The legal papers, business proposals, or academic information always need to project the well-aimed and precise meanings and when it comes to communicating in a different language we are here extending a helping hand for protruding translations of such documents. We provide A-Class translation services in Dubai with a 100% guarantee of accuracy. We have translators who are experts in different domains and work in their expertise niches with adept knowledge of field related slogans and vocabulary. Prime translations service is your one-stop destination for all types of translation solutions. We are committed to providing assistance to anyone who is seeking for errorless translations in Dubai of their papers of any sort. We offer different discount plans in terms of assisting people from all the sectors of life. Contact us today with confidence for high-grade translations in most competitive prices.

The company Prime Translation Services provides top-notch translation solutions to all your communication difficulties through the experienced and committed team of professionals. Our wide range of services encompasses the whole trajectory of translation work. From documental translations to providing closest-to-native interpreting services, we expertise in all language-related sectors. As an effort to top the translation company in Dubai and providing our customers with high-class services, we have gathered the wide pool of translators who are fluent and adept in different languages and ensure that you get your documents translated without changing their true essence and context. We have our main headquarters in Dubai but our ever-expanding services reach includes both local and international clients. The company holds a reputable status in the translation industry because of the hard-earned experience spanning over a decade. Our most frequent services comprise translation centre near me JLT in more than 150 languages including Chinese Translation services in Dubai, French Translation services in Dubai, Germany Translation services in Dubai, Italian Translation services in Dubai, Japanese Translation services in Dubai, Portuguese Translation Services in Dubai, Russian Translation services in Dubai and Spanish Translation Services in Dubai. Reach out to us with confidence for us to resolve all your translation problems.


We have proudly catered to the legal translation services in Dubai of numerous reputed and private companies and individuals across the globe. Our untarnished reputation built consistently over a period of ten years is proof of our commitment and quality. Prime Translation Services is a certified and registered company which means that we have the approval from the concerned authorities to carry out our business. This establishes our reputation as the top translation company in Dubai
The company stands tall amongst its competitors and is trusted by a number of government offices and corporate giants. The key reason for this exceptional status amongst our contemporaries is our belief in long term relationship building based on mutual trust and integrity. Choose Prime Translation Services if you are in search of enduring benefits in terms of peace of mind and accuracy.

Tailored services

In order to be the best in the business, we take all possible measures to furnish our legal translation services in Dubai on an individual need basis. Following a need assessment analysis of the user’s requirement, an interpreter or a team of interpreters is attached with the client to gain an in-depth analysis of their demands. We take our work personally and thus go the extra mile so that your work is par excellence as well as authentic to the grass-root level. As with any language, the peculiarities associated with the semantics are sometimes difficult to translate unless you have background knowledge of the language. We have this issue covered with our language and linguistic experts spread across the world. They are well versed in the etymological changes and language development that can cause a substantial difference in the way a certain word is used in precise cultural nuances. So once you reach out to our translation in Dubai centre near you for our services, we want you to sit back and relax. Your work is in safe hands now. We will handle it with personal commitment and care. Looking for the perfect counterpart for each word, filtering it through various manual aptness tests, and then integrating it within the overall manuscript. We put our heart and soul into each and every word, sentence, and document.

No Use of Machine Translators

We highly discourage the use of machine translators as we believe that in various dialects, there are countless words with double implications. This can prove to be a critical issue for machine interpreters. These words must be identified with the setting to help decide their actual implications this high level of accuracy can only be achieved through human interpretation. For instance, “right” in the English language could mean “precise” or “correct” but it could also mean the direction of the right hand. Unless the Word is translated in its ‘right context’ errors and omissions cannot be ruled out. Such decision making can be aptly undertaken by human intelligence only. Therefore it is incumbent to relate each word to its context and then embed it appropriately. Our team is ever busy in handpicking the best-suited vocabulary in all contexts for your documents.

Quality Checks

To meet the ever-competitive standards of document language translation services near me, we have set the bar fairly high. All our translated work undergoes rigorous quality checks which include multiple proofreading and multifaceted accuracy check from all possible angles. Our standard operating procedures, which are a benchmark in their own stride, are strictly adhered to. This is the sole reason for our continued presence and extraordinary international client base and gets the best legal translation Service in Dubai

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