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September 12, 2023

How Many Black Points are Allowed in UAE

Do you want to know how many points you may have on your driving record in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) before you relocate there? We’ll talk about the UAE’s black point system in this blog article, including how many points you may rack up before losing your driver’s license. We’ll also offer some useful pointers on staying within the rules and preventing racking up black points.

What are Black Points?

In the UAE, a system of fines called “black points” is employed to keep track of traffic infractions. The number of points a motorist receives for a traffic infraction depends on the seriousness of the infraction. Their driving record is updated with these points. Each offense has multiple point values, ranging from two to 24 points.

Why are Black Points Given in the UAE?

The UAE has a black point system to promote responsible driving and make the roads safer. Drivers who violate traffic laws are assessed black points, with the number of points imposed depending on how serious the violation was. This approach acts as a deterrence by making motorists responsible for their conduct and emphasizing the need to adhere to traffic regulations.

How Many Black Points are Allowed in UAE

The number of black points you may accrue in the UAE before your driving privileges are suspended is 24 if you’re wondering. That’s accurate; your license will be suspended once you accumulate 24 points. Because various offenses have varying point values, driving carefully is critical to prevent accruing too many traffic penalties.

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List of Black Points

The following traffic violations are comparable to receiving black points, according to the Dubai Police Force website.

Offense Black Points Equivalent
Reckless Driving 23
Driving under the influence of alcohol 23
Driving without license plates 23
Heavy vehicles not abiding by lane discipline 12
Dangerous heavy-vehicle loading 6
Falling or leaking of a heavy vehicle’s load 12
Violation of loading regulations 6
Driving against traffic 4
Entry from a prohibited place 12
Driving a noisy vehicle 12
Driving a vehicle that causes pollution 6
Driving a vehicle without insurance 4
Causing the death of others 23
The poor condition of indicators 2
The poor condition of the rear lights 2
Failure of the motorcyclist to wear a helmet 4
Failure of driver to fasten seatbelt 4

What Happens When a Driver Accumulates Too Many Black Points?

Too many black points on a driver’s record in the UAE might have significant repercussions. They won’t be able to lawfully operate a vehicle on the roads since their driver’s license will be suspended. This may significantly impact their everyday lives and transportation choices. It’s critical to be aware of your point total and take precautions to prevent racking up an excessive number.

Drivers may have a significant repercussion—their license may be suspended—if they accumulate a specific amount of black points.

How Long Do Black Points Stay on a Driver’s Record in UAE?

The length of time an offense remains on a driver’s record in the UAE varies according to how serious the offense was. Black points often stay on a driver’s record for a year following the infraction date. The points are then automatically taken away after this period. The effects of points on a driver’s record could endure longer since insurance providers and prospective employers might consider them when making judgments.

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