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August 30, 2022

Contract translation is becoming increasingly important in the competitive market of today. Prime Legal Translation is known for its cross-border operations. Documentation that requires legal translation can vary in range from signing contracts with a distributor in an international market to acquiring an international company. So, it’s critical to have a plan in place to fulfill this need if you want to keep transactions moving quickly and expenses low.

What is contract translation and how does it work?

The act of translating a contract into a different language for usage between two parties who speak different languages is known as contract translation. Given that legal contracts in English are frequently imprecise and rife with loopholes, it’s critical to ensure that a translated contract is free of such ambiguity.

Why does a company translate a contract?

Businesses enter into contracts for a variety of reasons, and the list keeps growing. Employee handbooks and employment contracts can be translated for usage with their own employees. Furthermore, contracts for sales can be translated for usage with international clients. It is possible to translate privacy policy and terms of service contracts for usage with international users on the internet. The list is long and growing as our globe becomes more interconnected.

What are the advantages of having your contracts translated?

While contract translation may appear to be costly, it can also result in significant cost savings. Therefore, businesses frequently choose to use their own ‘paper’ in a transaction since they are aware of the terminology and can avoid having to hire a lawyer to review the full document. Furthermore, this is a significant cost reduction, which is why many organizations have ‘template banks’ to use when doing transactions. The same advantages apply to contract translation.

If a company often transacts with parties who speak different languages, translating contract templates into those languages could save a lot of money. This creates a similar situation in which businesses are conversant with legal words and will save money on legal bills when reviewing contracts.

On the other hand, if a company does not translate its templates ahead of time, it will almost certainly need to employ international counsel for each transaction to assist them in grasping the language challenges, legal issues, and jurisdiction-specific issues. This can be really expensive.

Significance of legal contract translations

If the legal contract translation isn’t exact, businesses may face legal issues. If a corporation wants to establish a relationship with a business partner overseas, any communicator of another language must be able to understand any legal paperwork if a contract is involved.

What is the purpose of a legal contract in business?

In the business sector, there is a principle that asserts that opportunities are produced rather than just arise. This is especially true when it comes to contracts. A legal contract is a strategy for creating a commercial opportunity. One of the most important advantages of a contract is that it gives structure and clarity to a business partnership.

It also serves a variety of additional objectives, such as establishing the roles and duties of each partner in a corporate relationship. There may be parts and clauses detailing how and when the partners may end the legal relationship or alter any aspect of it, such as the method of payment.

A contract is legally binding, which means that both parties must adhere to the contract’s terms and conditions. The damaged party may pursue legal action if one party breaks the contract by failing to honor the agreement. Moreover, a contract specifies time frames, such as a deadline for finishing the project and a payment plan for the duration of the contract.

One of the most important aspects of every contract is that it includes a payment arrangement for the good or service given. This can be anything from an hourly rate paid for finished work to a lump sum payment due when the work is done satisfactorily.

Bonuses and commissions may be involved in the task, and these must be indicated in the legal contract. Licensing fees may be required as part of the job, and they should be stated in the contract. So, a contract is frequently compared to insurance since it serves to safeguard the people involved in the agreement.

Why should you be concerned about contract translation?

Contract translations are required if the parties do not speak the same language because of the significance of contracts and the possible repercussions if one of the parties violates a contract clause. If a legal contract is not precisely translated by a qualified contract translation, it is quite easy to misunderstand it.

Whenever a legal contract is binding, all parties involved must understand exactly what is involved; otherwise, a contract breach may occur.

Who will require the services of a contract translator?

A contract will include multiple parties, each of whom will require copies of the legal contract documentation in their native language. This could be a company that is active in the supply chain process, such as acquiring a product directly from the manufacturer.

A contract translation in their local tongue is required for all managers and workers who need to know the contract’s content. This is to verify that there are no contract violations that might jeopardize the professional relationship of those included in the agreement.

The contract’s drafters must ensure that all parties involved receive a contract translation in their native language as soon as feasible after work on the contract begins. This necessitates the use of a legal contract translation service with qualified translators on the staff of Prime legal translation who have a proven track record of accuracy in contract translations.

What are the difficulties in contract translation?

Contract translation into different languages for use with foreign parties presents a number of issues. To begin with, language is not objective, and there are often no equivalent words in different languages. So, when this is combined with the law, it might be difficult for lawyers to accurately translate provisions word for word.

Second, distinct legal systems exist in different countries. France, for example, has a Civil Law legal system, whereas the USA has a Common Law legal system. Without getting into the specifics of their differences, this can result in instances where contract phrases are inapplicable in another legal system and, if translated without care, can make a company appear unthinking by including them in their translated contract.

Finally, subject matter ability is more valuable than ever. Because the legislation is so complicated, translations must be handled by a subject matter expert (typically by an expert firm like Prime Legal Translation). Therefore, if you require the best contract translation services, you can contact our team and you will be pleased to take our services.


August 30, 2022

With the continuous increase of the immigrant population around the world, more and more languages are spoken, so interpreting services in the healthcare industry have become an integral part of the medical field. Similarly, it is critically important that a doctor is capable of communicating effectively with their patients in a health care setting.

Language barriers have to be quickly overcome when someone is experiencing a medical emergency because it is vital so that the patients and physicians can clearly understand each other and life-saving decisions can be made and precious time will not be wasted. However, the interpreting services of Prime Legal Translation can assist in opening the lines of communication and make sure that the patients receive the right medical care and treatment they are entitled to.

Significance of interpreting services Abu Dhabi in improving patient communication

Many incidences and instances have proven the value of having interpretation services in hospital settings. Similarly, the language gap is one of the main deterrents that people who speak different languages other than English from seeking and receiving primary and preventive care.

By having interpreting services accessible, the discussion between patients and doctors will run smoothly and allow them to decide on the best plan of treatment moving forward.

Interpreting services Abu Dhabi in clinics and hospitals resulted in:

  • Less chances of occurrence of errors in communication
  • It enhances the understanding and knowledge of patients related to their health issues, diagnosis and recommended treatment.
  • Improve access to medical services
  • Increase frequency of visiting healthcare facilities
  • Lessen disparity in the dispense of health services
  • Enhance adherence to recommended treatments
  • Improve the satisfaction rate of doctors and patients

Interpretation can improve the overall care of patients along with saving lives, starting from piling up data about the medical history of the patient to explain their diagnosis and providing guidelines for proper treatment. The interpreter bridges a communication gap and ensures that the information is accurately relayed between both parties.

What are the adverse effects resulting in the absence of interpreting services?

In the healthcare setting, even the smallest details matter and without interpreters, it could be very easy to misunderstand and miscommunicate some important points. Undoubtedly, seeking medical care can be a stressful and difficult experience for the patient and their families and it is completely frustrating when they feel that they are not understood by their physician. But if they have access to interpretation services, they can feel more comfortable throughout the process and make it run more smoothly.

However, when these services are available, there is a reduction in the adverse effects because adverse effects can result from the language gap, including:

  • Poor knowledge and comprehension of the diagnosis
  • Lack of adherence to the treatment prescribed by a physician
  • Increase risk of medical errors
  • Poor health outcomes such as long stay in the hospital

Besides ensuring that you have received the best possible care, hiring these services can save money and time for medical facilities; also, you will be spent on correcting both small and critical mistakes.

Benefits of having interpretation services for hospitals

There are many reasons that the services of interpretation would benefit a medical faculty and its patients.

  1. It is beneficial for both parties for patients and health care providers because it reduces the risk of misdiagnosis as when the communication between them is facilitated by an interpreter, the outcomes are positive and patient satisfaction and safety are already established.
  2. The quality of healthcare services improves when there is an interpreter present as the chances of misdiagnosis are omitted or reduced and the stay of a patient in the hospital is also reduced.
  3. Providing interpreting services in your healthcare faculty ensures your compliance with regulations. It maximizes the reimbursement of your hospital and increases the satisfaction and trust of patients. And it conversely improves the financial health of your hospital.
  4. The worry and anxiety of patients are reduced when they completely understand their medical condition and when they understand the situation and acknowledge their condition, their satisfaction with healthcare providers improves as well. It helps in improving the relationship between a doctor and patient and also, their comfort level increases.
  5. Interpreters reduce the risks of inadequate informed consent, the inability of the patient to follow the proper plans of their treatment and misdiagnosis.
  6. Unnecessary tests and procedures are eliminated when comprehension is better. When the doctor and patient do not understand each other, it is easy for misunderstanding, misdiagnosis, and miscalculation to occur. Having an interpreter will help to reduce miscommunication. The patient is saved from additional tests and procedures that may cost more but is not truly required, which adds more pressure and anxiety to the patient.
  7. People are more likely to choose a place where they feel welcome and know that their voice will be heard by others because someone is there for them who speaks their language make them feel comfortable. And because of this, the number of patients visiting your hospital for medical services will increase and it will boost the reputation of your hospital.

In a nutshell, many issues that are created by language barriers will be reduced or eliminated by ensuring that the interpreting services Abu Dhabi are used throughout the healthcare industry. Just think about the amount of time that could be spent on gathering health-related information from patients. With an interpreter, it will be a quick turnaround and such a simple task could become difficult without their help.

However, the healthcare providers often overlook this crucial element to communicate with and administer care to people who speak different languages but hiring medical interpreters can solve this problem and be greatly beneficial for the healthcare industry.

So, partner with Prime Legal Translation interpreting services can facilitate the communication and their interpreters have years of experience in the medical field, understand the medical terminologies and can accurately provide the bridge for the proper exchange of information between doctor and patient. Providing accurate medical interpretation is our forte which will naturally complement the provision of your hospital as the best healthcare service provider.

August 29, 2022

Legal proceedings, with all of their complex rules and the strength for a long duration, can be challenging for anyone. This is especially true when the parties involved do not speak the same language, making it difficult for them to understand what is going on around them and what is anticipated from them through their involvement. On the other hand, legal translation Abu Dhabi near me has become essential in today’s courtroom on multiple levels and has become a must for legal procedures.

It’s a truth that you will need legal specialists to develop multilingual content for some of your legal translation assignments. As a result, legal translation Abu Dhabi near me plays an important role in courtrooms, ensuring that everyone involved in legal procedures completely comprehends the proceedings.

Prime Legal Translation always has the right professional for the task, thanks to our expert staff of translators. So, we quickly give our clients a properly translated version of their legal documents, complete with a certificate of translation.

How essential are legal translation Abu Dhabi near me in law firms?

Legal translation is a wonderful illustration of this when you require a team of language experts with the proper expertise and experience to prepare legal documents in any target language.

Similarly, when it is the matter of legal matters, law firms demand high-quality translation from certified professionals who are legal experts with a thorough understanding of the law in order to ensure that their documents are accurately translated, as any inconsistency could land the document in legal trouble, and it is subjected to extensive scrutiny by experts.

Unfortunately, many law firms are unaware of the value of legal translation services and frequently overlook them.

Why are these services crucial for your company?

Some financial records and official reports are useful not only in the legal system but also in the commercial world, particularly in law firms. Filed patents, transcripts, and other relevant paperwork are also required by law firms or companies, but patents demand special attention because they are more about comprehending the subject than legal jargon.

As a result, when it comes to translating patent processes into other languages, legal professionals with a technological background are more likely to do a good job.

In addition, legal translation Abu Dhabi near me translates the following documents:

  1. Immigration documents
  2. Incorporation articles
  3. Litigation documents
  4. Trusts
  5. Wills and several other legal documents.

As a result, if you are engaged in a legal process while still dealing with law firms and lawyers, these services can help you receive the documents you need in the language that the authorities or judicial system require.

It assists you in representing your clients

Representing clients is the most important and thorough aspect of your law firm’s business plan. You will need Prime Legal Translation services and a group of diligent professionals with an impressive work ethic to interact effectively with the judicial process and representatives since your firm may occasionally represent clients who speak a language other than yours or are beyond the court’s jurisdiction.

Presenting accurate documentation

Because every term and word counts in legal processes, preserving precise documentation of legal procedures is critical at every stage of representing clients. So, when working with documents written in a different language, however, there is no space for error. Therefore, you must get them translated because a single mistranslated word could jeopardize your client’s life.

The significance of legal translation services in court

It is even more critical to obtain services of legal translation in order to completely comprehend court processes because if you do not comprehend the proceedings, you will certainly postpone your court proceedings and waste your time and money. As a result, these services assist you in producing the best translation possible.

Legal translation services to make a strong case in court.

In fact, not all nations speak the same language, and only a few languages are legally spoken in a single country. However, there are plenty of languages spoken even inside a country, but the court system only speaks one or two of them.

So, you can use these services to translate all major languages to satisfy the needs of every country on the planet. Moreover, the pros have extensive experience translating numerous types of papers used in the legal system.

As a result of this flow, the translators are able to finish this duty regardless of whether they are financial records, legal rulings, filed patents, official reports, precedents, transcripts, or witness testimony; each document is well translated in total privacy. As a result, Prime Legal Translation services are required in court for an effective presentation of your case.

Assist in comprehending the proceedings

Trials are difficult to comprehend, especially for individuals who are unfamiliar with the language and rules of the country. As a result, legal translators assist these individuals in understanding the rules of that country, as well as what questions to ask the opposing side and what evidence to provide. As a result, you will have a better understanding of what is going on in the proceedings.

Ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Court trials can take a long time as it is, and if you are unable to speak and understand the language as well as others, the process will be slowed. As a result, thanks to the legal translator, everyone will be on the same page about what the individual is saying or what is being stated to the person in the courtroom. So, not only will swift translation save you time, but it will also keep everybody in the loop by smoothly completing the proceedings.

To summarize, in this digital age, every firm must have its own terms, policies, conditions, and privacy mechanisms in place to ensure that it is legally compliant in the market it serves. So, it is crucial to realize that legal translation services are not just for courtrooms. Moreover, for many firms or organizations, it has become a compulsion. As a result, legal translation Abu Dhabi near me get the content to the correct places at the right time, making your life easier.

August 29, 2022

People who desire to work, visit, or live in UAE and their mother tongue is not the same as the official language generally need visa Legal Translation in Sharjah. In general, when a document is to be utilized for legal purposes, legal translation is required. Legal translation is indispensable for any dealing with legal authorities, embassies and courts in UAE.

Many authorities in the UAE will only consider documents written in Arabic, with legal translations made by a professional translator. As a result, each document that you need to present or process through any UAE entity requires legal translation from the native tongue to Arabic.

Prime Legal Translation is a legal and accredited translation firm that offers visa application documents translations as well in a variety of languages and dialects. Because many personal documents are required when applying for a visa, whether for a bridging visa, a permanent residence, a working travel visa, or an employment visa, translation services of high quality and expertise are required.

These services can only be provided by our legal translation company, which works professionally to deliver accurate and precise translations and nuances of the documents in the same way as the original. We recognize the importance of accuracy in these types of legal papers, so it employs certified professional translators who are accredited by the National Accreditation Authority for iInterpreters and Translators.

We offer the following services for visa application documents:

  • Ability to deliver the translated requirements when you need them
  • Careful and accurate translation of visa application documents
  • Offers extract translations to save you time and money
  • Visa application document translation is approved by a professional translator
  • Provide a certification that guarantees that the translated document is correct

We can assist you in obtaining any form of visa – for instance:

  • Visas for visits
  • Tourist visas
  • Visas for work
  • Student visas
  • Visas for Permanent Residency
  • Visas for Skilled Migrants

Needs for translation

Each document you submit that is not in English must be accompanied by a completely certified original translation. Moreover, if you are submitting an application in the UAE, your translation must:

  • Include information about the translator or the translation firm’s qualifications.
  • Get verification from the translator that the translated version of the document is a true representation of the original.
  • Add the translation’s date
  • Include the translator’s or the translation firm’s authorized official’s original signature.

What are the reasons for having Legal Translation in Sharjah?

There are a variety of other reasons why you might require legal translation for a visa, including travel, work, immigration, and more. For a visa, you will require legal translation in the United Arab Emirates for the following reasons:

Purpose of the legal translation for the visa

There are a variety of reasons why you might need to translate your visa, but perhaps the most important is to select a reputable translation business that can accurately interpret your documents. Further, Prime Legal Translation is committed to providing high-quality translation services at an accessible price.

Documents for Immigration

If you are preparing documents to go to the United States and do not speak English like experts, having essential immigration documentation translated by an accurate legal translator in UAE can be extremely beneficial. Translating your documents, including visas, correctly will assist you in completing your immigration process effectively, saving time and avoiding any unpleasant surprises. For all of your immigration documents, we provide rapid and precise services of Legal Translation in Sharjah.

Traveling around the world

If you plan to travel abroad for the holidays, you will require a visa to visit the place of your choice. As a result, you will need to translate your documentation into the visa-issuing country’s language. Documents like these may be included in the translation:

  • Certificates of birth.
  • Information about your job.
  • Passport, along with any past visas.
  • Payslips, bank statements, and other financial records.
  • Details on where to stay and how to get to the place of your choice.

We can provide you with peace of mind by translating all essential documents on schedule and without errors, allowing for easy and quick travel procedures.

Contracts of Employment

People who start new occupations in other countries may require proper translations of their paperwork, such as visas and passports. They also need to translate contracts of employment. There is no tolerance for mistakes when translating legal documents; even the smallest mistake might result in a conflict or huge financial fines.

Prime Legal Translation always has the right person for the task, thanks to our expert staff of translators. So, we quickly and affordably give our clients a properly translated version of their legal documents, complete with a certificate of translation.

Why is Arabic translation mandatory?

When seeking for work authorization or legal residency, foreign nationals have traditionally been asked to produce supporting papers such as degrees, marriage certificates, and birth certificates. Therefore, these documents were to be written in one of two languages: English or Arabic. All supporting material submitted in favor of immigration applications must now be translated into Arabic, thanks to a recent procedural change.

What is the significance of Arabic translation?

The United Arab Emirates is an Arab country with Arabic as its official language. So, any legal document submitted to a government authority must be written in Arabic. We will handle all of your documentation as a professional language services firm that delivers a certified translation in UAE by the UAE Ministry of Justice. Meanwhile, simply scan the documents and send them through email or WhatsApp, and you can rest assured that your translation will be thorough and approved by the authority that requested it.

Why should you use our translation visa services?

  • Consultation is free and accurate, and the best price is guaranteed as well.
  • 30 years of expertise with the preparation of all requirements and highest quality services
  • Quick Processing

So, contact us if you have any queries about our translation firm and our Legal Translation in Sharjah services. We will be happy to assist you in any way possible.

August 7, 2022

While the google translator and other automated online translation services have made our lives easier, we cannot always rely on them especially when it comes to legal translations. Legal translation requires a special set of skills and has to be done manually by someone who has an in-depth knowledge of not just the language and culture of the source and the target language but also they are also aware of the laws of different countries.

The Dubai legal translation industry has grown significantly in UAE and Dubai so there are plenty of options available for anyone looking to get their legal documents translated into Arabic or some other language. These documents vary from Contracts & agreements, property documents, to court orders and immigration documents. One cannot afford to have any mistakes in such matters as they could have dire consequences. It’s important to know that the firm you are choosing to translate your documents is reputed and reliable. 

Here is a list of top 5 firms offering translation services in Dubai:

Prime Legal Translation Services 

From the most challenging and popular languages including Chinese, French, German, Spanish to the lesser spoken languages in comparatively smaller countries, Prime legal translation services is known for translating to and from a wide number of languages. The fact that they have a huge team of translators and editors who have command over more than 150 languages makes them one of the most renowned and comprehensive legal translation companies in Dubai. 

Despite the fact that Prim legal is a renowned legal translation services company not just in Dubai but across UAE and beyond they are quite inexpensive. If you are looking for affordable legal translation services within your budget then you should definitely get into touch with them.

Elite Legal Translation Services 

With their extensive experience in catering to the clients from over 40 industries including, IT, commerce, finance, real estate etc. the Elite Legal Translation Services takes 2nd place in the domain of legal translation. 


Though Torjoman was founded in 1994, it has expanded over the years and takes pride in its presence across UAE, KSA and Egypt. It is one thing to specialize in one or two languages but you would have to be on a whole new level if you are catering to over 120 languages in various industries all over the world. Despite its extensive experience and expertise, you can avail their services at reasonable charges whether you are a company or an individual.

Alafranga Language Solutions 

What started as a small language translation agency that offered Turkish translation services back in 2002 has now grown into a full service language translation company with its location in Turkey as well as Dubai. They have catered to several corporate, non-corporate and individual clients over the past 17 years. 

MikDoss translation services

Mikdoss is best known for offering innovative and advanced language and technology solutions to businesses around the world. They have an extensive in-house team of about 370 employees and several clients that rely on their translation services. 

Legal translation is one of the most demanding tasks requiring utmost attention and leaving it to an unknown, nonprofessional translation company could cost you dearly. Regardless if you are an individual who wants to get a court order translated or an organization looking to get their internal policy translated to a different language, you can contact the above agencies without any hassle and acquire their services at a reasonable price.

March 15, 2022

FLegal Translation is a highly specialized and complex area within the translation business. This is because any mistake in legal translation could have serious consequences for lawyers, their customers, and the other parties involved. A legal translator must have a solid understanding of legal terminology and knowledge of both source and target languages. This is why the importance of selecting a high-quality legal translation service can’t be overemphasized.

If you’re looking for a translation service that is legal The following guidelines might be helpful:

1. Search for an official translation services provider who has a specialization in legal translation

Commercial translation, medical translation administration translation, technical translation, and various other kinds of translations are offered. Many translation agencies have teams that specialize in almost every field, while some are only able to accept specific projects in specific areas of translation. The latter type of company employs experts who have an understanding of the subject and the field they operate in. It is advised to select an agency that is focused exclusively on translations for legal purposes. Their translators are knowledgeable of legal terminology and won’t commit any errors when translating your documents. Additionally, you will get legal assistance by hiring an experienced professional translator who is knowledgeable of the laws. You can choose between a translation-only service and a translation-and-interpreting service.

2. Examine the reputation of the business

Employing a reliable legal translation service is a smart idea. Check out the history of the company and learn the names of their past clients. To determine the reputation of the company check online for references. Talk to their customers to find out the way they interact with their clients. A reputable legal translation service can help you with translating the legal documents but assist you to understand and deal with the complexities and obstacles of the language of another country.

In addition, to protect their image and ensure their reputation, trustworthy translation companies usually make the highest effort to provide their clients with the best way possible. This means maintaining the highest levels of accuracy and making sure that clients are satisfied and secure of data. Thus you can be assured that you will receive top-quality services, accurate translations that are formatted properly, and a great level of customer service.

3. Make sure you are aware of their policy on confidentiality

When it comes to legal matters is concerned, placing your trust in a third party can be a challenge. Making a decision based on a questionable or unreliable firm could put the security of crucial legal information in danger. To avoid a similar saga in the future, be aware more of any lawful translation company’s confidentiality policy prior to committing to them. Be sure the translation company is a firm that adheres to confidentiality policy. This means having secure Translator Confidentiality Agreements and using robust processes including data protection with a guarantee of absolute security and cybersecurity tools that help preserve the legality of documents and protect sensitive information.

4. Verify their certificates

You won’t be able to determine whether the legal translation is reliable until you have evidence to support it. The courts and government departments need evidence to show whether the document is legally legitimate. In order to prove this, you’ll require an authentic translation from a trusted translation service. So, it is highly advised to choose a translation service that is legal that is accredited. It is also possible to opt for a company that is part of the Association of Translation Companies, which demands its members adhere to strict guidelines for conduct.

Find a translator that belongs to a relevant professional organization if would like to collaborate with a freelancer. A membership in an AIIC, Institute of Linguists, and Institute of Translation and Interpreting association is ideal.

5. Make sure they are familiar with the legal system of the targeted country region.

As mentioned previously the legal translator you choose to use must be familiar with the law in both countries of the source and destination. Different legal systems across the globe use the same language and legal terminology. Legal terminology in other languages may not necessarily convey the exact meaning. So the need for a proficient translator who is fluent in the country’s language and in compliance with the law is crucial. Find a translator well-versed in the legal system as well as the country’s language.

6. Communicate your goals properly

Legal documents usually contain cover pages and signature pages. They also have handwritten notes written in footnotes in the margins and so on. Talk with your translator regarding which information requires translation and which doesn’t. In addition, you should discuss other specifics with your translator provider, including tables, graphs, images, and even the format. It is possible to have bilingual content using the original as well as the translated content side-by-side or a monolingual structure that copies an original piece of content. You may also request the relevant documents, guides, and glossaries that will ensure consistency across all translated content.


Are you searching for an organization that is specialized in legal interpretation? If yes, Prime Legal translation & transcription LLC is the best option for you. We are a group of professional legal translators who can provide accurately translated content while meeting rapid deadlines for reasonable costs. If you require assistance with transcription, call us at our toll-free number: +971 50 379 9241 or visit our site for more details.

If you have any additional questions, our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team will be able to help. Telephone +971 50 379 9241, or email [email protected]

March 10, 2022

In the UAE the most spoken language is Arabic. With the UAE particularly Dubai becoming a popular destination for international tourists and traders, the need for a variety of languages such as English, Chinese, French, Japanese, Farsi, and Urdu have been increasing. Translation companies provide complete translation services for all languages spoken in the UAE including local translators as well as experts in localization.

Today, there are numerous companies that offer legal translation services within the UAE. These firms offer different services that are related in legal interpretation. Companies operating in the UAE offer services with the assistance of skilled and highly trained legal translators. They employ professionals who have impressive academic credentials in linguistics, as in translation. A large number of qualified translators within the UAE are members of international organisations like the world group of translators.

There are many experts with legal translation skills. At present legal translation companies in UAE are able to assist in the translation of practically all types of commercial contracts, documents and all other forms of documentation.

It is possible to trust professional, punctual and time-bound translation services. Certain companies offer over 100 languages. However, the popularity of translations performed in Dubai is built on English to Arabic as well as a host of other languages.

Today, you can find services which provide fast simultaneous, consecutive, and well-written translations for nearly every legal area or subject you could think of. A majority of companies use these kinds of services to assist in dealing with foreign clients efficiently. These services can bring an end to the numerous issues that arise from translations of documents. Anyone who is interested in using the service can avail the variety of translation services that is provided by translation companies.

Technical Translation services

Technical translation Service provider specializes in the translation of technical documents. These comprise instruction manuals, technical documents assistance with documents, safety information tender documents, as well as data sheets.

Official translation

best translation company in dubai are necessary to begin your business or even to expand to foreign customers. The translation service is comprised of the translation of contracts, articles of associates, cases collections witness statements, and other legal-relevant documents.

Translation service for websites

This service aids in dealing with the global market website and allows you to connect with people of different nations. It allows you to reach a wider audience in their native language.

Tips for translating for the UAE:

If you’re considering the translation service, you have been cautious about the company that offers the service for low prices.

It is crucial to be aware about the modern technology. It is also essential to be aware of the various types that offer translation service. Professional translators are cautious when they translate documents. Document translation should be accompanied by adequate breaks.

It is easier to convey messages when you understand the purpose of the people. You’ll be more relaxed and can deliver the right message.


  1. There are numerous benefits to using authentic translation service. It is beneficial in the public and businesses. Translator services are available in a variety of languages. Translators are able to provide the option of translating the language spoken in your area into the desired, meaningful language.
  2. With the assistance of translation services, they can help you grow your business in a different country and create a strong bond between clients from all over the world by obtaining legal documents. Many people are confused interpreter and translator. Here are a few crucial distinction factors:
  3. In translation the word or text changes from one language into another language, whereas when it comes to understanding, the translation of speech is carried out between two languages.

Find an affordable translation services within the UAE. You can locate the most reliable translation service on the internet. A reputable translation service will provide you with the most competitive cost within the UAE and 100% accurate translation.

March 10, 2022

Due to its location and low tax burden, Dubai is a global city that opens a door for entrepreneurs from various regions of the globe all the way from Asia up to Africa to take a dip into the ocean of strategic business concepts.

Legal translation services are performing an extremely crucial function for individuals and businesses to establish a solid base for their business ventures in Dubai. Legal Translation Near to JLT Dubai is efficiently performed by a group of translation agencies located on various frontiers, which aid in the translation of various languages into the local Arabic language. Arabic.

A Google search for “Arabic Translation Company near me” will provide you with an array of results.

There are a variety of aspects to take into consideration before you decide either way on any of the possible out-turns.

Here are seven helpful tips to select the most effective translation service in the vicinity of JLT Dubai:

1. Genuine certification

A legal translation agency that is certified located in Dubai can be assured of the accuracy and quality of the translation by a highly-rated expert. This certification is a validating feature of protocols that guarantee high-quality work by its staff. The translation services that are certified in Dubai such as Prime Legal Translation Services can achieve this kind of service by employing linguistic experts and professional editors who provide an impressive guideline for translation into or from the language of the origin from an amalgamation of languages.

2. Timeliness

Collaboration to ensure high-quality service is only possible by adherence to the deadlines for the project that was initiated. The top translation services near JLT Dubai structure the work behaviour of their workers with the discipline of the time of translation.

This is accomplished through solid foundations that are backed by strict rules for punishments to eliminate the morally wrongdoing.

3. Portfolio Analysis

Portfolio analysis is crucial in evaluating the risks in the short or long term in deciding on a translation agency in Dubai. A comparative evaluation of the prior investments in technology or staff from a variety of linguistic factors that are created by a translation agency can provide the customer with an understanding of the company’s approach to managing its credentials as a company and ensuring high-quality service.

4. Resources employed

Traditional methods like hand-encryption and legal translation of the language of the target to the language spoken by the target language could create dangerous dangers. The loss of semantics in translation could have devastating effects.

Certified translation firms close to JLT Dubai ensure the prevention of the negative consequences that can result from this by using technological advancements in their favor.

This is accomplished by using efficient tools to keep the language of professional translation.

5. Reviews of the service

An important factor that increases the credibility of legal translation companies that are located in Dubai is the reviews of clients. Reviewer reviews for previous projects of the legal translation firm close to JLT Dubai will give you an extensive view of the high quality of the work that they provide.

It also provides you with an understanding of the ethical guidelines that determine the boundaries of the company that provides best translation services in dubai .

6. The value of the company

When considering a short-term or long-term partnership with one company that provides most reliable translation services close to JLT Dubai, the customers should consider the price offered by the translation firm to ensure the highest quality of performance of their projects.

The value of the translation business by collaborating will allow customers to avoid devastating traps by choosing uncertified or certified translation companies with small net worth, which market low-cost services to boost investment.

7. Security of data

No matter if your project involves sensitive information or not, it’s important to pick the right translation center at JLT Dubai where a single point of communication is utilized.

This thought pattern demonstrates the aristocratic ability to handle private information.


Therefore, it is understandable that If you require skilled translation service, you have to find translation companies located in Dubai that have the attributes listed above for delivering top quality work. Professionally accredited translation firms located near JLT Dubai like Quality Translation Services-DMCC make sure that the requirements are fulfilled and provide tests of projects when needed. If you do an Google lookup in search of “legal Arabic translation”, the tips above will assist you in choosing exactly what you’re looking for.

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March 9, 2022

There is a turning stage in your company, it’s time to expand and, in the meantime, expanding internationally is taking place. This is where new patents, contracts and other legal documents will eventually be created and you’ll likely need translators for them to various languages.

Then you have for a translation service. Perhaps there’s someone in your business who is able to translate occasionally. However, when it comes the legal aspect of translation it’s not as easy. It is therefore important to choose the right translator.

Which is the legal definition of a translation?

Legal translation can be a tangled and highly specialized area, in which a small error could result in legal issues as well as delays to your business that nobody would like to be faced with when the company is growing. Additionally, legal translation isn’t only for contracts. You could also use it to obtain trademarks, patents, copyrights and patents and personal legal documents including certificates, legal documents and business proposals, letters and more.

Why is it crucial to use a professional legal translator?

Translation isn’t just about translating sentences into another language. The translator also has to be able to accurately understand the meaning of the sentence, and translate it into another language without altering the context. The ambiguity of the sentence is not in the problem in the translation of legal documentation like the lack of legal vocabulary and idioms.

This is vital for a sector that is certainly dependent on culture. Within the legal industry the terms, forms and definitions are heavily affected by the culture of the country and the legal system. Therefore, being familiar with these is essential to ensure accurate translations, particularly in situations where sensitiveness to culture is essential.

The person who is translating the legal document needs to know the legal system in the nation from where he’s translating as well as the nation to where he is translating and his expertise in law is most beneficial to you.

The translators are also qualified (usually academic) which can help your business with an accurate translation, and guarantee that your legalization process is smooth to allow you to concentrate on business. Legal jargon, or legalese according to some, is a bit complicated even when written in your native language. The delicate nature of the area they operate in means you need to be extra cautious when searching for the right person to perform the task.

To locate an outstanding legal translator, it is important to pay attention to these factors:

  • This translator has been accredited and certified as translator
  • Legal background, academic or the relevant foreign language
  • A deep understanding of two plus languages
  • The specialization you require – knowledge about international laws, as an example is another major advantage
  • Excellent writing skills, with an excellent style. Good legal services for translation…
  • Legally sound translation services…

Costs a little more than, say the translation of a website; you may be wondering whether you can perform the task yourself or have it done by an internal. However, wouldn’t court cases be more costly? Go for security and let a certified legal translation services handle the task.

Think about how many diverse words and nuances exist in the legal terms of common topics. This becomes more difficult when translated to another language. Consider the word “call as a way of a gathering in English.

In Spanish it is common that ‘llamar’ is the correct word however that is wrong since in Spanish”convocar” or ‘abrir una session” is employed. This is among the many instances of the language mix. Of course, this is true in a similar way in the direction of Dutch in relation to English and the reverse.

Why do you have to go through lots of stress when you could employ an official translator? You do not want any language barriers or issues in the field of law.
A great illustration of what can happen in the event that a translation legal is wrong is the document describing an agreement on free trade with the UAE or European Union and the United States the American version of the agreement was a mess with many translation mistakes, which is why it was delayed for a few months until the issue was rectified and the government agreed to the agreement.

At the time, businesses both sides of the equation were able to lose a lot of funds. To prevent a situation such as this from happening to your company It is always an ideal idea to go the route that is professional.

The most effective business strategy is to delegate your legal interpretation to a professional for a precise legal translation that doesn’t cause any issues particularly when one translation error could result in lawsuits or other forms of damages.

Your best interests and the interest of your company to trust a professional legal services for translations of these kinds of tasks.

Alongside our legal translator services in Dubai, you’ll receive the top quality possible service, with a custom-made solution to aid your business’s growth. In order to do this, you will require an efficient and reliable legal translation service. should you select one, you must take note of these factors: Professionalism, quality pricing, great communication and customer service reliability, and dependable legal specialists.

March 7, 2022

Talk to any lawyer working on a translation project and you’ll learn how important it is to produce outcomes that’s as perfect as you can. A bad translation can result in the loss of your law firm’s clients cases, cases, and so on.

If you’ve ever thought of translating anything for your legal practice here are ten suggestions to ensure that your project goes without an issue.

1. Determine the procedure before the process begins.

Prior to the time that your first sentence is translated, you must establish how the translation process will proceed from beginning to end. This includes how you will explain your requirements and how deliverables will be delivered to you and what the levels of involvement will be. Being clear about this upfront will ensure that everyone is on the same level.

2. Be clear about the goals of your project.

To ensure your translator is able to deliver the highest quality results, your translator must be aware of the audience he’s translating for, as well as the motivation behind the translation. Are you relocating to a different market? Are you gathering data and evidence to conduct trial? Inform your translator before he starts.

3. Create a consistent workflow across all languages.

Translating projects can be complicated. Whatever the subject or the reason you’re doing it, having a uniform workflow is crucial to avoid confusion and burden. If all parties establish an efficient system for working together to complete the project, it runs smoothly.

4. Look through social media to get ideas.

Social media may not appear as a good place to seek assistance with your translation project however, you could be pleasantly surprised. If you follow any or more of the hashtags you’ll get advice on the best way to complete any translation work. You can also check out what other law firms are tweeting on, to give you an understanding of what’s popular with the new market you’re targeting.

5. Choose a firm that is specialized on legal and professional translation.

If you are working with a firm that is specialized in legal translation in Dubai, and those that don’t have a specialization, you will benefit from the one that has particularization, even when they use machines for translation. To get superior, more precise outcomes, you must choose a company who is specialized in the translation of legal documents and also has a deep understanding of and history of working within your field.

6. Learn about the different types of translations.

There are a variety of translations that are available, including the summaries of texts, machine translations and much more. Consult with your translator to identify the most appropriate type of work that meets your requirements. This will ensure that you receive top quality outcomes in the shortest amount of time, and at the most affordable cost.

7. Remember to keep localization in mind.

If you’re designing pages to draw customers from a new market, or you’re putting together an infographic video about the new statute, localization matter. The translation project you’re working on extends beyond the words that appear that appear on your page. The layout, colors, graphics and much more send out different signals to various cultures. Be aware of these signals to reinforce your message.

8. Provide detailed references for your translator.

However specialized an individual translator is in the field of law the reference material is a part of the overall context and even corporate culture. This decreases the likelihood of a misunderstanding in tone and terminology between documents. Give as much information as you can. With your assistance your certified translation services dubai will be able to be at their best.

9. Be sure to proofread before you publish.

If you have proofread the English text, you must make the same thing happen for the translated text. If you’ve had a native English speaker review the translation prior to the final version is completed, let them speak to the translator as early as they can during the process to make sure everyone is on the same page regarding words and styles. This will allow you to avoid any stylistic issues. If you’re working with an expert legal translation service They will ensure that the translation the translation is completed for you.

10. Make sure you are prepared for any future edits and changes.

As your practice develops it is possible to make adjustments and changes to the text you translate. This is not unusual. Be sure to keep all copies and resources of work done in translation from prior projects in a readily accessible manner. This will allow your translator to finish future projects exactly as well as the first. You’ll be able to relax if you remain with the same translation service and also if they’re using Translation Memory.

Your translation project is far too important to be left the task to an automated or a novice translator. With these suggestions you can do your part in ensuring that the outcome is a complete success.