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September 11, 2023

How Can I Get a Legal Translation License in UAE?

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a vibrant and varied center for global commerce, tourism, and business. As a result, there is an increasing need for legal translation services to help the nation’s diverse population overcome linguistic difficulties. In such a scenario, it’s crucial to comprehend the procedures and specifications needed to acquire a translation license.

Prime Translation is here to give you all the information you want on how to obtain a legal translation license in the United Arab Emirates. With the proper procedures, you may quickly become a licensed legal translator in the UAE!

Overview of Legal Translation in UAE

In the United Arab Emirates, since Arabic is the official language, legal translation is essential. It entails converting legal texts from one language to another while preserving the precision and integrity of the original content, including contracts, agreements, and court procedures. The Ministry of Justice oversees translation in the UAE, ensuring that all translations are authorized and have legal force.

Requirements and Documents for Obtaining a Legal Translation License in UAE

To obtain a license in the UAE, several requirements must be fulfilled.

  1. First and foremost, you must have a strong command of both Arabic and another foreign language, as certified translation involves accurately conveying legal concepts and terminology.
  2. A certificate from a recognized university or institute in translation
  3. Certificate equivalency from the Ministry of Higher Education in the UAE
  4. Certificate of Experience (5 years for the expatriate)
  5. Passport copy
  6. Identity
  7. Photocopy of residence (for expatriates only)
  8. Health certificate
  9. Occupational error insurance (for non-government employees)
  10. Certificate of Good Conduct
  11. Another vital need is completing the translation license exam offered by the Ministry of Justice. This exam assesses your translation abilities and understanding of legal language and processes.
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Services Steps and Procedures

Follow these procedures to get a license in the UAE.

  1. Login with your UAE Pass or make an account.
  2. Submit your application online.
  3. Passing the test
  4. Use the e-payment portal to pay fees.
  5. Completing the oath
  6. Presenting the card

Note: You must be able to pass the test for a translation license.

Importance of Legal Translation in UAE

In the United Arab Emirates, since Arabic is the official language, legal translation is essential. Accurate and certified translations are required to protect the integrity of legal documents, such as contracts and court procedures. The Prime Translation is aware of how crucial translation is to upholding the legitimacy and legality of these papers.

Getting a translation license may help the legal system run smoothly and improve communication between people, companies, and government agencies in the UAE.

Check the instruction manual for further details. Click Here

Services Fees and the Timeline for Obtaining a License in UAE

In the UAE, obtaining a license has charges and requirements that must be met. Depending on the emirate you are applying to, different fees are involved with the license application. The service cost is 3000 AED, according to the UAE Ministry of Justice.

The time it takes to get a license might also change when you’ve submitted your application. After passing the exam, the consumer must wait 65 days before receiving the service. You will get your license after your application is accepted.

Challenges and Solutions for License Applicants in UAE

  1. Get started on the application process early and maintain organization throughout to overcome these obstacles.
  2. Consult with knowledgeable legal translators to Ensure you are well-prepared for the license exam.
  3. By speaking with the regional authorities or professional associations, you may stay informed about any modifications to the conditions and costs.
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You may go through the procedure quickly and improve your chances of getting a license in the UAE by proactively addressing these difficulties and looking for suitable solutions.

Career Opportunities for Licensed Legal Translators in UAE

In the UAE, there are several professional options for qualified legal translators.

  1. They can deal with people who need translation services, legal companies, government organizations, and global businesses.
  2. To practice translation in the UAE, you’ll need to establish a certified translation office or join an existing one.
  3. If you are a licensed legal translator, you may handle different legal papers, such as contracts, agreements, court cases, and legal communication.
  4. This profession gives security, respect, and the opportunity to influence the judicial system.
  5. You can also choose to specialize in specific legal fields, increasing your knowledge and providing additional opportunities to succeed professionally.