Significance of legal translation in UAE for the construction industry

Significance of legal translation in UAE for the construction industry

Construction is a more complicated sector than you think because you just have not decided to build something and then start working on it, but it includes creating plans and designs, getting legal permission, meeting certain laws and regulations and many more. However, incorrect or incomplete translations may result in a developer not obtaining a building permit, but legal translation in UAE providers can assist construction developers in filling a building permit application form accurately in cases where it is to be filled in a different country or in a different language.

Are you thinking about the competitive advantages that legal translation services can offer you in your construction business? How can you find support in your construction projects based on your needs? Prime Legal Translation clearly understands the risks and rewards associated with construction endeavors and ensures that your documents are translated correctly.

Importance of legal translation in UAE’s construction industry

Nowadays, construction companies are working globally with contractors for a series of projects, and the need for legal translation services has increased in order to deal with the nature of this field.

Construction documents include legal contracts, building plans, and other supporting documents created or accessed during the completion of a project and they are extremely important because they contain all the necessary elements for the completion of the project within the set duration and budget.

In the absence of legal translation in the UAE, crucial intellectual details can be lost and wouldn’t be available to all the parties involved. In the case of user manuals of specification guidelines, vital information would be lost, particularly for those who could not understand the original language of text. So, all documents need to be translated for every phase of a project in order to reach the final point.

However, within the construction industry, professional legal translators are in high demand, especially when contractors are hired from foreign countries to be a part of the construction team. Our legal translators have a clear understanding of a full gamut of construction-related matters and satisfy the requirements of a broad cross-section of the construction industry such as contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and architectural and engineering firms.

3 reasons why legal translation in UAE is essential for your construction projects?

When it comes to the translation of construction documents, legal translators play a crucial role. They not only translate documents such as machinery manuals but also can help people like project managers and architects to correctly communicate written information and it is something that is very important when building something to be safe and stable.

Here are some reasons construction companies should be taking translation seriously:

  1. To translate all the material used in construction

Material and tools that are used in the construction sector come from all over the world; during the entire process, translators are needed for getting these construction materials to the construction companies, from working to obtain the raw material for the businesses to partnering with those who generate the final products.

For instance, if the construction company in America needs machinery from France and for this to happen, the company in France would need material to build the machinery, and they might have to get them from another country. Legal translators are needed in order to do that so that the companies with raw materials can interact with the ones in France. Once the machinery is made, the companies need professional translators to translate all documents for them to purchase the machinery.

  1. Having an online presence

When it comes to the construction sector, many companies have realized the importance of having an online presence so that they can attract people from different countries.

Translating your entire site into several different languages is so important in order to get more people clicking on your web page. There is no way around the fact that at some point, you have to hire a translator who can translate everything for you.

  1. Prevent important things from getting lost in translation

It is a fact that the things that get lost in translation can mess up the whole schedule. Consider the construction companies that do work exclusively in their country, but they have employees from different linguistic backgrounds, imagine the chaos if your company decided to expand globally, but if you fail to get the proper and accurate translation of all the necessary material, it could lead to serious consequences.

Similarly, memos, user manuals, schedules should be understandable for everyone. It is your responsibility to provide your employee with the material they can understand properly if their native language is not English.

In terms of translation of construction documents, if something does go wrong, sometimes due to cutting corners and not hiring a certified translator, you will run into many issues; these issues can cause delays and mess up an already tight schedule. Hence, to avoid all these problems, ensure that you hire certified, trained and experienced translators to work with you.

Above all, the construction industry comprises many different people from different counties, so the translation of important information of construction projects can be successfully carried out by translators because accurate translation is absolutely crucial for the success of the modern-day construction sector. Just imagine what would happen if no one could understand each other and the manuals and construction plan. So, the entire construction project could fall apart.

Not sure where to start? Prime Legal Translation in UAE can offer all the services you could possibly need for your construction company. With our experienced and certified legal translators, you won’t be disappointed.

No matter if you want to win an international call for tender, communicate effectively with a foreign client, and support the external growth of your construction company, our specialized team of translators will be able to meet your requirements both in terms of quality and deadlines while making sure that all the material that is needed is translated correctly.

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Arabic interpreter services in JLT Dubai UAE

Arabic interpreter services in JLT Dubai UAE

Trade with the Middle East is increasing exponentially and Arabic is the widely spoken language here. As a result, Arabic interpreters are in high demand and are required to sign and negotiate commercial projects. Similarly, due to global mobility and the internet, the influence of the Arabic language is spreading rapidly and is spoken in over 27 countries.

To compete better in Arabic markets, you must know that Arabic interpreter UAE is essential to success and if your company is targeting Arabic speaking customers, you can expand your operations without any fear of language barrier or say miscommunication.

However, the number of Arabic speakers doing business worldwide has expanded in recent years, so there is a strong need for Arabic translators and interpreters. Prime Legal Translation has an array of expert Arabic interpreters and would be honored to work with you on your project.

How can Arabic interpretation UAE services benefit your organization?

In this modern globalized world, interpreters play a significant role in facilitating communication between two or more individuals who speak different languages and without them, people are unable to understand one another. These days’ companies can have more possibilities in terms of entering Arab markets and tremendous benefits can be realized by contracting Arabic interpretation services:

  1. Compete better in Arabic markets

The business competition is massive in the Arabic-speaking regions because the number of people who can speak Arabic is very high. So, interpreters prepare you to compete more efficiently in these markets especially if your company deals with the oil markets. They can help you establish a strong customer base and increase loyalty because customers are more comfortable if you communicate with them in their native language.

  1. You can access a large market demographic

Because Arabic-speaking consumers comprise a large portion of the international market, high-quality Arabic interpretation services bridge the communication gap and make it possible for you to reach this significant population from different corners of the world. Now, you don’t need to avoid any project just because of the language gap because your interpreter will be able to interpret all the necessary information for your target audience.

  1. Effective communication

Nothing can affect your sale quicker than miscommunication, cultural misunderstandings, and unfounded assumptions. Therefore, the best way to ensure effective communication and understanding is to hire an Arabic interpreter UAE because he/she is an expert in their field and can properly convey your message.

  1. Ensure clear messaging

Ensuring that your Arab customers can clearly understand the intended message is critical, but the professional native Arabic interpreters are skilled at conveying your intended message in a way it can be best received and understandable by the Arabic-speaking audience. For clear and precise brand messaging, you can invest in these services.

Above all, you need to establish a good image of your brand both locally and internationally and the most effective way to do this is through accurate interpretation services. However, you can get many crucial benefits of Arabic interpretation if you hire expert Arabic interpreters.

In addition to that, Arabic interpreters can be of vital importance to the military in many countries. They can foster the communication gap between local people and a military force in peacekeeping or military actions in Arabic-speaking regions.

Why do you need to hire an Arabic interpreter UAE?

You need to hire professional Arabic interpreters because of the following reasons:

  • They have impeccable language fluency

They have an extensive vocabulary of both languages that encompasses businesses and their deep knowledge of industry terms makes them infinitely more useful.

  • Aware of all the cultural nuances

An Arabic interpreter UAE is fully aware of all the nuances of culture. He or she can interpret idioms, phrases, even the emotions and passion of the speaker and these are the elements that are necessary to provide an accurate interpretation.

  • Have excellent speaking and listening skills

They have excellent speaking and listening skills and provide efficient communication between the parties involved because they are capable of listening and communicating everything quickly and simultaneously. Similarly, they have the ability to express thoughts clearly and concisely in both languages.

  • Have the excellent reading ability

Interpreters convert oral messages and in the process of interpretation, reading skills are crucial. For instance, before a business meeting, the Arabic interpreter is provided with the documents to study and gain familiarity with the topics of the meeting and they can interpret all the necessary information in the best possible way.

  • They have knowledge of the industry terminology

Interpreters have a thorough knowledge regarding the terminology of both languages because familiarity with the technical terms used in business policies is fundamental to a successful outcome.

In a nutshell, it is your responsibility to hire professional Arabic interpreters in order to make sure that the parties involved can grasp the important information. In the absence of these services, misunderstandings and miscommunication happen; such situations can lead to conflicts that could destroy the reputation of your brand. However, communication is only possible if a competent interpreter provides intercommunication among the individuals.

The need for Arabic interpreters has never been so high these days. In recent years, the number of Arabic speakers worldwide migrating, travelling and utilizing the internet has expanded. Arabic is the fourth most popular language on the internet now, and native Arabic speakers worldwide are over 420 million. However, international organizations seeking to connect with and market to Arabic-speaking customers need to partner with highly qualified Arabic interpreters.

Hence, there is a huge role of Arabic interpreter’s UAE, particularly when dealing with Arabic-speaking customers and partners. An effective interpretation can have a great outcome that will ultimately impact your business and create a way forward to enter into new markets. On the other hand, improper and poor interpretation can cause rejection and ultimately severe consequences. So, get yourself partnered with Prime Legal Translation today and take your business to the Arab markets without any fear of communication.


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Translation services in Sharjah UAE

Translation services in Sharjah UAE

‘Time is money’, you have probably heard this old saying, but in the case of translation, words are money because when words are incorrectly translated, it can cost you millions, lost revenue and negative exposure of your brand. With Prime legal translation, you are not only getting top-notch services and having your translation needs fulfilled, but also you are getting the best value for your money.

Mistakes to avoid when getting translation services Sharjah

Are you thinking about how you avoid making costly mistakes when hiring translation services Sharjah? Luckily, there are a few simple things you can do to avoid the most common pitfalls when you hire translation services and to ensure that you are getting the best services in the world of translation.

  1. Choose carefully

Hiring an unqualified translation team is the worst mistake you could ever make. However, thorough research of the translation agency you choose and their translators is critical if you hope to get an accurate and proper translation of your important documents.

Before hiring a translation agency, you should:

  • Check out their website
  • Check customer references and you can even ask for samples of their work
  • Check if they are certified.


  1. Accepting a translation blindly

Don’t accept translations blindly; you have to make sure the quality assurance process of a translation agency and if they do not have it in their place, this should be an immediate red flag for you.

In order to catch errors, make sure they have a QA process with multiple stages and they must have one qualified translator to proofread and edit translations.

  1. You should know what you need

It is crucial that you know what you need before reaching out to a translation agency because it is the best way to communicate clearly with the translators; otherwise, you might be left with mediocre service, which you won’t be able to use.

So, just take a time out to:

  • Decide in how many languages you want the translation.
  • What needs to be translated exactly
  • How quickly do you need the translation back by
  • Decide if any additional elements need to be translated in your documents
  1. Hiring translators with little or no knowledge of the topic

It is necessary that the translators you work with have experience and knowledge of the subject matter, whether it’s medical, legal, manufacturing or some other industry. If they don’t have knowledge of the subject matter, then they do not properly understand the context and translation may convey the wrong meaning.

  1. Get confirmation in writing and a quote

There must be at least one email confirming your translation project with a translation agency because it will help both parties to communicate with each other and make it easier for you to get revisions and exercise all other rights which you might miss out.

A written quote is helpful to clarify the situation if any additional charges are applied and not specified in the original agreement. Make sure your quote contains:

  • A well-written description of a service you are looking for
  • The cost of the project
  • The due date for your project


  1. Ask for references

Assuming that all translators can handle all translation jobs is the most common mistake that you make, but the truth is that you can only get the best results if the translator is familiar with the subject matter of your documents.

However, you will do better with a translation agency experienced in that territory and it is the only way you get specialized services rather than a generic delivery.

  1. Never choose the cheapest service

Thinking that all translation services are equal is a common pitfall. It is a fact people who are looking for the cheapest translation services get a very bad translation back. They may be saving thousands of dollars that result in countless headaches along the way and errors in translation.

Similarly, if you do a little research and find that the most trustworthy translation agency or translators cost a bit more, then it would be well worth stretching your budget.

Simple research will reveal the horror stories of all the translation errors that cost not only money but also the reputation of businesses. Therefore, pricing must not be the only element that influences your hiring decisions. Keeping the cost down is wise but never sacrifice quality.

  1. Hiring a company with no customer service

If you encounter a problem, how do they solve it? Is there is any system in place to handle your complaints? You will want the process to address any issues in a timely and fair manner and to run the process smoothly.

However, costly errors in translation that lead to devastating consequences can be avoided by working with a certified and established agency because they have a customer service procedure.

Our customers get the highest quality translation services Sharjah on time and provide customer service and accuracy that are the highest standards of any industry.

Some important tips to get the best translation services

We know how important it is to hire the best translation services. These tips are useful for you in overcoming the mistakes while hiring translation services:

  • Do not rely on machine translation tools.
  • Do not forget to check their online presence.
  • Discuss the parameters of the contract and be sure to get a detailed list of their services.
  • Do not fall for the translators’ marketing tactics they use to sell their services.
  • Provide a clear outline of the services needed for your project.
  • Hiring without knowing the scope of your scope

So, if you find yourself making any of the common mistakes mentioned above, take some time out now to avoid costly errors by hiring the translation services Sharjah.

Prime Legal Translation has certified multilingual translators and also subject matter experts. We can handle your translation projects with a high degree of detail and you are getting nothing short of such great service. We make sure that our target audience has the excellent customer experience they deserve.


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Bank Statement Translation Services in Dubai

Bank Statement Translation Services in Dubai

Bank statement translation services Dubai are difficult to come by, but keep in mind that without a great translation partner on your side, acquiring the translation of complicated files can be a challenge. So, that’s why it is critical to have the help of a reliable and professional translation firm to assist you with the translation of bank statements into various languages.

One of the most important and necessary methods for correspondence amongst real meetings is documentation. The necessity to understand these reports for parties talking in various dialects is equally important where the exchanging of archives can be used for record-keeping. Bank articulation is one such vital archive that is used for correspondence and monetary trade.

Prime legal translation is one of the most rewarding translations and localization companies in the world, delivering financial institution statement translation services in over a hundred languages. Prime Legal Translation was founded nearly two decades ago, providing translation services to a wide range of businesses, including entertainment, hospitality, criminal, retail, clinical, and production.

What exactly is a bank statement, and why is it important? 

A bank statement is essentially a condensed version of the record of the financial transactions kept by the bank where you have your account for a specified period of time. Regardless of the magnitude of the transaction, the bank is responsible for maintaining a detailed record of it. Moreover, the transactions are described by the date they were made, the value of the transaction, and, in some cases, the sender or receiver’s personal information. So, a system keeps track of the facts and records, ensuring that the information in the bank statement is reliable and correct.

There are normally three ways to receive your bank statement. You can access your online platform by going to the bank’s website, entering your registered login information, and specifying the time period for which you require a bank statement.

The second method is to obtain a bank statement by phoning the bank’s customer service department and providing the necessary information to have your report sent to your email id or mailing address. Finally, you can go to the bank and get a hard copy of the information that has been stamped by the bank. Further, stamped statements are the most legitimate, and authorities will almost always request the original stamped statement of your account.

The statements are typically requested by visa processing authorities, such as consulates and embassies. When you apply for a visa from a foreign nation to establish a business, the embassies must ensure that you have the funds to fund your future ambitions and that you can meet the goals you have set for yourself. Of course, embassies that need the statements require them in their original form, complete with bank stamps.

For our clients, our bank statement translation services Dubai is a name of a trust. We have assisted a large number of clients with their bank statement translation needs. Moreover, there are a plethora of translation businesses in Dubai that claim to be able to translate such important papers.

Finance & Banking Translation:

If you require a translation of any type of economic document or financial institution file in Dubai, Al Legal Translation is the interpretation company to contact. Moreover, we have specialized in translation from Arabic to English and vice versa for over several years, as well as Russian to Arabic and vice versa, and French to Arabic and vice versa, as approved by the UAE Ministry of Justice.

Finance and banking translation from a company you can trust is frequently available for the following:

  1. Account statements
  2. Accounting rules
  3. Cash float statements
  4. KPI reportss
  5. Letters of credit
  6. Financial correspondences
  7. Statements of income
  8. Receipts and assessments
  9. Invoices and disbursements Balance sheets
  10. Bill books
  11. Auditors’ reports
  12. Tax documents
  13. Profit & loss statements
  14. Final reviews
  15. Loan packages,
  16. Inventory market files
  17. Liabilities statements
  18. Customer correspondence
  19. Fund truth sheets
  20. Mortgage statements
  21. Personal assets and other types of monetary-reason files are all examples of financial-reason files.

Our fantastic staff members have the necessary expertise, skills, and knowledge to accurately interpret any financial or bank paperwork. As a result, we assign your documents to qualified translators with relevant financial and economic backgrounds.

Requirement for bank translation

Due to globalization, it is possible to travel to the farthest reaches of the globe with ease. As a result, you will come across a number of banks with foreign branches, offices, and a diversified workforce. As a result, the requirement to pique clients’ attention and coordinate with global employees or workplaces has grown.

Thus, to increase market share, sustain, and grow in this competitive business, you must add translation services; the most obvious reason for this is to eliminate language and cultural barriers. Moreover, this means that all of your key documentation, such as business reports, bank transactions, change agreements, and annual profit statements must be written in the customer’s native language.

Why should you consider our Bank Statement Translation Services Dubai?

The solution is straightforward. We have a team of carsefully chosen translators who can not only translate bank statements but also have a promising history in banking and finance. Similarly, our professional translators recognize the importance of such sensitive papers as the translation of your bank statement, which could have a significant impact on your future.

Even the smallest miscalculation or blunder might wreak havoc and be the sole reason for your failure to achieve your goals.

As a result, we have developed a step-by-step quality control procedure to ensure that you receive the highest quality translation possible. Similarly, we will make sure that even the smallest data on your bank statement are accurately translated and free of errors.

If you need financial or bank document translation services Dubai then Prime Legal Translation service is the translation firm to call. So put us to work for you, and we’ll make sure you get the memorable experience you deserve!

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A Brief Guide About Translation in JLT

A Brief Guide About Translation in JLT

Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, it is possible to translate words, texts or images instantly with the camera of your smartphone. This method is also called neural translation, where artificial intelligence acts as if it were human neurons. Therefore, it avoids agreement errors in the automatic system.

However, this model of translation in JLT is what we use in the rush and informality of everyday life. In addition to it, there are other translation services aimed at several more specific areas. In this article, you will learn the difference between them. Keep reading!

Listing the main translation services

  1. Sworn translation

The sworn translation model is one of the translation services aimed at the public sector. This translation method is related to legal and bureaucratic practices, such as:

  • birth, marriage and death certificates
  • School records
  • Court documents

In addition, the translation may be requested by individuals or legal entities. It is worth mentioning that the function can only be performed by a translator with a public examination and regulated by a Board of Trade.

  1. Simultaneous translation

Simultaneous translation is one of the most sought-after translation services on the market. It is highly requested in meetings, lectures, events, conferences and workshops, where there is a need to understand the subject being spoken in real-time. In this sense, the interpreter uses microphones and headphones to translate the speaker’s speech for a large audience.

  1. Technical translation

One of the most specific and segmented translation services by areas of professional activity is technical translation. In addition to knowledge of the language, in this translation model, it is also necessary to have technical mastery of the desired area.

For translation in Dubai, we have specialists in the following areas: marketing, finance, tourism, engineering, medicine, legal and insurance. Our requests for materials to be translated are usually:

  • medicine leaflets
  • scientific article
  • legal contracts
  • industry standards


  1. Audio Transcription

Audio transcription is one of the translation services that are also based on public speaking. Unlike simultaneous translation, the interpreter has the challenge of translating an interview, speech, or any type of audio into the textual material.

  1. Proofreading

Text proofing is one of the translation services that can be divided into other models already mentioned in this article, such as simple literary translation or technical translation. In this case, we receive the material to be translated. Based on this, our team assesses the grammar, coherence, cohesion and spelling of the content.

Now that you have a brief understanding of different types of translations, here is a list of three reasons you need to hire professionals for translation in JLT for all these niches.

Sworn translation is mandatory for official documents

For companies doing international business, it is normal to send official documents between countries. Many are in-house and a technical translation is sufficient. However, others are public, such as licenses and certifications. For the latter, only sworn translation is accepted.

To avoid problems in business relationships, it is important to hire a translation service for companies that are used to work. A sworn translation makes the document official in other countries and accepted by most international bodies. For this to happen efficiently, it needs to be done correctly and by qualified professionals.

Technical documents need careful translation

Many corporate documents are technical, containing field terms. Some examples are internal evaluations and reports. As they contain many specific words in the area, it is important to have a technical translation company and a translation service for reliable companies.

In this type of work, the translator reads the entire document before starting the translation in order to understand exactly what it is about. As not all words from one language exist in the other, he works to maintain the original meaning of the work.

In order to maintain the context, a translator who has experience in the area is chosen. It is important that he is familiar with the expressions and their meanings. The professional will be the only one translating in order to keep the context intact. In addition, there is the use of dictionaries specific to the business segment, all to ensure that the translation is reliable and of high quality.

Grammar and consistency can make or break a company

Proofreading is a service for texts in English and other languages. It focuses on spelling and grammar and also looks at cohesion and coherence. In this service, the objective is to improve the textual structure and provide linguistic fluidity.

Original texts or ready-made translations can be revised. This avoids communication failures, which can generate problems in business relationships. If you already have a business translation service, you can use proofreading to ensure the quality of your documents. In business texts translated by professionals, a review is already carried out, ensuring that the translation is correct and clear.

While good translation in JLT can help companies achieve their goals, a poor translation can also cause a lot of problems. If you think you will save up some extra money by translating your documents yourself, you may be about to commit the biggest mistake of your life.

You cannot rely on the free tools available on the internet because they might be able to give you the literal meaning of a word in another language, but they will never be able to fully translate a sentence, keeping intact its context and circumstances.

No matter how many attempts you make, it’s all going to be a waste of your time and energy and might as well cause you some legal problems. Therefore, the best option is to take out an amount from your budget and get your translations professionally done. You will save everything from your documents to time as well as energy.

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Find the Best Remote Interpreting Services in Dubai

Find the Best Remote Interpreting Services in Dubai

With the ongoing pandemic, the internet has now become the major platform to hold events, conduct meetings, and even take classes in which remote interpreting services Dubai play a great role and prove to be of additional help. These services have revolutionized the world of translations and interpretations.

Online events with people from all around the globe often face issues with communication as there is sometimes a language barrier. However, remote interpretation is the ultimate solution for such problems as all language barriers between the audience and speakers are removed. It allows people from all around the world to join the webinars and connect with each other, benefitting from the contents of all seminars, regardless of the language.

If you live in America and want to attend an Arabic workshop happening in the Fairmont Dubai or Burj Khalifa, you don’t have to miss it out anymore because remote interpretation services will convert everything for you in your own language.

What are remote interpreting services Dubai?

As the name suggests, remote interpreting is a form of interpretation where the interpreter is not physically present in the same location of the event or where the speakers and audience are. The service interprets the content in different languages and delivers it to multiple locations simultaneously.

The interpreter, wherever he may be, gets the audio-visual transmission and from his own location, he performs the translation for the audience, which is also in some other location and speaks some other language. All of this happens at the same time, which is why this is also known as Simultaneous Remote Translation (TSR). The main purpose of this service is to fully retain the meaning of content while delivering it in a different language.

A lot of people confuse remote simultaneous interpretation with conventional simultaneous interpretation. However, these two are very different things. In remote interpretation, the interpreter is not physically present in the meeting or seminar, but he works from a different location; it could be his office or home. He is connected through an interface that makes him virtually present in the seminar, so he sees and hears everything as if he was physically there.

The interpretation is then performed in real-time for the targeted audience. The attendants, taking the seminar virtually from other countries or cities, can listen to the interpretation through applications that are downloaded on their tablets or laptops.

How does remote interpretation work?

For remote interpretation, it is important for the interpreter to know his work. He should be fluent in both languages, efficient in his work so that he doesn’t disturb the flow of events and maintains the rhythm of all the speeches given by the speakers.

If these criteria aren’t met, you may lose your audience due to poor interpretation. Since Dubai is the hub of worldwide businesses, it is especially important to find only the best remote interpreting services Dubai, so the workflow is never disturbed.

Moreover, for remote interpretation, it is important for the interpreter to be in a focused environment. His surroundings should be completely noise-free and he should have at his disposal everything that he may need for the work, be it the equipment, prior research, or any other requirements that he may set.

What are the requirements for a remote interpretation to be done?

Planning out and sending all the content that has to be covered at the event a day or two before to your interpreting company is very important. It will be possible for him to prepare the glossary; complete all the required research on the speakers and topics to clarify any doubts and confusions, your language style to better master the work and fully satisfy the client, among other details.

All this prior work will help maintain concurrency of the remote translation or interpretation as well as avoid terminology confusions or other possible problems like audio delays. The suitable selection of equipment for remote interpretation should also be made before the event, along with a visit by the responsible team for interpretation to the meeting location, if required.

In addition to that, to avoid any errors and embarrassing situations during the online event, the best choice is to hire a professional remote interpretation company that knows what needs to be done. With that, you will have at your disposal a comprehensive infrastructure for your webinar, online course, or event in the required language.

Our translation company will be responsible for everything from the internet connections as well as the equipment. It will then be a team job to make your event a success and share it with the world without any interruptions or delays.

The major advantages of remote interpretation and why you need it

With remote interpretation services, different people from all around the globe can understand whatever you want to convey, regardless of their language and region, as long as they are connected with you virtually, be it through the internet or even telephone. Your webinar happening in Sharjah can easily reach someone living in Canada without you having to do anything or going the extra mile. The interpretation company takes care of everything!

Interpreting has a lot of advantages. Here is a list of the main benefits for your occasion, whether an online course, meeting, or event:

  • Availability and extension of content to multiple locations simultaneously;
  • Better security when arranging events with a huge figure of people attending it worldwide;
  • Better practicality and budgeting (the cost of traveling from one place to another is cut out);
  • Your content reaches a wider audience, giving you greater profits and sales;
  • Easily accessible for both the parties, organizers as well as the participants or guests, among others.

You may think that getting professional remote interpreting services Dubai isn’t needed and you can get it done yourself through free interpretation tools, but you are wrong. The free tools will do nothing but mess up your content and you will eventually lose all your audience. Therefore, it’s better to invest in a professional translation company in Dubai.

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Where Can You Find Best Document Translation Service?

What is the best translation company to collaborate with?

If you’re on seeking the best document translation service for your company, you must carefully consider your requirements prior to selecting one that meets your requirements the most. In the next step, you need to be sure to scrutinize the translation companies to determine if they are experts in the kind of translation services you require. It is essential that the translation company you select to specialize on the type of document you require to translate.

For instance, we on Prime Quality Translation & Interpretation LLC we specialize in the provision of legal contract translation Dubai . However, we are also able to translate any other type of document because of our vast translator pool. But some translation companies don’t have the capabilities and, as such, they can only translate specific types of documents.

How do you locate the top company that can offer you the top-quality document translation service to meet your requirements? In this guide, we’ll discuss the most important aspects to consider when selecting the best translation company.

What do you need to know about your Translation requirements?

The translation company you choose to work with is not the first company you come across on the search results for “Best translation company” on the web. Don’t blame Google. First, you must carefully review your requirements and the specifics of your document prior to conducting an even more precise search.

In this case, for instance for a situation where you must translate an official document, here’s a few suggestions to help you.

Strategies for Find a Good Translation Agency

1. They only employ Certified Professional Translators

An individual who is a native speaker cannot claim the status of an expert professional. Simply because someone can speak an entire language isn’t a guarantee that they’re proficient in all the linguistic techniques and the subtleties of the language. Translators should always be aware of cultural and linguistic issues when translating.

Translators are typically certified to show they can keep deadlines on time and assure that your translation is authentic and flawless. It is crucial for translators to possess the necessary qualifications as well as other prestigious awards to employ them for crucial work, and to communicate your message to the world.

At Prime Quality Translation & Interpretation LLC we only employ certified translators who are that are registered with the ATA This is essential to have for every top-quality translation company. To ensure that you receive the top-quality work, you require skilled professionals.

2. They offer Specialized Translation Services

As we’ve already said that it is essential that translators are skilled in the work they carry out. Do not choose a translation company who is quick to get started. Be sure to engage in a lengthy conversation and verify the tone of their conversation and whether they’re willing to provide the information you’re looking for. Don’t forget to get in touch with us to discuss any questions you may need regarding any translation.

Most often, companies that are substandard take the project, without thoroughly knowing the subject and simply outsource the project to inexperienced and unpaid freelancers, who may undermine the quality of your work and harm your reputation.

If you’re not knowledgeable about the tone and style of the language you’re translating your work into and you don’t know the tone or style of the language, you won’t be each assessment of quality in translation or test for translation quality you’ll have to take. To be sure that you’re on the right path the translator in your company must work together with respect and understanding from the beginning to the conclusion during your project.

Additionally, look in search of an organization that can offer customers more than simply translation. examine the other benefits the company provides. This could range from skilled editors, translators, and proofreaders who are dedicated to delivering high-quality, error-free work.

Also do not fall for a company that is hurling technical terms at you. One thing you don’t want to find out is that they’re translating your work through online tools that won’t provide the results you require. The company should utilize human input and not entirely rely on efforts on tools for translating.

You should therefore seek out the company which is trustworthy and easy to get along with than one that is professional and appears to be knowledgeable even though they aren’t.

3. Positive Customer Service Reviews for Customer Service

It is possible to check this by looking through customer testimonials. These reviews shouldn’t just be those that are posted on your company’s website, but also those provided on other websites.

Get detailed testimonials that offer valuable information from past customers including feedback and cases studies. It is also possible to determine if your translator company is experienced with your field of work.

It is also a trustworthy way to get authentic reviews because they do not have a filtering system for reviews that are positive or negative.

4. They will keep your translation secure and private

The security of your document as well as the translation should be guaranteed. Particularly if the work is completely private. If that is the scenario, you’ll also have to find a company that can provide the translators that agree with your terms of confidentiality and signed an NDA for documents that are confidential.

If you’re translating the work on-line, you must make sure the site you are uploading your files to is safe. At Prime Quality Translation and Interpretation we ensure the highest levels of security and encryption for your uploaded files.

We are here at Prime Quality Translation & Interpretation LLC we ensure that our translators sign an NDA for each work they translate and then send the documents using 128-bit SSL encryption.

Additionally, be sure that the company you decide to select should be staffed with translators with a great understanding and knowledge of your specific area of work, as well as the technical aspects of your industry.

5. Quality vs Price

Even though affordability is a must when you’re looking to shell out a few dollars you are aware of the quality you’ll get. No one works on a salary. Quality requires time, which is why time costs money. It doesn’t mean that you must pay more to do your job instead, seek out a company which will pay its workers the wages they deserve for a job of quality.

Most translation firms usually charge different fees based on a variety of variables like the number of words, the kind of translation and time demands. At Prime Quality Translation & Interpretation LLC we don’t want issues, so our translation rates are reasonable, with there are no hidden costs, and that’s the rule.


The Internet and globalization have certainly connected us and have provided us with an abundance of choices when it comes down to picking everything. This can make our job more difficult than easy since there are many lucrative fish in the ocean.

But we can guarantee that if you stick to the suggestions, tricks, and suggestions in the previous paragraphs, you will find the top translator company within a matter of minutes.

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Advantages of Using Quality Translation in Abu Dhabi

Translation services are a growing sector, and that’s why many are looking to make it a success. There is a distinct distinction from professional translators and services offered by translators who are not experienced. If you want your business to be able to connect with a variety of markets, it is essential to employ quality translation in Abu Dhabi as they’ve got the expertise and experience in making the translation suitable for the needs of the user. Unexperienced translators frequently do the wrong thing by doing literal translations.

Professional Translation Services

Professional translation services understand that maintaining the credibility of your original document is crucial. Professional translators will ensure that your document will contain the language that your consumers expect to read. In addition, they have the knowledge to match the translation to the language of the source text tone, style, and vocabulary to ensure the correct presentation of the message you want to communicate.

Benefits of Using Professional Translation Services

You’re looking for approval to your business’s expansion plan into a foreign market education institution, immigration as well as a variety of other issues. Therefore, you must employ an experienced translator. You can expect top quality precise and flawless translations when you have a professional take care of your translation work. Benefit from their education and experience, their cultural understanding and proficiency in the language of your target, as well as their expertise in the subject.

Prime Quality Translation & Interpretation LLC are aware of your market and can use terms and phrases that ensure that your audience is able to comprehend the message. With expert knowledge of the subject in addition A professional translator can either determine the correct terminology or ask you to supply the list of terms that are specialized to ensure consistency in the translation.

A company offering professional translation services follows a strict workflow procedure, which includes an assigned project manager and translator, proofreader, and editor. They ensure that the translation is passed through a strict quality assurance process. The company ensures that the translation project will meet the deadline.

You should not trust specialized translation services to a beginner or a translator with no experience. Only translators who are professional who have expertise in the subject and many years’ experience within a specific sector or industry, and mastery of both the language of the source and the target can deal with medical, legal or business language translations.

Legal Translation Services

You’ll need a skilled translator who is knowledgeable in the field of law that may include a variety of topics. Legal documents comprise:

  • Patent translations, patent filings, and patent translations
  • Registration of trademarks and service marks
  • Copyright registration
  • Depositions, litigation documents and affidavits as well as pleadings, settlement agreements, correspondence, and other written discovery documents
  • Proposals, business plans, contracts, business formation in compliance with regulations, financial records, as well as business ownership documents
  • Immigration documents
  • Birth certificates, insurance marriage licenses documents for divorce driver’s license wills, deeds, and academic documents

Legal translations need precision, security, accuracy, and security. You can get all these characteristics by hiring an expert translator or professional translation company.

Medical Translation Services

Medical translation is also a process that requires precision and accuracy. It involves translating sensitive information, such as medical histories of patients as well as the doctor’s diagnosis and prescriptions. Apart from these documents medical translators also deal with the translation of manuals, legal translation Dubai such as training materials, medical device documentation, technical documents as well as packaging labels, inserts marketing materials, clinical trials and many more.

The medical and healthcare are governed by specific terms. Translators with expertise in medical fields know the terms used in different fields that require medical translations. They are knowledgeable and have knowledge of healthcare and medicine. Medical translators who are professionals can modify the translations to ensure they are appropriate for the understanding of the people who are using the documents translated.

Business Translation Services

Like legal and medical service translation, translation for business comes with specific terms. It requires a skilled business translator to be able to understand the terminology and requirements to translate business documents. Companies handle numerous written materials such as articles of incorporation or articles of organization as well as tax identifications and permits as well as accounting reports (cash flow statements and balance sheets, income statements) among others. The only professional who has expertise in the business world can comprehend the intricate nuances of business language.

Get Your Professional Translation Services Right Here, Right Now

Prime Quality Translation & Interpretation LLC has an extensive network of native-speaking experts that offer professional translation services no matter where you may be. They’re in the country, therefore they have a thorough understanding of the culture, language, and preferences of the local consumer. We have more than 100 different languages and you can be at ease knowing that we have your language of choice. If you require special translations Experts in the field can assist you. Contact us right now to avail professional translation services that provide excellent precision and rapid turnaround time with affordable prices.

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Legal Translation Services in JLT – Top Translation Services

In the UAE the principal language of the country is Arabic. With the UAE particularly Dubai growing into a hot destination for international tourists and business, the demands for a variety of languages such as English, Chinese, French, Japanese, Farsi, and Urdu have grown. legal translation services in JLT provide complete translation services to all languages spoken in the UAE using local translators and experts in localization.

There are several companies offering legal translation services throughout the UAE. These firms offer many services that are related in legal interpretation. Prime Quality Translation & Interpretation LLC can provide services using expertly trained and certified legal translators. They employ professionals who have exceptional academic credentials in linguistics, as in translation. A lot of translators who are eligible within the UAE are members of international organizations like the world union of translators.

There are numerous experts who have legal translation expertise. Today establishments that offer legal translation in UAE can assist you in translating practically all types of commercial contracts, documents, and all other forms of documentation.

You can trust the professionals who provide precise and timely translation services. Some translation companies cover more than 100 languages. However, the popularity of translations performed in Dubai is built on English to Arabic as well as a host of other languages.

There are many services available that provide a fast simultaneous, consecutive, and well-written translations for nearly every legal area or subject you could think of. Most businesses utilize these kinds of services to assist in working with their foreign customers efficiently. They provide a solution to many problems related to the translation industry. Anyone who is interested in using the service can avail the various translation services that is provided by translation companies.

Technical Translation services

Technical translation service provider is involved with the translation of various technical documents. These include instruction manuals, technical documents assistance with documentation, safety details tender documents, and data sheets.

Official translation

Prime Quality Translation & Interpretation LLC are essential for starting an enterprise or expand to foreign customers. This translation service covers the translation of contracts, articles of associates, cases collections witness statements, and other legal-relevant documents.

Translation service for websites

This service aids in dealing with the global market website and connects people of different nations. It allows you to reach a wider audience in their native language.

Tips for translating for the UAE:

If you’re looking for the translation service, it is important be cautious about the provider of the service if it provides the service at low prices.

It is vital to learn about the modern technology. It is also essential to understand the different kinds that offer translation service. Expert translators are cautious when they translate documents. The translation of documents should have adequate breaks.

It will be easier to communicate messages when you understand what the intended message is. You’ll feel more comfortable and can deliver the right message.


There are numerous benefits to selecting the services of a certified Legal translation dubai near me . It can be useful for the government and businesses. Translator services are available in various languages. Additionally, translators provide the possibility of translating the language spoken in your area into the desired, meaningful language.

With the assistance of translation service providers, it is possible to expand your business in a different country and establish a solid bond between clients from all over the world by obtaining legal documents. Many people are confused interpreter and translator. Here are some crucial differentiating aspects:

In translation the word or text is converted from one language to another language, whereas when it comes to knowing, the translation of speech is carried out between two languages.

Therefore, you should look for an affordable translation services within the UAE. You can locate the most reliable translation agency on the internet. A well-known translation agency will provide you with the most affordable cost within the UAE and 100% accurate translation.

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Professional Translators and Interpreters in Dubai

Expansion of a business internationally is not without its own set of legal hurdles. Certain are closely linked to culture and are dealt with by adapting your products to the preferences and customs of the new customers.

However, the necessary steps like filing patents, creating your business in the target country, and signing multilingual agreements for foreign clients will need the help from a professional translators and interpreters in Dubai If you’re expanding your company internationally, you’ll need to handle many paperwork and a reliable translation business can make a significant difference. Particularly if there are significant cultural and thematic distinctions between your country of origin and the target market.

The 6 Traits of Quality Legal Translation Services

Translation services for legal purposes are not quite as easy as you think they are. Legal translators operate across formats, helping to facilitate communication and ensuring compliance with the law. Their job involves translating and decoding the language, recognizing the cultural conventions, mannerisms, and legalese, thereby capturing the heart of the statement while keeping the translation accurate.

If you’re new to your culture It’s often difficult to differentiate between untrustworthy legal translators, interpreters, as well as experts. Therefore, we’ll discuss this in the following section. we’ll outline the main characteristics to look for when choosing a legal translation service company.

These are the traits:

  1. Legal knowledge
  2. Native professionals with the highest qualifications
  3. A multidisciplinary team
  4. Strategic automation
  5. Quality assurance ISO-certified
  6. Confidentiality

1. Legal Expertise

Not all translators know the best way to interpret legal documentation. This type of translation demands substantial subject-specific expertise. Every translator must, at the end of the day, should possess a basic understanding of the field they’re translating into. A rare example is literary translation. Many people believe that literary translators do not require knowledge of the subject, but only the ability to communicate in two languages, as well as creativity. It’s not true.

A literary translator must understand how prose styles work and what are the components in a prose-style and how to translate the same across different languages, so that readers from other countries can take in the full text. A literary translator should be a proficient reader in the genre of work they are translating. Indirect and direct reference to other works of literature in a work are not uncommon. Translators who don’t get the joke could translate these references poorly.

In the case of legal translation, understanding the way the legal systems that are in question operate, will greatly impact the outcome. If you are inquiring about an organization that specializes in legal translation in Dubai inquire about the background of their Legal Translation in Dubai . Are they proficient in the kind of document that you’d want to translate? Do they have any experience in law? Do they have any experience in the legal industry previously?

2. Native Professional Translators

Language linguists from native languages typically have an advantage in comparison to non-natives. If you’re searching for the top Legal translation solutions in Dubai the firm of choice should provide the services composed of native Arabic people.

Native speakers can decipher the cultural implications of a document or agreement in a manner that isn’t feasible for non-natives who work from outside of. Additionally, your translator provider might offer the help of non-natives who have lived in your targeted market. In this case, they are in the UAE

In certain instances, translators can have the same degree of understanding of culture as native speakers. Working with them can be very beneficial, especially when they have a legal background.

3. A Multidisciplinary Team

The top professional legal translators in Dubai do not just provide document translation. Your translation service should be able to provide you with an official document that is ready to be delivered at the request of your partners in business or sent to local or government departmental authorities. This isn’t possible by translation alone. The language service provider you choose should also be able adapt the formatting of your document to accommodate the new content. This is accomplished by desktop publishing services that are typically found in legal and business translation software.

The most reliable legal translation services available in Dubai as well as beyond. trust multidisciplinary teams to tackle your issue on multiple levels.

4. The Right Dose of Automation

As you’re likely to know professional legal translation services dubai requires a lot of care and sensibility. It’s therefore unimaginable to abandon such a delicate process to the care of a machine-generated translation tool. There are numerous situations where you could make use of the machine to advantage. Legal literature is monotonous, repetitive, and subject-specific jargon is constantly used.

Translation memories must be created by experienced legal translators. It’s necessary to verify manually if that output from the software is accurate. The fact that a machine can perform the majority of repetitive tasks, it allows humans to concentrate on the overall quality of text. The top Legal translation solutions in Dubai are based on a mix of human expertise and strategically applied technology.

5. ISO-Certified QA Processes

A translation project will only be the successful if it has a quality assurance procedure. The firms that provide the top Legal translation solutions in Dubai use quality control measures built into their workflows. They also generally perform what’s known as 3-EYE TEP.

At Prime Quality Translation & Interpretation LLC the translator (or the translation team) converts the document in a different language and performs an internal edit to ensure the highest quality of the base. Editorial staff will propose and make changes in direct cooperation with the translators, to reduce ambiguity and ensuring a reliable translation.

After their high standards are satisfied, these teams will send their text over to the team responsible for desktop publishing who will design the layout of the document and modify it for the new material, local conventions, and much more. In the final stage, the proofreading team will verify that the content has been included in the layout without mistakes. For instance, they’ll make sure that no sentences are missing.

This is done using translation tools, which make it dynamic, secure, and safe. It is overseen by the project manager, who determines the objectives of the project, in line to the legal translation firm’s requirements.

6. Confidentiality

The most important factor in the demand to have ISO-certified processes in place, is the requirement for confidentiality. Legal documents are very delicate and usually contain important business details that shouldn’t be disclosed to competitors or even to the public. So, finding a legitimate translation service provider is much more than just finding someone capable of translating legal documents.

Your partner in language shouldn’t handle your valuable documents via unsecure platforms or cloud-based services that aren’t reliable. The most reliable legal translation services in Dubai utilize secure measures to make sure that your personal information is not stolen, leaking, or stolen. A less technical, but most essential steps is prior screening of the translators who will be responsible for your project.

The requirement for absolute security is among the main reasons why a service provider for language will be an ideal choice for your company than individual translators. A LSP who is familiar with large companies will easily offer an NDA which is appropriate for your project and will be equipped to ensure that they are adhering to their part of the contract.

Are you in need of top-quality professional legal translators in Dubai? Do not look any further.

In this brief guide you’ll find all the information you require.

Your Search for the Best Legal Translation Services in Dubai Is Over

Do you need a legal translator who is professional in Dubai? The search is over. Prime Quality Translation & Interpretation LLC is an industry leader in translation, with more than two decades of expertise. We partner with the most prestigious firms around the globe, helping facilitate their access to new markets and further.

As Prime Quality Translation & Interpretation LLC based in the UAE provider, we’re a region-wide leader that is powered by the latest technology carefully selected native designers, developers, translators and many more.

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