongside has quality checks that point out even the minor of lacking in the translation services dubai .

It has the privilege to translate over 150 languages, all professionally. Now you don’t have to fret by wondering where are translating services near me because Prime Translation Services is a one-stop for sorting out all your translation and interpretation related matters. 

October 12, 2020

As Dubai has steadily welcomed people from all walks of life, companies that offer translation in Dubai have helped in making it a more inclusive and culturally rich place. The translation is the act of translating documents, books, written statements, and words from one language to another. The act of translation has allowed stories, religious texts, research papers, and textbooks to be translated into a multitude of languages.

The services offered by translators have enabled the propagation of knowledge, thoughts, ideas, and opinions across different countries and areas. Over the years, a number of translation offices in Dubai have sprung up. It is very important for translation services in Dubai to cater to people from different countries and areas. Translation companies in Dubai ensure this by providing top-notch translation services that aid individuals in communicating with one another.

Professional Translation Services in Dubai

So as a competent professional, immigrant, student, or a business owner, have you ever thought, “are there translation services near me?” The most likely answer is yes. Translation offices in Dubai can be found in various locations. These offices provide a myriad of translation services in many different languages such as French, Italian, German, Chinese, Urdu, Kurdish, Japanese, etc.

Translation services in Dubai are run by extremely qualified and adept professionals, who can overcome any barriers caused by differences in cultures and beliefs. The efforts of these capable translators have enabled Dubai to become a cultural melting pot and an inclusive city, where people from all walks of life are welcomed. Furthermore, professionals like teachers and doctors, who must deal with all sorts of people daily, cannot practice their profession in an effective manner without the help of effectual translation in Dubai.  These translation services allow people to express their concerns, reservations, and opinions with each other which greatly helps in making individuals trust one another along with eliminating ill feelings and grievances.

Legal Translation for Business Documents

For businesses in Dubai to grow and expand, they need to constantly keep in touch with offices that provide translation services dubai services. Legal translators translate legal documents such as wills, business contracts, resumes, parliament acts, etc. from one language to another. They can understand laws from one language to another in a wholesome way which communicates its entire essence.

Legal translators in Dubai are qualified individuals, who have an adequate grasp on the terminologies of various languages. So, they can translate complex legal jargon in a simple and logical way. As the owner of an up and running business, you might have googled, “are there any translation offices near me?” The most probable answer is that there are translation offices in commercial areas of Dubai, which seek to translate laws, so business administrators ensure that their companies comply with the laws set up by the government. Moreover, legal translators in Dubai can help battle unfair charges which might be pressed by their clients. Prime translation services is one of such translation and interpretation services in Dubai having over a decade long experience. They have a trained and qualified staff that understands the delivery of quality on time.

Companies like HP, Apple, Samsung and brands like Prada, Gucci, and Balenciaga, could not have sold their products to a global market without the help of translators. These translators ensure that business professionals understand the laws of different countries sufficiently well which prevents them from indulging in unfair practices. Individuals which provide translation services in Dubai also enable companies to understand the consumer psyche of individuals from different nationalities. Therefore, companies are able to advertise their products in a way which befits the social, moral, and religious values of various regions.

So the truth about translation services can be stated as that without the invaluable services provided by translators, the world would not have been able to achieve its current status of a thriving global village. There has always been an immense need for translators in Dubai. Legal translation in Dubai is what every business-person requires from the very first day. Furthermore, cities like Dubai would have stagnated without translators- for it is the efforts of translators that have enabled people of different nationalities to reside in a specific area over an extended time period. Translators have served society by translation books and TV shows, along with legal and professional documents. Without their contribution, the Harry Potter series would not have become a global sensation. And without their valuable input, we would not have progressed, both as individuals and as a society.

October 12, 2020

Legal translation in Dubai has become a necessity. It is the act of translating legal documents from one language to another. These legal documents include wills, contracts, affidavit, resumes, letters of intent, sales agreements, business statements, etc. Legal translation services in Dubai and legal translation services in Abu Dhabi are offered by individuals who have a firm command of at least two languages. Additionally, legal translators who work at organizations that provide legal translation in Abu Dhabi and legal translation in Dubai must be knowledgeable about the law. They need to be aware of the possible nuances of a given language and the underlying meaning of words because various legal terms cannot be precisely translated in another language. So, they need to translate these terms in a way that ensures that their meaning remains unaltered.  

Translation Services in Abu Dhabi

There is an immense need of translation services in Abu Dhabi and translation services in JLT because these areas are a home to people from different regions, most of whom do not share a common language with one another. Legal translation services worldwide have vast potential for growth because migrants whose native language is not English, or Arabic have established up and running businesses and have hired employees from different countries. Translation offices in Abu Dhabi have employed professionals from all over the globe, such as from countries like China, Japan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, USA, UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Belgium, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Egypt, etc. This ensures that all countries are thoroughly represented, and legal documents can be conveniently translated from one language to another. 

Legal translators have made it easier for business people to conduct their business in other countries. For example, if a Chinese company wants to establish its business in Ireland, legal translators can effectively translate Irish laws for the Chinese company. These laws will help the Chinese company in understanding the rules and regulations they should adhere to while setting up their business in a foreign land. Legal translation in Dubai and legal translation in Abu Dhabi promises one-hundred percent customer satisfaction because legal translation can only be executed by adept professionals, who are sure to translate everything with complete accuracy. Furthermore, legal translators can help business owners in communicating the rules and regulations of their business to workers who do not speak the same language as them. They can also help businessmen in recruiting staff by translating their resumes in a coherent manner which is easy to understand. If you have ever wondered where translation offices are situated in the city you live in, you need to do a quick Google search by typing, “translation offices near me.” Thus, Google will direct you to the nearest translation office, where you can get a large range of translation services including legal translation services. 

Prime Translation Services offer Human Translation services in Dubai

Translation services near me have rendered humanity a great service. Moreover, legal translators who work at translation offices in Dubai have served the city diligently.  Without rules and regulations, our world would be in a state of chaos. In the absence of laws, no business, firm, or individual would be held accountable for wrong actions and misdeed. Currently, our world has become a global village and places like Dubai and Abu Dhabi have become a cultural melting pot. For individuals to succeed and earn a respectable reputation in a foreign land, they need to live according to the laws of the land.

Legal translation services in Dubai and legal translation services in Abu Dhabi have helped immigrants and foreigners in understanding the city’s laws. Without the efforts of legal translators, cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi would not have developed economically. Prime translation has been striving to make the blending of different cultures easy by offering translation and interpretation services for years. The skillful staff is always ready to provide its best to the clients with the best rates. It is imperative to note that without the diligence, intelligence, and commitment of legal translators, legal documents may be translated wrongly. Wrong translation of legal documents can cause significant trouble because it might result in ineffective business contracts, delayed justice, and unfair practices. So, the biggest contribution of legal translation is that it has helped uphold justice and fairness throughout the world. 

September 29, 2020

Get yourself an experienced translator for Hebrew Translation in Dubai. The Ministry of Justice certifies us. Therefore, we’ll be up to your expectations for your legal consultations and translations. Get done with Legal Translation accurately from Hebrew to English in jaw-dropping rates with Prime Translations. Prime Translation is a hub of leading translators from the legal background. We are known to provide trusted legal translation services within the time slots; hence we are never late.

Why is opting legal translation services ideal?

We are all short of time. Ultimately there’s no time to learn all the languages one is going to deal with. Running a business is not always easy. And trust us, languages have been a barrier to the spread of ideas and business development. You have to get your legal documents translated in a way that is exact in its meaning. You surely can’t afford any contradictions while dealing with legal papers.

Hiring a paralegal or attorney on your own can turn out to be troublesome. Why not trust Prime Legal Translation services for the cause? We’ll provide you with highly experienced Hebrew translators to get your task done. Get English to Hebrew Translation done for all listed documents listed below:

  • Contracts
  • Depositions
  • Complaints
  • Confidential/Lease Agreements
  • Policies
  • Licenses
  • Litigation documentation
  • Arbitration
  • Articles of Association
  • Birth/Death Certificates
  • Marriage Certificates And more

Experience Translators for Hebrew Translation Services in Dubai

UAE’s agreement to normalize relations with Israel is a step ahead towards opening all the close doors. This means both countries are now on peace terms and will continue to normalize their future relationships. Here comes the need for Arabic to Hebrew Translation or English to Hebrew Translation to improvise the robust relationships with the trade.  The translations may go either way round. 

There are millions of native Hebrew speakers in this world. Likewise, we have a few of the most proficient Hebrew Ph.D. degree holders at Prime Translation Services. They have been through rigorous training and served years to be aware of the Hebrew language’s core linguistic concepts.

Hebrew Translation in Dubai

We offer English to Hebrew urgent translation service dubai , Arabic to Hebrew translation services for all industries and all types of documents. Our team of experienced and highly capable Hebrew translators along with interpreters helps our clients to convey their message successfully to the Hebrew speaking viewer.

  • Hebrew to English Translation in Dubai
  • English to Hebrew Translation In Dubai

Hebrew is a language native to Israel. Hebrew is one of the oldest languages and has faced great unevenness since it existed.  It dates back to the 10th century and has always survived despite a lot of calamities. Seeking and getting services in the 20th century proves how popular the Hebrew language is among the masses.

English to Hebrew Translation Dubai

English to Hebrew Translation is the most sought translations in Dubai. English is the leading language of international discourse, confining a medium to interact throughout the world. Just flip this over. Get your legal documents written in Hebrew translated to English.   Prime Translation provides Legal Translation in Dubai to courts, government personals, lawyers, police officers, business people who are our clients for years now.

Not only this, our English to Hebrew interpreters can analyze a piece of literature too for schooling purposes. They can even create any document from scratch. We have gained a lot of trust by maintaining the work’s confidentiality and providing excellent work types. Trust Prime Translations to avail up to mark legal services on time!

Arabic to Hebrew Translation in Dubai

Arabic is the native language of people living in the UAE. A few of them are better able to understand Arabic and to communicate in it. However, 99% of the UAE’s population communicate in English as UAE was once a British protectorate. However, our services are meant to target 100% of the UAE’s population, so we offer Arabic to Hebrew Interpreters to meet the purpose.

Meet all your conversational and formal writing demands with Prime Translation Services in Dubai. You’ll never regret trusting us for the most needed and essential documents of your field and work.

Why choose Legal Translation Services instead of a Freelance Translator?

Prime Translations, a legal translation service, gives your dreams a reality. We offer multilingual translation services through Hebrew to English translation, and vice versa is gaining much hype these days. Arabic to Hebrew Translation also comes in our domain. Choosing a translation service gives you an edge-on over a freelancer translator. There are specific points which one should keep in mind before deciding between two:

A legal Translation company in Dubai will own your legal document legally.

A translator service is bound to keep your documents confidential while you can’t trust everyone on social sites. 

You can trust a legal service provider completely without putting your future on stake. We get your task done by earliest without significant mistakes and penalties. 

You don’t have to search for an excellent translator. Prime Translation will provide you the most experienced and certified translator of the town.

A translation service will save you from the headache of reviewing numbers of samples in your inbox. We take all the pain for you.

You don’t have to keep a follow up with the freelancer. Sit back and relax. A legal company will send you the completed task within assigned dates.

 Hence, trust Prime Translations for all the translation services you require.

Catering the needs of the Media Industry

Above all, we all know the medium through which the world is connected. Either it is the print media or electronic media, all have specific requirements of translation skills. Prime Translation services, without ambiguity, caters to all of them well.

The deep invasion of the media industry and news corporation beyond geographical borders have compelled them to join hands with agile translators. The speed matters! Prime Legislations will provide you with the fastest translators to get done with your news content in English, Hebrew, or Arabic.

With the help of interpreters and translators, you’re set to spread the news you have in any language you want. Get connected with Prime Translations for the services!

24/7 Presence of Hebrew Translators at Prime Translation Services

It is relatively very crucial to understand the importance of everything with a legal perspective before translating it. Prime Translation Services keep everything stated above in mind. We value the client’s trust. The Hebrew language stands high on the difficulty scale. A bit of shuffle of words may change the context of the sentence and may get you to the road of accusation.  Our translators understand that an improperly translated text may affect rights and liberties.

Why choose Prime Translations Services for Hebrew Translations?

Just as in English, Legal language is a different language and requires a legal train person to understand it. The same goes for the translators; they have to be legally trained and familiar with the country’s laws. One cannot just translate word for word.

Your documentation needs to be in the safest hands, and so we better take care of it. We promise the utmost accuracy and confidentiality in every step.  We own highly educated and trustworthy native individuals for this purpose. We usually translate the document using track changes and send two versions to the client. One with track changes and the other is the clean version. This allows the client to make subtle comparisons between the two.

Choose Prime Translations not just to meet your Hebrew translation demands but to get a well-formatted document at your end.