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August 30, 2022

If you are an interpreter looking to make the right purchases of equipment, so your hard-earned money doesn’t go to waste, you have landed on just the right page. We are about to give you the best insight about what and what not to invest in.

August 30, 2022

With the ongoing pandemic, the internet has now become the major platform to hold events, conduct meetings, and even take classes in which remote interpreting services Dubai play a great role and prove to be of additional help. These services have revolutionized the world of translations and interpretations.

Online events with people from all around the globe often face issues with communication as there is sometimes a language barrier. However, remote interpretation is the ultimate solution for such problems as all language barriers between the audience and speakers are removed. It allows people from all around the world to join the webinars and connect with each other, benefitting from the contents of all seminars, regardless of the language.

If you live in America and want to attend an Arabic workshop happening in the Fairmont Dubai or Burj Khalifa, you don’t have to miss it out anymore because remote interpretation services will convert everything for you in your own language.

What are remote interpreting services Dubai?

As the name suggests, remote interpreting is a form of interpretation where the interpreter is not physically present in the same location of the event or where the speakers and audience are. The service interprets the content in different languages and delivers it to multiple locations simultaneously.

The interpreter, wherever he may be, gets the audio-visual transmission and from his own location, he performs the translation for the audience, which is also in some other location and speaks some other language. All of this happens at the same time, which is why this is also known as Simultaneous Remote Translation (TSR). The main purpose of this service is to fully retain the meaning of content while delivering it in a different language.

A lot of people confuse remote simultaneous interpretation with conventional simultaneous interpretation. However, these two are very different things. In remote interpretation, the interpreter is not physically present in the meeting or seminar, but he works from a different location; it could be his office or home. He is connected through an interface that makes him virtually present in the seminar, so he sees and hears everything as if he was physically there.

The interpretation is then performed in real-time for the targeted audience. The attendants, taking the seminar virtually from other countries or cities, can listen to the interpretation through applications that are downloaded on their tablets or laptops.

How does remote interpretation work?

For remote interpretation, it is important for the interpreter to know his work. He should be fluent in both languages, efficient in his work so that he doesn’t disturb the flow of events and maintains the rhythm of all the speeches given by the speakers.

If these criteria aren’t met, you may lose your audience due to poor interpretation. Since Dubai is the hub of worldwide businesses, it is especially important to find only the best remote interpreting services Dubai, so the workflow is never disturbed.

Moreover, for remote interpretation, it is important for the interpreter to be in a focused environment. His surroundings should be completely noise-free and he should have at his disposal everything that he may need for the work, be it the equipment, prior research, or any other requirements that he may set.

What are the requirements for a remote interpretation to be done?

Planning out and sending all the content that has to be covered at the event a day or two before to your interpreting company is very important. It will be possible for him to prepare the glossary; complete all the required research on the speakers and topics to clarify any doubts and confusions, your language style to better master the work and fully satisfy the client, among other details.

All this prior work will help maintain concurrency of the remote translation or interpretation as well as avoid terminology confusions or other possible problems like audio delays. The suitable selection of equipment for remote interpretation should also be made before the event, along with a visit by the responsible team for interpretation to the meeting location, if required.

In addition to that, to avoid any errors and embarrassing situations during the online event, the best choice is to hire a professional remote interpretation company that knows what needs to be done. With that, you will have at your disposal a comprehensive infrastructure for your webinar, online course, or event in the required language.

Our translation company will be responsible for everything from the internet connections as well as the equipment. It will then be a team job to make your event a success and share it with the world without any interruptions or delays.

The major advantages of remote interpretation and why you need it

With remote interpretation services, different people from all around the globe can understand whatever you want to convey, regardless of their language and region, as long as they are connected with you virtually, be it through the internet or even telephone. Your webinar happening in Sharjah can easily reach someone living in Canada without you having to do anything or going the extra mile. The interpretation company takes care of everything!

Interpreting has a lot of advantages. Here is a list of the main benefits for your occasion, whether an online course, meeting, or event:

  • Availability and extension of content to multiple locations simultaneously;
  • Better security when arranging events with a huge figure of people attending it worldwide;
  • Better practicality and budgeting (the cost of traveling from one place to another is cut out);
  • Your content reaches a wider audience, giving you greater profits and sales;
  • Easily accessible for both the parties, organizers as well as the participants or guests, among others.

You may think that getting professional remote interpreting services Dubai isn’t needed and you can get it done yourself through free interpretation tools, but you are wrong. The free tools will do nothing but mess up your content and you will eventually lose all your audience. Therefore, it’s better to invest in a professional translation company in Dubai.

August 30, 2022

Contract translation is becoming increasingly important in the competitive market of today. Prime Legal Translation is known for its cross-border operations. Documentation that requires legal translation can vary in range from signing contracts with a distributor in an international market to acquiring an international company. So, it’s critical to have a plan in place to fulfill this need if you want to keep transactions moving quickly and expenses low.

What is contract translation and how does it work?

The act of translating a contract into a different language for usage between two parties who speak different languages is known as contract translation. Given that legal contracts in English are frequently imprecise and rife with loopholes, it’s critical to ensure that a translated contract is free of such ambiguity.

Why does a company translate a contract?

Businesses enter into contracts for a variety of reasons, and the list keeps growing. Employee handbooks and employment contracts can be translated for usage with their own employees. Furthermore, contracts for sales can be translated for usage with international clients. It is possible to translate privacy policy and terms of service contracts for usage with international users on the internet. The list is long and growing as our globe becomes more interconnected.

What are the advantages of having your contracts translated?

While contract translation may appear to be costly, it can also result in significant cost savings. Therefore, businesses frequently choose to use their own ‘paper’ in a transaction since they are aware of the terminology and can avoid having to hire a lawyer to review the full document. Furthermore, this is a significant cost reduction, which is why many organizations have ‘template banks’ to use when doing transactions. The same advantages apply to contract translation.

If a company often transacts with parties who speak different languages, translating contract templates into those languages could save a lot of money. This creates a similar situation in which businesses are conversant with legal words and will save money on legal bills when reviewing contracts.

On the other hand, if a company does not translate its templates ahead of time, it will almost certainly need to employ international counsel for each transaction to assist them in grasping the language challenges, legal issues, and jurisdiction-specific issues. This can be really expensive.

Significance of legal contract translations

If the legal contract translation isn’t exact, businesses may face legal issues. If a corporation wants to establish a relationship with a business partner overseas, any communicator of another language must be able to understand any legal paperwork if a contract is involved.

What is the purpose of a legal contract in business?

In the business sector, there is a principle that asserts that opportunities are produced rather than just arise. This is especially true when it comes to contracts. A legal contract is a strategy for creating a commercial opportunity. One of the most important advantages of a contract is that it gives structure and clarity to a business partnership.

It also serves a variety of additional objectives, such as establishing the roles and duties of each partner in a corporate relationship. There may be parts and clauses detailing how and when the partners may end the legal relationship or alter any aspect of it, such as the method of payment.

A contract is legally binding, which means that both parties must adhere to the contract’s terms and conditions. The damaged party may pursue legal action if one party breaks the contract by failing to honor the agreement. Moreover, a contract specifies time frames, such as a deadline for finishing the project and a payment plan for the duration of the contract.

One of the most important aspects of every contract is that it includes a payment arrangement for the good or service given. This can be anything from an hourly rate paid for finished work to a lump sum payment due when the work is done satisfactorily.

Bonuses and commissions may be involved in the task, and these must be indicated in the legal contract. Licensing fees may be required as part of the job, and they should be stated in the contract. So, a contract is frequently compared to insurance since it serves to safeguard the people involved in the agreement.

Why should you be concerned about contract translation?

Contract translations are required if the parties do not speak the same language because of the significance of contracts and the possible repercussions if one of the parties violates a contract clause. If a legal contract is not precisely translated by a qualified contract translation, it is quite easy to misunderstand it.

Whenever a legal contract is binding, all parties involved must understand exactly what is involved; otherwise, a contract breach may occur.

Who will require the services of a contract translator?

A contract will include multiple parties, each of whom will require copies of the legal contract documentation in their native language. This could be a company that is active in the supply chain process, such as acquiring a product directly from the manufacturer.

A contract translation in their local tongue is required for all managers and workers who need to know the contract’s content. This is to verify that there are no contract violations that might jeopardize the professional relationship of those included in the agreement.

The contract’s drafters must ensure that all parties involved receive a contract translation in their native language as soon as feasible after work on the contract begins. This necessitates the use of a legal contract translation service with qualified translators on the staff of Prime legal translation who have a proven track record of accuracy in contract translations.

What are the difficulties in contract translation?

Contract translation into different languages for use with foreign parties presents a number of issues. To begin with, language is not objective, and there are often no equivalent words in different languages. So, when this is combined with the law, it might be difficult for lawyers to accurately translate provisions word for word.

Second, distinct legal systems exist in different countries. France, for example, has a Civil Law legal system, whereas the USA has a Common Law legal system. Without getting into the specifics of their differences, this can result in instances where contract phrases are inapplicable in another legal system and, if translated without care, can make a company appear unthinking by including them in their translated contract.

Finally, subject matter ability is more valuable than ever. Because the legislation is so complicated, translations must be handled by a subject matter expert (typically by an expert firm like Prime Legal Translation). Therefore, if you require the best contract translation services, you can contact our team and you will be pleased to take our services.


August 30, 2022

With the continuous increase of the immigrant population around the world, more and more languages are spoken, so interpreting services in the healthcare industry have become an integral part of the medical field. Similarly, it is critically important that a doctor is capable of communicating effectively with their patients in a health care setting.

Language barriers have to be quickly overcome when someone is experiencing a medical emergency because it is vital so that the patients and physicians can clearly understand each other and life-saving decisions can be made and precious time will not be wasted. However, the interpreting services of Prime Legal Translation can assist in opening the lines of communication and make sure that the patients receive the right medical care and treatment they are entitled to.

Significance of interpreting services Abu Dhabi in improving patient communication

Many incidences and instances have proven the value of having interpretation services in hospital settings. Similarly, the language gap is one of the main deterrents that people who speak different languages other than English from seeking and receiving primary and preventive care.

By having interpreting services accessible, the discussion between patients and doctors will run smoothly and allow them to decide on the best plan of treatment moving forward.

Interpreting services Abu Dhabi in clinics and hospitals resulted in:

  • Less chances of occurrence of errors in communication
  • It enhances the understanding and knowledge of patients related to their health issues, diagnosis and recommended treatment.
  • Improve access to medical services
  • Increase frequency of visiting healthcare facilities
  • Lessen disparity in the dispense of health services
  • Enhance adherence to recommended treatments
  • Improve the satisfaction rate of doctors and patients

Interpretation can improve the overall care of patients along with saving lives, starting from piling up data about the medical history of the patient to explain their diagnosis and providing guidelines for proper treatment. The interpreter bridges a communication gap and ensures that the information is accurately relayed between both parties.

What are the adverse effects resulting in the absence of interpreting services?

In the healthcare setting, even the smallest details matter and without interpreters, it could be very easy to misunderstand and miscommunicate some important points. Undoubtedly, seeking medical care can be a stressful and difficult experience for the patient and their families and it is completely frustrating when they feel that they are not understood by their physician. But if they have access to interpretation services, they can feel more comfortable throughout the process and make it run more smoothly.

However, when these services are available, there is a reduction in the adverse effects because adverse effects can result from the language gap, including:

  • Poor knowledge and comprehension of the diagnosis
  • Lack of adherence to the treatment prescribed by a physician
  • Increase risk of medical errors
  • Poor health outcomes such as long stay in the hospital

Besides ensuring that you have received the best possible care, hiring these services can save money and time for medical facilities; also, you will be spent on correcting both small and critical mistakes.

Benefits of having interpretation services for hospitals

There are many reasons that the services of interpretation would benefit a medical faculty and its patients.

  1. It is beneficial for both parties for patients and health care providers because it reduces the risk of misdiagnosis as when the communication between them is facilitated by an interpreter, the outcomes are positive and patient satisfaction and safety are already established.
  2. The quality of healthcare services improves when there is an interpreter present as the chances of misdiagnosis are omitted or reduced and the stay of a patient in the hospital is also reduced.
  3. Providing interpreting services in your healthcare faculty ensures your compliance with regulations. It maximizes the reimbursement of your hospital and increases the satisfaction and trust of patients. And it conversely improves the financial health of your hospital.
  4. The worry and anxiety of patients are reduced when they completely understand their medical condition and when they understand the situation and acknowledge their condition, their satisfaction with healthcare providers improves as well. It helps in improving the relationship between a doctor and patient and also, their comfort level increases.
  5. Interpreters reduce the risks of inadequate informed consent, the inability of the patient to follow the proper plans of their treatment and misdiagnosis.
  6. Unnecessary tests and procedures are eliminated when comprehension is better. When the doctor and patient do not understand each other, it is easy for misunderstanding, misdiagnosis, and miscalculation to occur. Having an interpreter will help to reduce miscommunication. The patient is saved from additional tests and procedures that may cost more but is not truly required, which adds more pressure and anxiety to the patient.
  7. People are more likely to choose a place where they feel welcome and know that their voice will be heard by others because someone is there for them who speaks their language make them feel comfortable. And because of this, the number of patients visiting your hospital for medical services will increase and it will boost the reputation of your hospital.

In a nutshell, many issues that are created by language barriers will be reduced or eliminated by ensuring that the interpreting services Abu Dhabi are used throughout the healthcare industry. Just think about the amount of time that could be spent on gathering health-related information from patients. With an interpreter, it will be a quick turnaround and such a simple task could become difficult without their help.

However, the healthcare providers often overlook this crucial element to communicate with and administer care to people who speak different languages but hiring medical interpreters can solve this problem and be greatly beneficial for the healthcare industry.

So, partner with Prime Legal Translation interpreting services can facilitate the communication and their interpreters have years of experience in the medical field, understand the medical terminologies and can accurately provide the bridge for the proper exchange of information between doctor and patient. Providing accurate medical interpretation is our forte which will naturally complement the provision of your hospital as the best healthcare service provider.

August 30, 2022

Prime Legal Translation provides conference interpreters Dubai for events, conferences, and trade exhibits. Our professionals include in-house and translators, freelance linguists, proofreaders, interpreters, quality assurance specialists as well as web programmers, all of whom have extensive experience in language translation and interpretation.

We are a renowned language translation and localization organization based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. For documents, software apps, websites, and video games, we provide excellent, 100% human translation services. We have a lot of experience working with small and mid-sized businesses!

Individuals and enterprises of all sizes, from small businesses to top 150 corporations, rely on us for high-quality services from all around the world. Prime Legal Translation works on a national and international scale as well.

Who exactly can be a conference interpreter Dubai?

A conference interpreter works for European, international, and national institutions or private parties during meetings or conferences in a variety of sectors (e.g., legal, political, financial, cultural, scientific, economic, or religious).

The importance of experienced conference interpreters

It is critical for the UAE to continue to be at the forefront of global events, media, shows, and conferences by providing excellent conference interpreting.

What does it take to be an expert conference interpreter?

At many of our worldwide and multilingual events in the UAE, the conference interpreter is a common sight. So, you won’t notice them if they do their tasks properly. So, if they don’t, you are likely to recall them for a long time.

That’s because a good professional interpreter makes all the difference: they bring talent, knowledge, experience, and confidence to the table, allowing for a smooth translation of events, whether it’s a press conference or a keynote speech.

Why is it so difficult to find someone who can translate simultaneously?

A conference interpreter Dubai works in real-time or simultaneously, which means they translate as they listen. Therefore, it’s a difficult job that necessitates superhuman focus levels as well as exceptional linguistic abilities.

You are not qualified to handle the immense pressure and increased expectations of simultaneous interpretation only because you understand a few languages.

This form of interpreting necessitates further training and expertise. It’s not just about comprehending the languages; it’s also about knowing how to operate technology, as well as procedure and logistical considerations. Simultaneous interpreting is a skill that takes years to master rather than months.

What distinguishes conference interpreting from other types of interpreting services?

Conference interpreters must think rapidly and continuously while speaking. Doing this in everyday life is difficult for most people, let alone doing this for a living. As a result, a simultaneous interpreter rarely works for more than 15-30 minutes at a time; doing so would be mentally tiring.

This is why, depending on the languages involved and the setting, you should always hire conference interpreters in pairs or even trios. Moreover, interpreters take turns speaking into the feed, which is broadcast to the audience via headsets. In most cases, especially at high-level events, interpreters work as a team, with a consultant or head interpreter organizing the group’s effort.

Interpreters are fluent in all of their ‘working languages,’ which includes, of course, their original tongue. Most people can not only translate from one language to another, but they can also do the opposite and/or work with additional languages. So, the amount of comprehension required in terms of terminology, comedy, vocabulary, and so on can only be attained after years of experience.

Conferencing interpreting necessitates discretion, professionalism, and the strictest confidentiality. To ensure that information is kept confidential, professional conference interpreters follow a code of behavior.

So recall the hard work that went into it the next time you put on a pair of headphones and start listening to a flawlessly pitched English translation from Arabic!

What are the modes of conference interpretation?

Clients can pick from a variety of modes, but the three most prevalent for conference interpreting are Consecutive Interpretation, Simultaneous Interpretation, and Relay Interpretation.

Simultaneous interpretation:

It is the technique of providing interpretation while the speaker is delivering the topic. Simultaneous interpreters are utilized during conferences for large presentations or courses. A team of translators working out of a soundproof box or in a different room using an audiovisual feed is frequently required for such events. So, participants use headphones and receivers to listen to the interpreter’s speech. Moreover, at the United Nations, this is also the type of interpretation that is employed.

Consecutive interpreter:

When one interpreter, working without technology, listens to the speaker and delivers interpretation during natural interruptions in conversation or at the end of a concept or sentence, this is known as consecutive interpreting.

Consecutive interpreters frequently stand or sit right next to the person they’re translating for. Smaller group events, such as work meetings, tours, site visits, or one-on-one encounters, suit this approach well. So, when politicians meet face to face to address significant topics, it is often used as well.

Relay interpretation:

When an event necessitates simultaneous interpretation in multiple languages, relay interpreting is employed. This is common during major presentations or debates with native speakers of many languages at huge international conferences.

For example, if a Russian speaker gives a presentation to a room full of French and Spanish speakers at a conference, relay interpreters must first translate the spoken information from Russian into a common tongue for their colleague interpreters.

If the common language is English, the relay interpreter will translate from Russian to English; then two separate interpreters will translate from English to French and Spanish. In circumstances when there are rare language pairs, relay interpreting is also important.

Language Connections provides simultaneous, sequential, and relay interpreting services for a wide variety of events. So, to make the event a success, we need to come up with the greatest scenario. This entails evaluating which method of interpretation is suitable for each event and developing a working plan ahead of time.

It also necessitates that we remain responsive throughout the process in order to accommodate the inevitable changes that occur throughout the planning and execution of any significant event. At the end of the day, our primary purpose is to provide the greatest quality conference interpreter Dubai and language services to our clients, regardless of the situation.