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September 5, 2020

Prime Translation Services Offers All Legal Translation in Dubai at One Place!

When translating any text, care needs to be taken to keep the integrity of the document intact. This very perspective is at the core of our professional philosophy. For this reason, our legal translation company in Dubai completely avoids the use of machine translators.

Although they are very convenient but they fail to keep the confluence of the text intact. This is because each piece of text has certain culturally bound semantic and lexical patterns. We have a strong belief that machines can never decode these idiosyncrasies.

This task can prove troublesome even for an untrained translator. To capture the real and complete essence during the translation process, native-like proficiency is required in both the target and source language.

Keeping this in mind, we make sure that our team possesses the native-like competency in various languages. This enables them to convert the document into its exact replica in the target language.

This process of localization is tedious and demands perfect execution. That is why it is not in the scope of the machine to provide an accurate and contextually sound translation. We pride ourselves in the fact that localization of content is considered to be the metier of All Translation in Dubai.

Secondly, when dealing with legal texts, it is imperative to hire the services of someone who has a sound knowledge of legal terms and technicalities. This becomes all the more important when translating a text of legal worth. In such circumstances, even the slightest mistranslation can lead to unforeseen consequences. We take special care to formulate a special team for each task keeping in mind the requirements of the documents. Each member of our translation team is an expert in their respective arena whether it is a language or legal field.

Medical translation Dubai offered at Prime Translation adheres to the latest best online translation services with quality controls like European standard for translation vendor quality and ISO 17100- Quality system standards. The reason behind such strict rules is that a great number of regulations and specificities are attached with best translation company in dubai

Only a team exclusively formulated with language and linguistic experts as well as medical field specialists can undertake these tasks. We are proud of the collaborative teams formulated at our company to provide you with the closes and most accurate legal translation in Dubai.

There are plenty of documents that may need translation like the medical records or drug data sheets, medical history of a patient who requires treatment in another country. In addition to these, we provide legal translation facilities for medical literature that may also need translation into multiple languages for benefit of the relevant fraternity. This can include medical journals and bulletins, training material and even technical documentation of clinical devices and equipment.

We are the proud service providers to various pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology firms, medical research organizations, and device manufacturers in Dubai and all over the world. This strong clientele is proof of our adherence to the policy of exactitude throughout the quality check hierarchy in our company.

Legal translation Dubai

Prime Translation is a Certified Legal translation Dubai based company solely dedicated to providing you with comprehensive quality translation services. Our company is certified which means that we take complete responsibility for the completeness and accuracy of the document. Before handing in the translated text, it is attested by a notary public which means it can be presented in a court of law as a legal record.

Legal translation is an important component of judicial trials and hearings. And if you present a non-notarized document before the court, then they stand as mere pieces of paper. Similarly, if you need to translate documents for immigration purposes, it is a must to avail of the services of a Dubai legal translation such as Prime Translation.

Whether you intend to visit another country for recreational, educational, or residential purpose, we are here to provide you with certified translation services anywhere in the world. We have designated our representatives to visit your home or office to collect the necessary document for translation Dubai. This service is only available for legal online translation in Dubai at the moment.

General translation of Dubai

Are you looking for General Translation Dubai based service to meet your needs? Are you a student, tourist, or business professional looking for a reliable yet authentic translation company? Prime translation services will cater to all your requirements related to translation whether it is a simple or complex need. Whenever you travel, you need to have documents that are acceptable in your destination country. Depending upon the intent and duration of your stay, you will need to hire a translation company in Dubai. You may want to get some educational records translated or have your CV converted to another language. Even individuals or companies with online businesses, looking to expand their presence can avail our service. We will translate your webpage content into the target language so your audience can have an optimized experience.

We will select the person most appropriate for the assigned task. The translated text is proofread various times so the product you receive is error-free and ready to go. We always make sure to deliver the work before time to provide a margin to our clients to review and ask for a revision of the task. Also, our exceptional customer service is available 24/7 to answer all your queries and concerns.

If you are visiting our site for the first time, you are most welcome to contact the customer care representative. If you wish to receive a free quote for the translation task, just upload the document at the designated portal.

Technical translation Dubai

Technical translation Dubai has gained unprecedented popularity in the past few years. At Prime Translation Services we have exclusive teams for the doorstep translation in Dubai tasks. Because we understand that not only is technical translation a complicated business but also that precision and exactitude are an important aspect. And an accurate translation cannot be achieved unless the translators are top-notch and highly qualified. The scientific and technical translators at Prime Translation Services have a strong academic background and expertise in the translation work.

This is not all. We provide translation services in more than 200 language pairs. Experts in Major European, Asian African and Middle Eastern languages are only a click away from you. We offer translation for the following types of documents

  • Operating Manuals
  • Engineering specifications Patents
  • CAD Drawings
  • Presentations Catalogues
  • Safety Manuals
  • Installation Manuals
  • RFP Responses
  • E-Learning
  • Technical Proposals MSDS and Data Sheets
  • User Guides
  • Software and Hardware Training Materials
  • Marketing Materials
  • Multimedia audio and visual Websites
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This type of translation is mostly required by manufacturers of machinery and equipment or even furniture manufacturers such as IKEA. Such multinational companies require document translation services in a large number of languages due to the nature of their services.  Since the audience of these manuals is the general public, therefore this juxtaposition of highly technical content with easily understandable language is what adds more complexity to the task. But your worries are put to an end as soon as you engage with a fruitful partnership with Prime Translation Services.

Driving license translation Dubai

Driving license translation Dubai is an important milestone in the settlement process in a foreign country. Irrespective of whether your oversea stay is short or long term, the autonomy of commuting is an important step. The revolutions in database management systems throughout the world have simplified things to a great extent. This includes the driving license also. The licenses issued nowadays are granted after a strict verification of both competence and character. This establishes its status as the most important document in one’s possession. In this situation, the license can ease a lot of things for you in a foreign country. But the first step in this direction will be a legal and certified translation. Prime Translation Services give you driving license translation Dubai has an untarnished reputation in the exact translation of driving license.

The translation of the licence does not mean the only word to word translation. It includes copying the layout, monograms shape, and attestations on the original document. All these intricately detailed work cannot be given into the hands of an unreliable entity. Any discrepancies can lead to grave consequences and confiscation of driving license under suspicion of forgery.

Canada immigration translation Dubai

Canada Immigration translation Dubai has great scope considering the vast number of people who travel in and out of UAE. We assure you of point to point imitation of the original document in terms of visual representation, placement of monograms, and certified attestation. If you are immigrating to Canada, several documents such as passport visas, driving license, birth certificate, or marriage contracts will need to be translated to and from various languages especially Arabic. Also, the translations should be certified as it has to be used in official proceedings by authorized personnel. The immigration bureau across the world requires all documents in non-native language to be first translated into either English or the official language of that country. Later these need the stamp of attestation which establishes their status as a document of legal worth.  In Dubai translation has vast experience in Canadian immigration. Over a period of time, we have formed close ties with our counterparts in the Canadian embassies. This has helped us gain more insight into Canada Immigration translation DubaiSo if you are applying for a temporary visitor’s permit to Canada or visiting for academic reasons, our services will be completely integrated and provide you a single-window operation for all your needs.

English To Arabic translation Dubai

 English to Arabic translation Dubai is considered to be the Gordian knot even by expert translators. For this reason, Prime translation services in Dubai have painstakingly crafted a most suitable team for all your English to Arabic and vice versa translations. The quality of any translation work depends upon the competency of translators. Especially in certified English to Arabic translation in Dubai, the socio-cultural configurations can hinder the process. Unless a native-like proficient translator is hired, a small mistake can alter the entire meaning of the context. This is especially relevant in matters of court and commercial agreements. A negligent or out of context misinterpretation can cause ramifications and losses.

Our English to Arabic translation services Dubai based company has formulated the teams in such a way that the translators possess native-like proficiency in both the source and target languages. This protocol is strictly in place when it comes to the English to Arabic and vice versa translation because firstly these are the most commonly required translation patterns in UAE. Most of the population of Dubai has either permanently migrated here or is residing temporarily for the purposes of recreation, education or medical issues. All these non-natives require their documents to be translated into Arabic as it is the official language for all official and governmental proceedings.

Website Content translation Dubai

 Website content translation Dubai is readily available for the transformation of your creative content. Prime translation services offer a one-window operation service to you if you are looking to enhance your clientele by reaching out to them through e-marketing.

We have translated scores of websites related to diverse niches to date. Our clients include multinational companies as well as novel start-ups aspiring to go global. For us, it is all about customer satisfaction. Therefore we put all our dedicated effort in each task without eyeing the monetary benefit associated with it.

Despite the fact, a huge number of translating soft wares have been introduced which can perform this task in a matter of seconds. But our commitment to perfection and servitude to our client’s trust stops us from making use of these soft wares.

Our human translators will act as a bridge between you and your potential clients all around the world. Do not worry about the visual outlook of your website. The formatting and desktop publishing will remain undisturbed in the hands of our webpage developers.

Another aspect that we pay special attention to is the localization of the website content. An intrinsic analysis and knowledge of the cultural and social inclinations of the target country are an integral part of any translation services online. So once you book our services we will make sure to deliver a wholesome experience to you.

Prime translation company Dubai is not just another name in the list of legal translation experts. Our scope is much deeper in dimension and magnitude. We understand very well that often time’s individuals or companies need certified language translation services in Dubai to establish a business in another country. In such situations, the Arabic legal translator of personal and business documents is an important step towards moving forward. Digitalization has impacted every field of our life. We are living in a world that has become borderless and transformed into a global community. Individuals from one nation living or visiting the equivalent geographic zone are a part of a global fraternity now. Once in awhile, communication can turn into a significant issue for individuals who do not speak the same language. This is where the Arabic translation services near me can assist them in making their life simple. The top basic businesses that fundamentally make items and administrations increasingly available and helpful to their clients should utilize language interpretation services to make their products and administrations progressively recognizable to their clients. There are numerous large ventures that can profit by language Translation Company Dubai services.  Also when an organization or corporation is dealing with strictly controlled industries such as government sectors, financial industries, and the medical field, it’s vital to have certified translations of all documents.

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Immigration and tourism

Immigration and tourism Certified translations are required in many cases. Firstly, if you are applying for a visitor’s permit to another country for the purpose of recreation or if you want to apply for residency to a foreign country. The official documents in all cases will require submission to relevant authorities (that are written in another language) into the country’s official language and all the translations must be certified. In the UAE, the immigration bureau has pre-ordained protocols for the acceptance of legal documents. Documents from all over the world are translated from one language to the other. The most common translation need for UAE based people is English to Arabic translation in Dubai. Keeping in view the large volume of this translation we have devised an expansive team of consultants to be at your beck and call for all translation needs.

Website content

Just like the eyes are the windows to the soul, the content of a web page is the precursor to the quality of its services. If you can communicate to the client that you have the product of his requirement, then rest assured, your customer will not leave your website.

Contrarily, a website that is not engaging, will struggle to boost its sales. Consequently, if the translation of a web page is not up to the standard of the actual content, then there are great monetary as well as psychological strains associated with it. Typing services in Dubai takes full responsibility in this regard and promises an equally effective or maybe more engaging translation so you can continue with your activities with peace of mind.


The service of subtitling has great significance in the field of translation. The specialized team for this purpose will help you improve your share-ability and reach-ability by subtitling your videos, advertisements, documentaries, and educational material. This will give a boost to your business and attract international clientele for you. When you grow, we grow with pride!


If your company is looking to utilize the services of an interpretation facility, translation company Dubai can offer you over the top competent interpreters. Whether it is a webinar where you have to cater to the multilingual needs of your audience or one to one meeting with a foreign client. Our expansive services re at your disposal. Choose from various types of interpretations to suit your requirements best. We offer the following types of services

  • Simultaneous interpreting
  • Consecutive interpreting
  • Over the phone interpretation
  • Escort interpreting and
  • whisper interpreting

These services can be provided in more than 200 languages including the Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, English, Korean, Turkish, Swahili, and many more.

We have provided legal translation Dubai millions of clients and companies in a short time frame. Due to this hard work, we have successfully occupied an important place in this ever-competitive industry.  The support and trust of our loyal customers and the determined dedication of our translators have made this achievement possible for us.

What gives us an edge in the international market?

We believe that the status of the top legal translation software would not have been possible had it not been for the inexhaustible dedication of our staff and consultants.

Specialist for individual tasks

Working with specialized writings requires a mix of acing numerous dialects and particular information on each business field. For this particular reason, we have particular language specialists who persistently keep abreast of the latest knowledge, which permits us to consistently have the most appropriate proficient translator/interpreter for each activity

Fast reaction to huge volumes

Our teams make use of the latest technological advancements, which permits us to give prompt outcomes to complex huge volume demands. We have established our own libraries of commonly used resources to enable fast compliance with your needs.

Our style advisers decode the exact needs of your documents and hence save time and expenses. Lastly, all translation work done has to undergo a thorough quality confirmation process, in light of the strictest measures for every industry.

Semantic approval

For those businesses where specialized documentation is exceptionally controlled, similar to pharmaceuticals, interpretation is submitted to an uncommon quality control process with specific local speakers. For projects that involve copying the designs and layout of the text, we incorporate the interpreted text into files and then optimize it to be consistent with the details and measurements of the client’s demands.

Other Legal translation Services at Prime Translation Company

Translation services in Dubai have seen a boom in their business thanks to the advancements in digital marketing and enhancements in communication technology. Prime translation has kept pace with the ever-evolving industry to be able to provide you with the best translation services in Dubai.

In the past few years, we have worked to make our online presence felt and now we proudly cater to the translation need of millions of online clients.

Providing them with competitive typing services in Dubai and Legal translation Dubai along with the professional translation in Dubai services. Our commitment to providing comprehensive experience to you has kept us on our toes and we have worked exceptionally hard to flag our position among the top translation companies in Dubai.

When you have access to the best services in the most reasonable budget, then this wins your trust in us and motivates us to work even harder.

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Other than the legal translation services , we offer scores of associated services. Be it license translation, website content transcript, typing services in Dubai, we have it all under our control.

The intent with the provision of one window operation is that we understand that your time and money is precious. We will save you the hassle of running to multiple providers. The cherry on top is that our services will be budget-friendly with zero compromises on quality.

Attestation services in Dubai

When moving to another country, Certificate attestation is the most important step towards a smooth process of settlement. Regardless of your intent, it is mandatory to have your educational, personal medical, and immigration records attested in order to prove their legitimacy.


Certificate attestation services in Dubai is the process of demonstrating the legitimacy of your records. It is for the most part undertaken for educational archives, marriage authentication, birth-record verification, and business proceedings.


Certificate attestation is a mandatory requirement for migrating to UAE and other countries for employment or for the purpose of higher studies. You need to produce certificates in foreign countries for the purpose of verification. These documents are verified to check its authenticity. For this purpose, you need to attest these documents from the embassy of the destination country in your native country.

Attested documents can prove the authenticity of your documents. In case of educational documents, you have to certify the certificates from the Higher Education Department of your respective country where you completed your education.  An attested document of this nature proves that the certificate was issued by the state where you completed the education. Document attestation is required when you apply for higher studies in foreign universities. It is also required for employment purposes, starting a new business abroad and family/residence visa.

Prime translation services Dubai will facilitate your process in two ways.

Your documents will need to be first translated into the native language of your destination country. After that, they will have to be authenticated and certified by the relevant authorities for example if you aim to start your business in the immigrating country you need a certified license from the Chamber of Commerce of that country.

Similarly higher education commissions do all types of attestation for educational and non-educational documents.  We can help you get normal as well as an urgent certificate based on your requirement. We have expert service agents who have insight into the process and its technicalities.

English to Arabic translation in Dubai

Arabic is becoming the most popular language on the internet serially social media sites. The number of active Twitter users alone, using the Arabic language has seen a drastic rise in the last decade. With this growing popularity, we feel that it is incumbent upon us to employ top-notch translators for English to Arabic translation in Dubai and vice versa.

The global businesses are using this service more and more to take the full commercial advantage of these stats. Also, the provision of global online shopping has made this world into a borderless town. Considering the fact business owners now need to translate the content of their websites into multiple languages. All Arabic translation services in Dubai has a solution to this problem.

We will translate your content into more than 150 language pairs. Your eventual customers are more at ease and would enjoy a better experience if the substance on your site is conveyed in their local language.

If you require English to Arabic translation or vice versa for other purposes like license translation, immigration papers transcript, or legal documents processing, professional translation in Dubai will provide you holistic and all-encompassing experience so you do not need to look any further for your requirements.

Best translation services In Dubai

Translation services in Dubai have a strong belief in keeping up the highest calibre of services. We learn and absorb from each task that comes to us, and apply the information picked up in succeeding interpretations. We realize that to keep the uniqueness of an advertising piece intact, strong expertise and solid experience is needed. We ensure that all legal translation Dubai and interpretation done at Prime Translation Services will hold up its distinctive soul and intent.

You can benefit from our Legal translation Dubai services whenever and from any place in the world. In addition, we offer excellent interpretations for exceptionally low rates. You can become acquainted with our rates and services better by requesting a free quote from the24/7 available human supporters.

What makes us unique we have a multi-tier quality control system that enables us to craft out the most accurate piece of writing for you the translation text first goes through a native translator who is a specialist in both the target and the source language. After the first draft is prepared the translated text moves on to the next step for Quality Assurance.

This draft is then reviewed by a linguist who reviews it according to principles of translation linguistic. The experts weigh it against the international standards of etymology. Cohesion, cohesiveness, and syntactic patterns are all put through rigorous scrutiny.

If needed, the draft is sent back to the translator for rectification. If it is found to be up to the mark it is further processed and moved toward the third stage of the quality control. At the third stage, the legal services experts observe the draft in light of the

Legislative realm. The use of terms, their agreement with the intent of the text, and their logic strength are verified. This concluded the SOP of excellence control.

Our pledge to provide you with superior quality outputs is achieved in this way. This commitment has won us the ISO certification 17100 which is the epitome of success and reliability for any translation company Dubai. This certification means that our work is in line with the standards set by the international regulatory body.

Aspects such as Overall quality management of the service, contractual requirement, and project management and traceability of the translation process are uncompromised. This is granted after scrutiny of the entire internal and external translation system. Access to required resources, pre-production processes and services, and bilingual editing are some of the criteria for assessment against this certification.

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