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August 31, 2022

Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, it is possible to translate words, texts or images instantly with the camera of your smartphone. This method is also called neural translation, where artificial intelligence acts as if it were human neurons. Therefore, it avoids agreement errors in the automatic system.

However, this model of translation in JLT is what we use in the rush and informality of everyday life. In addition to it, there are other translation services aimed at several more specific areas. In this article, you will learn the difference between them. Keep reading!

A Brief Guide About Translation in JLTListing the main translation services

  1. Sworn translation

The sworn translation model is one of the translation services aimed at the public sector. This translation method is related to legal and bureaucratic practices, such as:

  • birth, marriage and death certificates
  • School records
  • Court documents

In addition, the translation may be requested by individuals or legal entities. It is worth mentioning that the function can only be performed by a translator with a public examination and regulated by a Board of Trade.

  1. Simultaneous translation

Simultaneous translation is one of the most sought-after translation services on the market. It is highly requested in meetings, lectures, events, conferences and workshops, where there is a need to understand the subject being spoken in real-time. In this sense, the interpreter uses microphones and headphones to translate the speaker’s speech for a large audience.

  1. Technical translation

One of the most specific and segmented translation services by areas of professional activity is technical translation. In addition to knowledge of the language, in this translation model, it is also necessary to have technical mastery of the desired area.

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For translation in Dubai, we have specialists in the following areas: marketing, finance, tourism, engineering, medicine, legal and insurance. Our requests for materials to be translated are usually:

  • medicine leaflets
  • scientific article
  • legal contracts
  • industry standards


  1. Audio Transcription

Audio transcription is one of the translation services that are also based on public speaking. Unlike simultaneous translation, the interpreter has the challenge of translating an interview, speech, or any type of audio into the textual material.

  1. Proofreading

Text proofing is one of the translation services that can be divided into other models already mentioned in this article, such as simple literary translation or technical translation. In this case, we receive the material to be translated. Based on this, our team assesses the grammar, coherence, cohesion and spelling of the content.

Now that you have a brief understanding of different types of translations, here is a list of three reasons you need to hire professionals for translation in JLT for all these niches.

Sworn translation is mandatory for official documents

For companies doing international business, it is normal to send official documents between countries. Many are in-house and a technical translation is sufficient. However, others are public, such as licenses and certifications. For the latter, only sworn translation is accepted.

To avoid problems in business relationships, it is important to hire a translation service for companies that are used to work. A sworn translation makes the document official in other countries and accepted by most international bodies. For this to happen efficiently, it needs to be done correctly and by qualified professionals.

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Technical documents need careful translation

Many corporate documents are technical, containing field terms. Some examples are internal evaluations and reports. As they contain many specific words in the area, it is important to have a technical translation company and a translation service for reliable companies.

A Brief Guide About Translation in JLTIn this type of work, the translator reads the entire document before starting the translation in order to understand exactly what it is about. As not all words from one language exist in the other, he works to maintain the original meaning of the work.

In order to maintain the context, a translator who has experience in the area is chosen. It is important that he is familiar with the expressions and their meanings. The professional will be the only one translating in order to keep the context intact. In addition, there is the use of dictionaries specific to the business segment, all to ensure that the translation is reliable and of high quality.

Grammar and consistency can make or break a company

Proofreading is a service for texts in English and other languages. It focuses on spelling and grammar and also looks at cohesion and coherence. In this service, the objective is to improve the textual structure and provide linguistic fluidity.

Original texts or ready-made translations can be revised. This avoids communication failures, which can generate problems in business relationships. If you already have a business translation service, you can use proofreading to ensure the quality of your documents. In business texts translated by professionals, a review is already carried out, ensuring that the translation is correct and clear.

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While good translation in JLT can help companies achieve their goals, a poor translation can also cause a lot of problems. If you think you will save up some extra money by translating your documents yourself, you may be about to commit the biggest mistake of your life.

You cannot rely on the free tools available on the internet because they might be able to give you the literal meaning of a word in another language, but they will never be able to fully translate a sentence, keeping intact its context and circumstances.

No matter how many attempts you make, it’s all going to be a waste of your time and energy and might as well cause you some legal problems. Therefore, the best option is to take out an amount from your budget and get your translations professionally done. You will save everything from your documents to time as well as energy.

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