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September 5, 2020

Top Challenges to Providing the Legal Translation Services in Dubai

We all know that Dubai is the business hub of the world because it offers opportunities to all the levels of entrepreneurs. All the company formation documents are submitted in their official language, Arabic. So, you should know the process to set up your business in Dubai. Your documents will be accepted only when the whole process proceeds in Arabic. Authorized transformations are considered as the most sensitive services due to which any miscommunication in legal documents can cause serious problems in the future. While you are not ready to learn the local language, you don’t have to get upset. There are many certified legal translation services in Dubai, providing translation services in many languages.

This is one of the specific content that is organized according to the UAE laws. Translators who are approved by the local government can only perform the legal translation services. Mostly this sort of translation is offered in the lawsuits. If the document or any contract is not translated properly, it will cause problems that can lead to a massive loss. A translator should be very cautious while translating the official documents and should remember some very delicate points as per the law of the nation which shows the professional translation. The objective content must be interpreted as per the legal language of the country. This is the reason it is considered the most delicate sort of service. The translator should know how to use the specific legal terminologies, social and cultural equality of the content and linguistic standards. The most significant thing is to keep up the equality of language of the objective and source document.

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What makes it different?

As mentioned, Legal translation is one of the complex translation types. Errors, uncertainty or distortion, regardless of how little, have no place in legitimate interpretation because the deciphered document may become void. Further, with a single line error, many lawful and financial document problems can happen. Adding to the difficulty of legitimate interpretation is its terminologies, combined with social and cultural components and differences in language. In legal translation, it isn’t just about supplanting a word with another. The interpreter must translate the legitimate concepts and ideas into another dialect with technical translation. The interpreter must be quite certain about what language to use inside the jurisdiction, because of the traditional and legal expression differences.

There is a particular sort of language in lawful content and if a judge or an attorney sees that wrong words or terminologies were utilized, the whole interpretation may never again be trusted. Also, the interpreter must fit the reason for legal interpretation. There is a contrast between legitimately binding legalese and legal interpretation for public use.

Prime Translation Services (PTS) with a group of interpreters who are appropriately approved and certified Translation Company in Dubai by the Ministry of Justice give special consideration to legal translation in the manner to shield our customers from any lawful issues. Our interpretation service offers the power of attorney, organization development documents, for example, Articles of Association, employment contracts, confidential agreements, marriage certificates, death certificates, divorce decrees, commercial lease agreements and all sorts of authoritative documents that must be affirmed and endorsed for legitimate use. Our legal system has profound information on a wide range of lawful terms that will prompt the ideal meaning of deciphered documents just as have a comprehension of the organizations, common, individual, work, residency and naturalization, family laws and guidelines which are applied inside UAE law firms.

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Proofreading- an important role

For a company’s success correctly interpreted and proofread paperwork plays an essential role since it stakes its reputation on the accuracy of the interpreted document. With Prime Translation Service, top-quality proofreading is guaranteed to free your document from linguistic and sentence construction mistakes. Quality is fundamental to how we work; our legalized editors guarantee the excellence of the report before it is distributed or submitted in a journal or site. If you are worried about your paperwork, our team can help you with editing and proofreading. We have excellent command over the local language and the local people.

Business Translation 

Try not to destroy your work by getting your promoting materials, pamphlets and other business materials translated badly. Choose a multilingual translator company and get your ideal business interpretation services which will take your business up to the next level. Our business interpreters offer interpretation service for all your promoting needs whether it’s advertising materials, official documents, reports, letters, paper or magazine articles, and the executives’ document translation. Other than this, our team helps you with citizenship and immigration purposes, affidavit, driving license translation and birth certificate translation. We can dare that our interpreters are among the best in the business that provides you culture-sensitive business interpretation services to show your materials and guarantee that your message is being conveyed correctly to the people.


If you are not ready to learn the local language and you need help, PTS provides the language services to help you with this language barrier by translating your important documents and certificates from English to Arabic and Arabic to English. We assure legal interpretation services to law advocates, legitimate consultants, courts, police, and government offices in Dubai that trust PTS as one of the best legal legal translation Dubai . We are a customer-focused Legal interpretation service in Dubai devoted to giving our customers the most ideal help on all matters. Also, we guaranteed qualified, local and legitimate interpreters to our individual and corporate customers for conferences; court sessions, Embassies, lawful interpretation of confidential documents and authorization purposes. We assure you of the best quality, at the most reasonable rate, and in a stipulated time allotment. We additionally give complimentary pickup and drop off of your sensitive and deciphered documents anyplace in Dubai.

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If you need a legal interpreter today, you can call us to get immediate contact with your interpreter in Dubai now! We will be more than pleased to help you out. Get a free quote right now!

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