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September 1, 2022

Legal Translation Services in Sharjah

‘Time is money’, you have probably heard this old saying, but in the case of translation, words are money because when words are incorrectly translated, it can cost you millions, lost revenue and negative exposure of your brand. With Prime legal translation, you are not only getting top-notch services and having your translation needs fulfilled, but also you are getting the best value for your money.


Mistakes to avoid when getting translation services Sharjah

Are you thinking about how you avoid making costly mistakes when hiring translation services Sharjah? Luckily, there are a few simple things you can do to avoid the most common pitfalls when you hire translation services and to ensure that you are getting the best services in the world of translation.

  • Choose carefully

Hiring an unqualified translation team is the worst mistake you could ever make. However, thorough research of the translation agency you choose and their translators is critical if you hope to get an accurate and proper translation of your important documents.

Before hiring a translation agency, you should:

  • Check out their website
  • Check customer references and you can even ask for samples of their work
  • Check if they are certified.


  • Accepting a translation blindly

Don’t accept translations blindly; you have to make sure the quality assurance process of a translation agency and if they do not have it in their place, this should be an immediate red flag for you.

In order to catch errors, make sure they have a QA process with multiple stages and they must have one qualified translator to proofread and edit translations.

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  • You should know what you need

It is crucial that you know what you need before reaching out to a translation agency because it is the best way to communicate clearly with the translators; otherwise, you might be left with mediocre service, which you won’t be able to use.

So, just take a time out to:

  • Decide in how many languages you want the translation.
  • What needs to be translated exactly
  • How quickly do you need the translation back by
  • Decide if any additional elements need to be translated in your documents


  • Hiring translators with little or no knowledge of the topic

It is necessary that the translators you work with have experience and knowledge of the subject matter, whether it’s medical, legal, manufacturing or some other industry. If they don’t have knowledge of the subject matter, then they do not properly understand the context and translation may convey the wrong meaning.


  • Get confirmation in writing and a quote

There must be at least one email confirming your translation project with a translation agency because it will help both parties to communicate with each other and make it easier for you to get revisions and exercise all other rights which you might miss out.

A written quote is helpful to clarify the situation if any additional charges are applied and not specified in the original agreement. Make sure your quote contains:

  • A well-written description of a service you are looking for
  • The cost of the project
  • The due date for your project


  • Ask for references
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Assuming that all translators can handle all translation jobs is the most common mistake that you make, but the truth is that you can only get the best results if the translator is familiar with the subject matter of your documents.

However, you will do better with a translation agency experienced in that territory and it is the only way you get specialized services rather than a generic delivery.


  • Never choose the cheapest service

Thinking that all translation services are equal is a common pitfall. It is a fact people who are looking for the cheapest translation services get a very bad translation back. They may be saving thousands of dollars that result in countless headaches along the way and errors in translation.

Similarly, if you do a little research and find that the most trustworthy translation agency or translators cost a bit more, then it would be well worth stretching your budget.

Simple research will reveal the horror stories of all the translation errors that cost not only money but also the reputation of businesses. Therefore, pricing must not be the only element that influences your hiring decisions. Keeping the cost down is wise but never sacrifice quality.


  • Hiring a company with no customer service

If you encounter a problem, how do they solve it? Is there is any system in place to handle your complaints? You will want the process to address any issues in a timely and fair manner and to run the process smoothly.

However, costly errors in translation that lead to devastating consequences can be avoided by working with a certified and established agency because they have a customer service procedure.

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Our customers get the highest quality translation services Sharjah on time and provide customer service and accuracy that are the highest standards of any industry.


Some important tips to get the best translation services

We know how important it is to hire the best translation services. These tips are useful for you in overcoming the mistakes while hiring translation services:

  • Do not rely on machine translation tools.
  • Do not forget to check their online presence.
  • Discuss the parameters of the contract and be sure to get a detailed list of their services.
  • Do not fall for the translators’ marketing tactics they use to sell their services.
  • Provide a clear outline of the services needed for your project.
  • Hiring without knowing the scope of your scope

So, if you find yourself making any of the common mistakes mentioned above, take some time out now to avoid costly errors by hiring the translation services Sharjah.

Prime Legal Translation has certified multilingual translators and also subject matter experts. We can handle your translation projects with a high degree of detail and you are getting nothing short of such great service. We make sure that our target audience has the excellent customer experience they deserve.

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