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October 28, 2020

5 Oldest Languages in The World That People Still Speak Widely

The oldest languages in the World can be described as the earliest to develop from the oldest to the latest. The fact that the first languages developed is not an accident. Rather, it is the consequence of a history that has seen multiple languages develop across the globe. Although these languages have changed over the years, there are still certain characteristics shared by all of them.

First, they all belong to various groups. This is because their evolution has been driven by a need for self-preservation. Each group developed as a way of making itself unique from the other and at the same time as a means to communicate to a wider audience. Second, each group of languages has different dialects. A majority of them can be heard around the world, although there are isolated pockets of speakers who live in isolated areas.

Third, all languages share the ability to have many variations in their structure, including variations in phonology and syntax. The fact that these languages have a great variety of structures is not an accident. They developed during the same periods that they began their life in different parts of the World.

Most languages in this group are also written. While this is not always the case, the writing systems used for the most part do not change much over time. Instead, it is the culture that tends to make the biggest changes. Even if the written form does not change, language can evolve significantly over time. Some languages become very specialized, while others may become increasingly abstract.

One reason why some languages remain virtually unchanged over time is that people have never tried to change a language too much in the past. The only reason why modern languages have been invented is that they have been developed in an attempt to solve problems that existed in a language’s past.

Some languages are spoken by fewer speakers, while others have hundreds of thousands of people speaking them on a daily basis. It is possible that they speak hundreds of languages that are mutually incomprehensible.

A few languages have been modified to such an extent that it is now considered a second language. There are even some where only a native English speaker can read and write these languages. One of these is the Indo-Iranian languages.

Some of the oldest languages are the oldest forms of literature and can be found in historical documents. Some of the oldest forms of literature can be found in historical documents.


1. Arabic Language

It is thought that Language has originated when early people started gradually modifying their ancestral communicating systems to structured languages. Language is just a system of communication that consists of a pair of sounds and written symbols that can be used by the people of a particular country or region for writing or talking. Languages started thousands of years back and discovering the oldest language is highly debated across the world. But, linguists revealed that the next 5 languages are among the oldest surviving languages around the world.

Arabic is one of the earliest spoken languages and it conveys a fantastic history and culture behind. The earliest example of the Arabic inscription dates back to 512 CE. Currently, around 300 million people speak Arabic around the planet. Arabic belongs to the Semitic language family that includes Aramaic. It is by far the most common spoken Semitic language in fact. The English language can be split into two variations Modern Arabic and Classical Arabic. Arabic is the official language of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar, Syria, Lebanon, Kuwait, Oman, and many other countries. There are many unique dialects and branches of Arabic.

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2. Greek Language

The Greek language dates back to about 1500 BC. Although it has evolved substantially from its ancient variant it is still spoken by nearly 13 million people. The contemporary form of Greek is the official language from Cyprus and Greece. It is also an official language at the EU and speaks in Greek communities around the globe and also in Turkey, Albania, and Italy. More than a thousand decades ago, a number of the planet’s most respected scholars and philosophers used to communicate in Greek. A number of the foundational documents in Western doctrine, like the works of Aristotle and Plato, logic and mathematics, astronomy and other branches of science were originally written in the language.

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3. Tamil Language

Tamil language is a part of the Dravidian language family and has been spoken chiefly in India. Tamil produced its first appearance at 300 BC. The literature collection in Tamil, that is really a classical language, is very vast. It’s likewise diverse. Tamil is spoken by almost 80 million people in southern India, Sri Lanka, and Singapore. It can be classified into Modern Tamil, Classical Tamil, and Colloquial Tamil — all of which are popularly used now.

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4. Latin Language

The earliest appearance of this language can be traced back into the days of the Roman Empire that was formed around 75 BC. The Roman Empire chosen to make Latin its proper speech, making it a significant speech at that moment. Latin has been the origin of all the Romance languages — Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Catalan and Romanian and several words including several words from modern-day English. Latin is still the official language of Poland and the Vatican City. Latin is taught at many higher education institutions around the world.

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Latin is rather often considered as the lifeless language but this isn’t accurate at all. It’s a classical and crude language that belongs to the Italic branch of Indo-European languages. Historically, this language has been discussed in Latium, Italy. Due to the immense energy of the Roman Republic previously, this speech became dominant in many regions of the earth. This language is widely utilized in the Western world for scholarly and literally functions. Even today this terminology has been used for the production of new words in various kinds of modern languages. Our company provides fast and most accurate Latin into English, Latin into Arabic, and English into Latin and Arabic into Latin translation options to the customers belonging to the varied collections.


5. Farsi Or Persian Language

Farsi is the direct descendant of Old Persian vocabulary, which had been the official language of the Persian Empire. Persian emerged around 500 BC. Modern Persian emerged around 800 CE, also it’s transformed sparsely since then. Farsi is the common language spoken in modern-day Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan. The speech is spoken by more than 110 million individuals. Though it’s almost exactly the same with minimal variation, it is called Dari in Afghanistan and Tajiki from Tajikistan due to political reasons.

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Farsi, also known as Persian, is a Western Iranian language that is widely spoken across Afghanistan, Iran, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. There are three main dialects: Western Persian, Dari, and Tajik. Farsi uses its own writing system, which likewise to Arabic script,” is written and read from right to left; Farsi script gets its own origins in the ancient Aramaic alphabet. The only exception is in Tajikistan, where they write Farsi with the Cyrillic alphabet. Farsi has a very rich tradition in literature and poetry dating back centuries past, including the functions of Rumi and Hafez.

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