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September 1, 2022

Significance of Legal Translation in UAE for The Construction Industry

Construction is a more complicated sector than you think because you just have not decided to build something and then start working on it, but it includes creating plans and designs, getting legal permission, meeting certain laws and regulations and many more. However, incorrect or incomplete translations may result in a developer not obtaining a building permit, but legal translation in UAE providers can assist construction developers in filling a building permit application form accurately in cases where it is to be filled in a different country or in a different language.

Are you thinking about the competitive advantages that legal translation services can offer you in your construction business? How can you find support in your construction projects based on your needs? Prime Legal Translation clearly understands the risks and rewards associated with construction endeavors and ensures that your documents are translated correctly.

Importance of legal translation in UAE’s construction industry

Nowadays, construction companies are working globally with contractors for a series of projects, and the need for legal translation services has increased in order to deal with the nature of this field.

Construction documents include legal contracts, building plans, and other supporting documents created or accessed during the completion of a project and they are extremely important because they contain all the necessary elements for the completion of the project within the set duration and budget.

In the absence of legal translation in the UAE, crucial intellectual details can be lost and wouldn’t be available to all the parties involved. In the case of user manuals of specification guidelines, vital information would be lost, particularly for those who could not understand the original language of text. So, all documents need to be translated for every phase of a project in order to reach the final point.

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However, within the construction industry, professional legal translators are in high demand, especially when contractors are hired from foreign countries to be a part of the construction team. Our legal translators have a clear understanding of a full gamut of construction-related matters and satisfy the requirements of a broad cross-section of the construction industry such as contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and architectural and engineering firms.

3 reasons why legal translation in UAE is essential for your construction projects?

When it comes to the translation of construction documents, legal translators play a crucial role. They not only translate documents such as machinery manuals but also can help people like project managers and architects to correctly communicate written information and it is something that is very important when building something to be safe and stable.

Here are some reasons construction companies should be taking translation seriously:

  • To translate all the material used in construction

Material and tools that are used in the construction sector come from all over the world; during the entire process, translators are needed for getting these construction materials to the construction companies, from working to obtain the raw material for the businesses to partnering with those who generate the final products.

For instance, if the construction company in America needs machinery from France and for this to happen, the company in France would need material to build the machinery, and they might have to get them from another country. Legal translators are needed in order to do that so that the companies with raw materials can interact with the ones in France. Once the machinery is made, the companies need professional translators to translate all documents for them to purchase the machinery.

  • Having an online presence
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When it comes to the construction sector, many companies have realized the importance of having an online presence so that they can attract people from different countries.

Translating your entire site into several different languages is so important in order to get more people clicking on your web page. There is no way around the fact that at some point, you have to hire a translator who can translate everything for you.

  • Prevent important things from getting lost in translation

It is a fact that the things that get lost in translation can mess up the whole schedule. Consider the construction companies that do work exclusively in their country, but they have employees from different linguistic backgrounds, imagine the chaos if your company decided to expand globally, but if you fail to get the proper and accurate translation of all the necessary material, it could lead to serious consequences.

Similarly, memos, user manuals, schedules should be understandable for everyone. It is your responsibility to provide your employee with the material they can understand properly if their native language is not English.

In terms of translation of construction documents, if something does go wrong, sometimes due to cutting corners and not hiring a certified translator, you will run into many issues; these issues can cause delays and mess up an already tight schedule. Hence, to avoid all these problems, ensure that you hire certified, trained and experienced translators to work with you.

Above all, the construction industry comprises many different people from different counties, so the translation of important information of construction projects can be successfully carried out by translators because accurate translation is absolutely crucial for the success of the modern-day construction sector. Just imagine what would happen if no one could understand each other and the manuals and construction plan. So, the entire construction project could fall apart.

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Not sure where to start? Prime Legal Translation in UAE can offer all the services you could possibly need for your construction company. With our experienced and certified legal translators, you won’t be disappointed.

No matter if you want to win an international call for tender, communicate effectively with a foreign client, and support the external growth of your construction company, our specialized team of translators will be able to meet your requirements both in terms of quality and deadlines while making sure that all the material that is needed is translated correctly.

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