Significance of legal translation in UAE for the construction industry

Significance of legal translation in UAE for the construction industry

Construction is a more complicated sector than you think because you just have not decided to build something and then start working on it, but it includes creating plans and designs, getting legal permission, meeting certain laws and regulations and many more. However, incorrect or incomplete translations may result in a developer not obtaining a building permit, but legal translation in UAE providers can assist construction developers in filling a building permit application form accurately in cases where it is to be filled in a different country or in a different language.

Are you thinking about the competitive advantages that legal translation services can offer you in your construction business? How can you find support in your construction projects based on your needs? Prime Legal Translation clearly understands the risks and rewards associated with construction endeavors and ensures that your documents are translated correctly.

Importance of legal translation in UAE’s construction industry

Nowadays, construction companies are working globally with contractors for a series of projects, and the need for legal translation services has increased in order to deal with the nature of this field.

Construction documents include legal contracts, building plans, and other supporting documents created or accessed during the completion of a project and they are extremely important because they contain all the necessary elements for the completion of the project within the set duration and budget.

In the absence of legal translation in the UAE, crucial intellectual details can be lost and wouldn’t be available to all the parties involved. In the case of user manuals of specification guidelines, vital information would be lost, particularly for those who could not understand the original language of text. So, all documents need to be translated for every phase of a project in order to reach the final point.

However, within the construction industry, professional legal translators are in high demand, especially when contractors are hired from foreign countries to be a part of the construction team. Our legal translators have a clear understanding of a full gamut of construction-related matters and satisfy the requirements of a broad cross-section of the construction industry such as contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and architectural and engineering firms.

3 reasons why legal translation in UAE is essential for your construction projects?

When it comes to the translation of construction documents, legal translators play a crucial role. They not only translate documents such as machinery manuals but also can help people like project managers and architects to correctly communicate written information and it is something that is very important when building something to be safe and stable.

Here are some reasons construction companies should be taking translation seriously:

  1. To translate all the material used in construction

Material and tools that are used in the construction sector come from all over the world; during the entire process, translators are needed for getting these construction materials to the construction companies, from working to obtain the raw material for the businesses to partnering with those who generate the final products.

For instance, if the construction company in America needs machinery from France and for this to happen, the company in France would need material to build the machinery, and they might have to get them from another country. Legal translators are needed in order to do that so that the companies with raw materials can interact with the ones in France. Once the machinery is made, the companies need professional translators to translate all documents for them to purchase the machinery.

  1. Having an online presence

When it comes to the construction sector, many companies have realized the importance of having an online presence so that they can attract people from different countries.

Translating your entire site into several different languages is so important in order to get more people clicking on your web page. There is no way around the fact that at some point, you have to hire a translator who can translate everything for you.

  1. Prevent important things from getting lost in translation

It is a fact that the things that get lost in translation can mess up the whole schedule. Consider the construction companies that do work exclusively in their country, but they have employees from different linguistic backgrounds, imagine the chaos if your company decided to expand globally, but if you fail to get the proper and accurate translation of all the necessary material, it could lead to serious consequences.

Similarly, memos, user manuals, schedules should be understandable for everyone. It is your responsibility to provide your employee with the material they can understand properly if their native language is not English.

In terms of translation of construction documents, if something does go wrong, sometimes due to cutting corners and not hiring a certified translator, you will run into many issues; these issues can cause delays and mess up an already tight schedule. Hence, to avoid all these problems, ensure that you hire certified, trained and experienced translators to work with you.

Above all, the construction industry comprises many different people from different counties, so the translation of important information of construction projects can be successfully carried out by translators because accurate translation is absolutely crucial for the success of the modern-day construction sector. Just imagine what would happen if no one could understand each other and the manuals and construction plan. So, the entire construction project could fall apart.

Not sure where to start? Prime Legal Translation in UAE can offer all the services you could possibly need for your construction company. With our experienced and certified legal translators, you won’t be disappointed.

No matter if you want to win an international call for tender, communicate effectively with a foreign client, and support the external growth of your construction company, our specialized team of translators will be able to meet your requirements both in terms of quality and deadlines while making sure that all the material that is needed is translated correctly.

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Arabic interpreter services in JLT Dubai UAE

Arabic interpreter services in JLT Dubai UAE

Trade with the Middle East is increasing exponentially and Arabic is the widely spoken language here. As a result, Arabic interpreters are in high demand and are required to sign and negotiate commercial projects. Similarly, due to global mobility and the internet, the influence of the Arabic language is spreading rapidly and is spoken in over 27 countries.

To compete better in Arabic markets, you must know that Arabic interpreter UAE is essential to success and if your company is targeting Arabic speaking customers, you can expand your operations without any fear of language barrier or say miscommunication.

However, the number of Arabic speakers doing business worldwide has expanded in recent years, so there is a strong need for Arabic translators and interpreters. Prime Legal Translation has an array of expert Arabic interpreters and would be honored to work with you on your project.

How can Arabic interpretation UAE services benefit your organization?

In this modern globalized world, interpreters play a significant role in facilitating communication between two or more individuals who speak different languages and without them, people are unable to understand one another. These days’ companies can have more possibilities in terms of entering Arab markets and tremendous benefits can be realized by contracting Arabic interpretation services:

  1. Compete better in Arabic markets

The business competition is massive in the Arabic-speaking regions because the number of people who can speak Arabic is very high. So, interpreters prepare you to compete more efficiently in these markets especially if your company deals with the oil markets. They can help you establish a strong customer base and increase loyalty because customers are more comfortable if you communicate with them in their native language.

  1. You can access a large market demographic

Because Arabic-speaking consumers comprise a large portion of the international market, high-quality Arabic interpretation services bridge the communication gap and make it possible for you to reach this significant population from different corners of the world. Now, you don’t need to avoid any project just because of the language gap because your interpreter will be able to interpret all the necessary information for your target audience.

  1. Effective communication

Nothing can affect your sale quicker than miscommunication, cultural misunderstandings, and unfounded assumptions. Therefore, the best way to ensure effective communication and understanding is to hire an Arabic interpreter UAE because he/she is an expert in their field and can properly convey your message.

  1. Ensure clear messaging

Ensuring that your Arab customers can clearly understand the intended message is critical, but the professional native Arabic interpreters are skilled at conveying your intended message in a way it can be best received and understandable by the Arabic-speaking audience. For clear and precise brand messaging, you can invest in these services.

Above all, you need to establish a good image of your brand both locally and internationally and the most effective way to do this is through accurate interpretation services. However, you can get many crucial benefits of Arabic interpretation if you hire expert Arabic interpreters.

In addition to that, Arabic interpreters can be of vital importance to the military in many countries. They can foster the communication gap between local people and a military force in peacekeeping or military actions in Arabic-speaking regions.

Why do you need to hire an Arabic interpreter UAE?

You need to hire professional Arabic interpreters because of the following reasons:

  • They have impeccable language fluency

They have an extensive vocabulary of both languages that encompasses businesses and their deep knowledge of industry terms makes them infinitely more useful.

  • Aware of all the cultural nuances

An Arabic interpreter UAE is fully aware of all the nuances of culture. He or she can interpret idioms, phrases, even the emotions and passion of the speaker and these are the elements that are necessary to provide an accurate interpretation.

  • Have excellent speaking and listening skills

They have excellent speaking and listening skills and provide efficient communication between the parties involved because they are capable of listening and communicating everything quickly and simultaneously. Similarly, they have the ability to express thoughts clearly and concisely in both languages.

  • Have the excellent reading ability

Interpreters convert oral messages and in the process of interpretation, reading skills are crucial. For instance, before a business meeting, the Arabic interpreter is provided with the documents to study and gain familiarity with the topics of the meeting and they can interpret all the necessary information in the best possible way.

  • They have knowledge of the industry terminology

Interpreters have a thorough knowledge regarding the terminology of both languages because familiarity with the technical terms used in business policies is fundamental to a successful outcome.

In a nutshell, it is your responsibility to hire professional Arabic interpreters in order to make sure that the parties involved can grasp the important information. In the absence of these services, misunderstandings and miscommunication happen; such situations can lead to conflicts that could destroy the reputation of your brand. However, communication is only possible if a competent interpreter provides intercommunication among the individuals.

The need for Arabic interpreters has never been so high these days. In recent years, the number of Arabic speakers worldwide migrating, travelling and utilizing the internet has expanded. Arabic is the fourth most popular language on the internet now, and native Arabic speakers worldwide are over 420 million. However, international organizations seeking to connect with and market to Arabic-speaking customers need to partner with highly qualified Arabic interpreters.

Hence, there is a huge role of Arabic interpreter’s UAE, particularly when dealing with Arabic-speaking customers and partners. An effective interpretation can have a great outcome that will ultimately impact your business and create a way forward to enter into new markets. On the other hand, improper and poor interpretation can cause rejection and ultimately severe consequences. So, get yourself partnered with Prime Legal Translation today and take your business to the Arab markets without any fear of communication.


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Translation services in Sharjah UAE

Translation services in Sharjah UAE

‘Time is money’, you have probably heard this old saying, but in the case of translation, words are money because when words are incorrectly translated, it can cost you millions, lost revenue and negative exposure of your brand. With Prime legal translation, you are not only getting top-notch services and having your translation needs fulfilled, but also you are getting the best value for your money.

Mistakes to avoid when getting translation services Sharjah

Are you thinking about how you avoid making costly mistakes when hiring translation services Sharjah? Luckily, there are a few simple things you can do to avoid the most common pitfalls when you hire translation services and to ensure that you are getting the best services in the world of translation.

  1. Choose carefully

Hiring an unqualified translation team is the worst mistake you could ever make. However, thorough research of the translation agency you choose and their translators is critical if you hope to get an accurate and proper translation of your important documents.

Before hiring a translation agency, you should:

  • Check out their website
  • Check customer references and you can even ask for samples of their work
  • Check if they are certified.


  1. Accepting a translation blindly

Don’t accept translations blindly; you have to make sure the quality assurance process of a translation agency and if they do not have it in their place, this should be an immediate red flag for you.

In order to catch errors, make sure they have a QA process with multiple stages and they must have one qualified translator to proofread and edit translations.

  1. You should know what you need

It is crucial that you know what you need before reaching out to a translation agency because it is the best way to communicate clearly with the translators; otherwise, you might be left with mediocre service, which you won’t be able to use.

So, just take a time out to:

  • Decide in how many languages you want the translation.
  • What needs to be translated exactly
  • How quickly do you need the translation back by
  • Decide if any additional elements need to be translated in your documents
  1. Hiring translators with little or no knowledge of the topic

It is necessary that the translators you work with have experience and knowledge of the subject matter, whether it’s medical, legal, manufacturing or some other industry. If they don’t have knowledge of the subject matter, then they do not properly understand the context and translation may convey the wrong meaning.

  1. Get confirmation in writing and a quote

There must be at least one email confirming your translation project with a translation agency because it will help both parties to communicate with each other and make it easier for you to get revisions and exercise all other rights which you might miss out.

A written quote is helpful to clarify the situation if any additional charges are applied and not specified in the original agreement. Make sure your quote contains:

  • A well-written description of a service you are looking for
  • The cost of the project
  • The due date for your project


  1. Ask for references

Assuming that all translators can handle all translation jobs is the most common mistake that you make, but the truth is that you can only get the best results if the translator is familiar with the subject matter of your documents.

However, you will do better with a translation agency experienced in that territory and it is the only way you get specialized services rather than a generic delivery.

  1. Never choose the cheapest service

Thinking that all translation services are equal is a common pitfall. It is a fact people who are looking for the cheapest translation services get a very bad translation back. They may be saving thousands of dollars that result in countless headaches along the way and errors in translation.

Similarly, if you do a little research and find that the most trustworthy translation agency or translators cost a bit more, then it would be well worth stretching your budget.

Simple research will reveal the horror stories of all the translation errors that cost not only money but also the reputation of businesses. Therefore, pricing must not be the only element that influences your hiring decisions. Keeping the cost down is wise but never sacrifice quality.

  1. Hiring a company with no customer service

If you encounter a problem, how do they solve it? Is there is any system in place to handle your complaints? You will want the process to address any issues in a timely and fair manner and to run the process smoothly.

However, costly errors in translation that lead to devastating consequences can be avoided by working with a certified and established agency because they have a customer service procedure.

Our customers get the highest quality translation services Sharjah on time and provide customer service and accuracy that are the highest standards of any industry.

Some important tips to get the best translation services

We know how important it is to hire the best translation services. These tips are useful for you in overcoming the mistakes while hiring translation services:

  • Do not rely on machine translation tools.
  • Do not forget to check their online presence.
  • Discuss the parameters of the contract and be sure to get a detailed list of their services.
  • Do not fall for the translators’ marketing tactics they use to sell their services.
  • Provide a clear outline of the services needed for your project.
  • Hiring without knowing the scope of your scope

So, if you find yourself making any of the common mistakes mentioned above, take some time out now to avoid costly errors by hiring the translation services Sharjah.

Prime Legal Translation has certified multilingual translators and also subject matter experts. We can handle your translation projects with a high degree of detail and you are getting nothing short of such great service. We make sure that our target audience has the excellent customer experience they deserve.


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Bank Statement Translation Services in Dubai

Bank Statement Translation Services in Dubai

Bank statement translation services Dubai are difficult to come by, but keep in mind that without a great translation partner on your side, acquiring the translation of complicated files can be a challenge. So, that’s why it is critical to have the help of a reliable and professional translation firm to assist you with the translation of bank statements into various languages.

One of the most important and necessary methods for correspondence amongst real meetings is documentation. The necessity to understand these reports for parties talking in various dialects is equally important where the exchanging of archives can be used for record-keeping. Bank articulation is one such vital archive that is used for correspondence and monetary trade.

Prime legal translation is one of the most rewarding translations and localization companies in the world, delivering financial institution statement translation services in over a hundred languages. Prime Legal Translation was founded nearly two decades ago, providing translation services to a wide range of businesses, including entertainment, hospitality, criminal, retail, clinical, and production.

What exactly is a bank statement, and why is it important? 

A bank statement is essentially a condensed version of the record of the financial transactions kept by the bank where you have your account for a specified period of time. Regardless of the magnitude of the transaction, the bank is responsible for maintaining a detailed record of it. Moreover, the transactions are described by the date they were made, the value of the transaction, and, in some cases, the sender or receiver’s personal information. So, a system keeps track of the facts and records, ensuring that the information in the bank statement is reliable and correct.

There are normally three ways to receive your bank statement. You can access your online platform by going to the bank’s website, entering your registered login information, and specifying the time period for which you require a bank statement.

The second method is to obtain a bank statement by phoning the bank’s customer service department and providing the necessary information to have your report sent to your email id or mailing address. Finally, you can go to the bank and get a hard copy of the information that has been stamped by the bank. Further, stamped statements are the most legitimate, and authorities will almost always request the original stamped statement of your account.

The statements are typically requested by visa processing authorities, such as consulates and embassies. When you apply for a visa from a foreign nation to establish a business, the embassies must ensure that you have the funds to fund your future ambitions and that you can meet the goals you have set for yourself. Of course, embassies that need the statements require them in their original form, complete with bank stamps.

For our clients, our bank statement translation services Dubai is a name of a trust. We have assisted a large number of clients with their bank statement translation needs. Moreover, there are a plethora of translation businesses in Dubai that claim to be able to translate such important papers.

Finance & Banking Translation:

If you require a translation of any type of economic document or financial institution file in Dubai, Al Legal Translation is the interpretation company to contact. Moreover, we have specialized in translation from Arabic to English and vice versa for over several years, as well as Russian to Arabic and vice versa, and French to Arabic and vice versa, as approved by the UAE Ministry of Justice.

Finance and banking translation from a company you can trust is frequently available for the following:

  1. Account statements
  2. Accounting rules
  3. Cash float statements
  4. KPI reportss
  5. Letters of credit
  6. Financial correspondences
  7. Statements of income
  8. Receipts and assessments
  9. Invoices and disbursements Balance sheets
  10. Bill books
  11. Auditors’ reports
  12. Tax documents
  13. Profit & loss statements
  14. Final reviews
  15. Loan packages,
  16. Inventory market files
  17. Liabilities statements
  18. Customer correspondence
  19. Fund truth sheets
  20. Mortgage statements
  21. Personal assets and other types of monetary-reason files are all examples of financial-reason files.

Our fantastic staff members have the necessary expertise, skills, and knowledge to accurately interpret any financial or bank paperwork. As a result, we assign your documents to qualified translators with relevant financial and economic backgrounds.

Requirement for bank translation

Due to globalization, it is possible to travel to the farthest reaches of the globe with ease. As a result, you will come across a number of banks with foreign branches, offices, and a diversified workforce. As a result, the requirement to pique clients’ attention and coordinate with global employees or workplaces has grown.

Thus, to increase market share, sustain, and grow in this competitive business, you must add translation services; the most obvious reason for this is to eliminate language and cultural barriers. Moreover, this means that all of your key documentation, such as business reports, bank transactions, change agreements, and annual profit statements must be written in the customer’s native language.

Why should you consider our Bank Statement Translation Services Dubai?

The solution is straightforward. We have a team of carsefully chosen translators who can not only translate bank statements but also have a promising history in banking and finance. Similarly, our professional translators recognize the importance of such sensitive papers as the translation of your bank statement, which could have a significant impact on your future.

Even the smallest miscalculation or blunder might wreak havoc and be the sole reason for your failure to achieve your goals.

As a result, we have developed a step-by-step quality control procedure to ensure that you receive the highest quality translation possible. Similarly, we will make sure that even the smallest data on your bank statement are accurately translated and free of errors.

If you need financial or bank document translation services Dubai then Prime Legal Translation service is the translation firm to call. So put us to work for you, and we’ll make sure you get the memorable experience you deserve!

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All You Need to Know About Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment Abu Dhabi

All You Need to Know About Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment Abu Dhabi

If you are an interpreter looking to make the right purchases of equipment, so your hard-earned money doesn’t go to waste, you have landed on just the right page. We are about to give you the best insight about what and what not to invest in. Since this is a beginner to advance level guide, let’s start with the key terms you need to understand before you buy any simultaneous interpretation equipment Abu Dhabi.

  1. Translation Vs. Interpretation:

The translation just means converting something from one language to the other, be it oral or text. Interpretation, on the other side, is only specific to the spoken word and is always only done on the spot, whether in a meeting, workshop, or conference, etc.

  1. Consecutive Interpretation:

This happens when you have a real-time interpreter with you on any occasion. For example, you’re at a Chinese workshop and you speak a few sentences, then your interpreter repeats them in Chinese for the audience. No equipment is required for this type of interpretation; however, it disrupts the flow of speech.

  1. Simultaneous Interpretation:

Imagine yourself at the Chinese workshop again, this time with you in the audience. The speaker is speaking in Chinese, but you’re able to listen to it in English through a special set of headphones given to you by the organizers. This is even though an expensive process but maintains the flown of speech.

  1. Floor Language:

This is the language used by the speaker; the language that is being translated into is known as the target language. There can be multiple target languages, depending on how much your set-up can afford.

System types and their advantages and disadvantages

  1. Infrared Systems:

They use the same technology as TV remote and transmit interpreted feed to the listeners through invisible light pulses, so the audience listens to the speech in their native language with headphones. Here are some key points that will help you better understand infrared systems:

  • Infrared signals need a vivid line of sight of the audience
  • The emitters need to be installed right above the audience and should be exposed to catch signals
  • An increased number of emitters gives a better range
  • Infrared systems are sensitive to any interference of light; for example, bright flashlights
  • Any radio interference doesn’t harm these systems
  1. Handheld Digital Systems (Medium Range)

These systems make use of radio waves for the transmission of translated feed. The audience uses multi-channel receiver headphones to listen. Here are the key features of handheld digital systems:

  • They are portable as well as light-weight which means you can easily travel around with your equipment without any hassle
  • Unlike infrared systems, their transmitters and receivers don’t need to be exposed, so they’re good for people like tour guides.
  • You can easily customize the system to support various languages simultaneously through the multi-channel configuration feature
  • The advance digital systems also have interference-cancelling and encryption technology to ensure the confidentiality of speech
  • The smaller the size is, the shorter the range will be
  • The FM signals can easily penetrate through walls, so no line of sight is required
  • They are immune to any interference of light which makes them perfect for outdoor events
  1. Long Range Portable FM Systems

These systems are perfect for covering large events as they can easily exceed to a thousand feet. However, more power requirement means the machines become less portable. They can, of course, be moved around but will require a higher cost of setting up and taking it down. The key features include:

  • They offer great sound quality
  • Long-range portable FM systems are component-based, which means they have more customization options
  • They are immune to light interference
  • Cost-efficient for large-scale audiences
  • Even though they are portable, but the speakers and audience members need to stay close to the fixed transmitters.

5 questions to consider before investing in simultaneous interpretation equipment Abu Dhabi

  1. How many audience members in your event need language support? This needs to be decided prior to the actual event so you can purchase the receivers accordingly.
  2. What is the number of different languages that need to be simultaneously interpreted during the event? This will help you in determining the number of transmitters you need to buy.
  3. Where will the interpreter put his set-up at the event location? Is there enough space at the back of the stage or do we need to set up a sound-proof booth?
  4. How portable should the system be? Does it also have to be mobile or just portable? Most systems are certainly portable but their weight and power mostly determine how far you can travel with them so you might want to research this according to your budget and convenience.
  5. How efficient is the venue? Does it have proper space for a line of sight between transmitter and receiver? This will help you choose between infrared and FM systems, as infrared signals cannot work without a line of sight.

Hopefully, this blog gave you a detailed guide on how you can choose the right equipment for yourself. It is definitely not an easy thing to do as it requires not only a huge amount of money but also a lot of prior research you need to do, considering even the tiniest factors about your audience.

Another tip to get your simultaneous interpretation equipment Abu Dhabi at the right prices is to always compare prices around with different vendors. This may take up some extra time, but you might get lucky and find your equipment at a really decent price from one of the vendors.

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Importance of Business Legal Contract Translation Dubai

Importance of Business Legal Contract Translation Dubai

Contract translation is becoming increasingly important in the competitive market of today. Prime Legal Translation is known for its cross-border operations. Documentation that requires legal translation can vary in range from signing contracts with a distributor in an international market to acquiring an international company. So, it’s critical to have a plan in place to fulfill this need if you want to keep transactions moving quickly and expenses low.

What is contract translation and how does it work?

The act of translating a contract into a different language for usage between two parties who speak different languages is known as contract translation. Given that legal contracts in English are frequently imprecise and rife with loopholes, it’s critical to ensure that a translated contract is free of such ambiguity.

Why does a company translate a contract?

Businesses enter into contracts for a variety of reasons, and the list keeps growing. Employee handbooks and employment contracts can be translated for usage with their own employees. Furthermore, contracts for sales can be translated for usage with international clients. It is possible to translate privacy policy and terms of service contracts for usage with international users on the internet. The list is long and growing as our globe becomes more interconnected.

What are the advantages of having your contracts translated?

While contract translation may appear to be costly, it can also result in significant cost savings. Therefore, businesses frequently choose to use their own ‘paper’ in a transaction since they are aware of the terminology and can avoid having to hire a lawyer to review the full document. Furthermore, this is a significant cost reduction, which is why many organizations have ‘template banks’ to use when doing transactions. The same advantages apply to contract translation.

If a company often transacts with parties who speak different languages, translating contract templates into those languages could save a lot of money. This creates a similar situation in which businesses are conversant with legal words and will save money on legal bills when reviewing contracts.

On the other hand, if a company does not translate its templates ahead of time, it will almost certainly need to employ international counsel for each transaction to assist them in grasping the language challenges, legal issues, and jurisdiction-specific issues. This can be really expensive.

Significance of legal contract translations

If the legal contract translation isn’t exact, businesses may face legal issues. If a corporation wants to establish a relationship with a business partner overseas, any communicator of another language must be able to understand any legal paperwork if a contract is involved.

What is the purpose of a legal contract in business?

In the business sector, there is a principle that asserts that opportunities are produced rather than just arise. This is especially true when it comes to contracts. A legal contract is a strategy for creating a commercial opportunity. One of the most important advantages of a contract is that it gives structure and clarity to a business partnership.

It also serves a variety of additional objectives, such as establishing the roles and duties of each partner in a corporate relationship. There may be parts and clauses detailing how and when the partners may end the legal relationship or alter any aspect of it, such as the method of payment.

A contract is legally binding, which means that both parties must adhere to the contract’s terms and conditions. The damaged party may pursue legal action if one party breaks the contract by failing to honor the agreement. Moreover, a contract specifies time frames, such as a deadline for finishing the project and a payment plan for the duration of the contract.

One of the most important aspects of every contract is that it includes a payment arrangement for the good or service given. This can be anything from an hourly rate paid for finished work to a lump sum payment due when the work is done satisfactorily.

Bonuses and commissions may be involved in the task, and these must be indicated in the legal contract. Licensing fees may be required as part of the job, and they should be stated in the contract. So, a contract is frequently compared to insurance since it serves to safeguard the people involved in the agreement.

Why should you be concerned about contract translation?

Contract translations are required if the parties do not speak the same language because of the significance of contracts and the possible repercussions if one of the parties violates a contract clause. If a legal contract is not precisely translated by a qualified contract translation, it is quite easy to misunderstand it.

Whenever a legal contract is binding, all parties involved must understand exactly what is involved; otherwise, a contract breach may occur.

Who will require the services of a contract translator?

A contract will include multiple parties, each of whom will require copies of the legal contract documentation in their native language. This could be a company that is active in the supply chain process, such as acquiring a product directly from the manufacturer.

A contract translation in their local tongue is required for all managers and workers who need to know the contract’s content. This is to verify that there are no contract violations that might jeopardize the professional relationship of those included in the agreement.

The contract’s drafters must ensure that all parties involved receive a contract translation in their native language as soon as feasible after work on the contract begins. This necessitates the use of a legal contract translation service with qualified translators on the staff of Prime legal translation who have a proven track record of accuracy in contract translations.

What are the difficulties in contract translation?

Contract translation into different languages for use with foreign parties presents a number of issues. To begin with, language is not objective, and there are often no equivalent words in different languages. So, when this is combined with the law, it might be difficult for lawyers to accurately translate provisions word for word.

Second, distinct legal systems exist in different countries. France, for example, has a Civil Law legal system, whereas the USA has a Common Law legal system. Without getting into the specifics of their differences, this can result in instances where contract phrases are inapplicable in another legal system and, if translated without care, can make a company appear unthinking by including them in their translated contract.

Finally, subject matter ability is more valuable than ever. Because the legislation is so complicated, translations must be handled by a subject matter expert (typically by an expert firm like Prime Legal Translation). Therefore, if you require the best contract translation services, you can contact our team and you will be pleased to take our services.


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How Important to Transcription and Translation is Proofreading?

How Important to Transcription and Translation is Proofreading?

What is the difference between translation and transcription?

The words transcription and translation sound similar however, in reality, they the two are very different. Translation is the process of converting of text from one language to an additional language. e.g., French to English or Arabic to Russian. The translation is done by an experienced translator who is fluent at least in the two languages that need to be translated and is also skilled in the area of translation he/she’s providing.

Transcription however is the process of converting audio recordings into text. It’s not an exchange from one language to another which is the added task of translators. The majority of transcription is performed by someone who does not have any other language other that the one they do transcription in.

The one of few commonalities or features that transcription and translation have in their commonality is that the finished text has to be proofread with care. Most of the time the transcriber or translator is the one carrying out the proofreading following the transcription or Legal translation in Dubai; however, an additional layer of perfection could be added having a different proof reader in place or by proofreading more than one time.

Proofreading in transcription as well as proofreading in dubai legal translation services , though both necessary and important but are distinct from one another.

What is the significance of proofreading in the translation process?

The process of proofreading involves the careful examination of a piece of translated text for mistakes in grammar, punctuation, vocabulary and (in the printed version) typographical mistakes. The process of proofreading a text translated can be straightforward or challenging according to the nature of the text being translated. It is not exactly identical to editing that is the deliberate modification of the text to make it more sense. In the majority of cases, translators provide editing and proofreading services in addition to the actual translation, and be charged according to the services offered. It is recommended that the translators make sure that any text they translate must also be checked for proofreading, and this is usually the cost (often through the term) they provide. Editing may be requested when the text is difficult or complex to communicate the meaning of. Editing can be completed prior to legal translation in Dubai or later however, it will be done prior to proofreading.

The advantage that translators enjoy which transcribers may not have is that the translation they hold in front of them for translation is able to be read at any time. There should not be any errors that are made when reading the text, but this doesn’t mean the text is flawless. Translators aren’t accountable to clients for not ensuring that the content they’ve submitted for translation hasn’t been verified for consistency and understanding first.

Why is proofreading so crucial in transcription?

Transcription itself is more difficult than translation because it is a matter of following the dictated words of someone else into an audio device or recorded in the possibility of an unsatisfactory recording space. Different dialects, accents and background noises as along with problems with recordings equipment could make the work of a transcriber even more difficult. Rarely , does the transcriber get the chance to verify what the person actually said during the recording was made? That’s why proofreading is crucial when it comes to transcription since it requires more than simply making sure spelling, punctuation and more. like it does for transcription. In general, the transcriber type the maximum amount of what they believe to have been said , and then examine the text repeatedly, over and over to ensure that it’s the most accurate version of the audio. Like translation, the goal of proofreading is not to alter the meaning of the words spoken however, it is to ensure that it is as accurate as possible in the conversion of the audio file to text.


Accuracy is an important component when the process of translating and transcribing documents so proofreading is an essential and essential element of every service provided by a transcription or translation agency.

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Tips For Choosing Legal Translation Company In Dubai

Tips For Choosing Legal Translation Company In Dubai

It’s certain that Arabic is the official language in the United Arab Emirates. As we know that the UAE specifically Dubai is one of the preferred parts of the world by tourists who have a number of people belonging to different casts, cultures, countries, and languages. This creates a big language gap for which the assistance of legal translation in Dubai is inevitable. By acknowledging the fact, there are numerous companies offering translation in Dubai. It’s the rule of thumb that not every organization needs to be trusted and assurance of its legitimate performance is necessary.

If you’re planning to expand your business abroad, getting migrated to another country, to write a letter to your neighbor who barely knows English or Arabic, or to guide your employees about the rules and regulations of your company, all these requirements are taken care of by the companies offering translation in Dubai. 

You may not know it but there are many other grades of translations besides legal translation. Legal translations only deal with the translation of legal documents such as affidavits. However, the best translation company in Dubai is the requirement of time because a human is a social animal and needs to communicate for the purpose of conveying messages. This is where translation companies in Dubai come forward. They interpret and decode the messages to other people.

Below we’ll discuss some of the basic yet best tips essential to choose the best translation company in UAE.

Most of all, the experience speaks itself for the performance of the companies. To believe it, you can ask the companies for their previous work for the clients.

Most of all, the experience speaks itself for the performance of the companies. To believe it, you can ask the companies for their previous work for the clients.

Most of all, the experience speaks itself for the performance of the companies. To believe it, you can ask the companies for their previous work for the clients.

Most of all, the experience speaks itself for the performance of the companies. To believe it, you can ask the companies for their previous work for the clients.

Most of all, the experience speaks itself for the performance of the companies. To believe it, you can ask the companies for their previous work for the clients.

We Offer All Legal Translation Services in Dubai

For the matter of translation in Dubai, it’s obvious that many people will come to you including your own relatives and friends offering free translation and interpretation of your essential documents of any nature, be it for technical translation, official translation or website translation. BUT it’s not at all recommended because only experts in translation can be handed over the task to because they are not only well-versed with the terminologies but they have also been qualified in the linguistics. This leaves no corner for any mistakes.

Must note that any change in the tone, nature or meaning of even a single text that you’re getting translated can result in a serious problem combining sudden rejection and for whatever procedure you’re getting your documents will be delayed.

A dedicated translation company in Dubai will offer you with the best rates possible and the best outcomes after extracting from you all the required information and considering the confidentiality.

Translations are of many natures and people can search for them by looking up translation office dubai nearby.

Keeping in sight all the basic tips and precautions for choosing the best translation company in UAE, Prime Translation Services is a renowned epitome of trustworthy translations and interpretations striving hard to deliver quality on time. The outcome they offer is accepted in the blink of eyes in any field. It has over a decade long experience with handling a wide array of tasks including subtitling, translation in Dubai,

legal translation, interpretation, and managing website content. Besides offering the opportunity for you to have your valuable documents translated by highly qualified experts, Prime Translation Services alongside has quality checks that point out even the minor of lacking in the translation services dubai .

It has the privilege to translate over 150 languages, all professionally. Now you don’t have to fret by wondering where are translating services near me because Prime Translation Services is a one-stop for sorting out all your translation and interpretation related matters. 

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Professional Legal Translation Company in Dubai

Professional Legal Translation Company in Dubai

As Dubai has steadily welcomed people from all walks of life, companies that offer translation in Dubai have helped in making it a more inclusive and culturally rich place. The translation is the act of translating documents, books, written statements, and words from one language to another. The act of translation has allowed stories, religious texts, research papers, and textbooks to be translated into a multitude of languages.

The services offered by translators have enabled the propagation of knowledge, thoughts, ideas, and opinions across different countries and areas. Over the years, a number of translation offices in Dubai have sprung up. It is very important for translation services in Dubai to cater to people from different countries and areas. Translation companies in Dubai ensure this by providing top-notch translation services that aid individuals in communicating with one another.

Professional Translation Services in Dubai

So as a competent professional, immigrant, student, or a business owner, have you ever thought, “are there translation services near me?” The most likely answer is yes. Translation offices in Dubai can be found in various locations. These offices provide a myriad of translation services in many different languages such as French, Italian, German, Chinese, Urdu, Kurdish, Japanese, etc.

Translation services in Dubai are run by extremely qualified and adept professionals, who can overcome any barriers caused by differences in cultures and beliefs. The efforts of these capable translators have enabled Dubai to become a cultural melting pot and an inclusive city, where people from all walks of life are welcomed. Furthermore, professionals like teachers and doctors, who must deal with all sorts of people daily, cannot practice their profession in an effective manner without the help of effectual translation in Dubai.  These translation services allow people to express their concerns, reservations, and opinions with each other which greatly helps in making individuals trust one another along with eliminating ill feelings and grievances.

Legal Translation for Business Documents

For businesses in Dubai to grow and expand, they need to constantly keep in touch with offices that provide translation services dubai services. Legal translators translate legal documents such as wills, business contracts, resumes, parliament acts, etc. from one language to another. They can understand laws from one language to another in a wholesome way which communicates its entire essence.

Legal translators in Dubai are qualified individuals, who have an adequate grasp on the terminologies of various languages. So, they can translate complex legal jargon in a simple and logical way. As the owner of an up and running business, you might have googled, “are there any translation offices near me?” The most probable answer is that there are translation offices in commercial areas of Dubai, which seek to translate laws, so business administrators ensure that their companies comply with the laws set up by the government. Moreover, legal translators in Dubai can help battle unfair charges which might be pressed by their clients. Prime translation services is one of such translation and interpretation services in Dubai having over a decade long experience. They have a trained and qualified staff that understands the delivery of quality on time.

Companies like HP, Apple, Samsung and brands like Prada, Gucci, and Balenciaga, could not have sold their products to a global market without the help of translators. These translators ensure that business professionals understand the laws of different countries sufficiently well which prevents them from indulging in unfair practices. Individuals which provide translation services in Dubai also enable companies to understand the consumer psyche of individuals from different nationalities. Therefore, companies are able to advertise their products in a way which befits the social, moral, and religious values of various regions.

So the truth about translation services can be stated as that without the invaluable services provided by translators, the world would not have been able to achieve its current status of a thriving global village. There has always been an immense need for translators in Dubai. Legal translation in Dubai is what every business-person requires from the very first day. Furthermore, cities like Dubai would have stagnated without translators- for it is the efforts of translators that have enabled people of different nationalities to reside in a specific area over an extended time period. Translators have served society by translation books and TV shows, along with legal and professional documents. Without their contribution, the Harry Potter series would not have become a global sensation. And without their valuable input, we would not have progressed, both as individuals and as a society.

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Why Legal Translation is Important? - The Biggest Contribution

Why Legal Translation is Important? – The Biggest Contribution

Legal translation in Dubai has become a necessity. It is the act of translating legal documents from one language to another. These legal documents include wills, contracts, affidavit, resumes, letters of intent, sales agreements, business statements, etc. Legal translation services in Dubai and legal translation services in Abu Dhabi are offered by individuals who have a firm command of at least two languages. Additionally, legal translators who work at organizations that provide legal translation in Abu Dhabi and legal translation in Dubai must be knowledgeable about the law. They need to be aware of the possible nuances of a given language and the underlying meaning of words because various legal terms cannot be precisely translated in another language. So, they need to translate these terms in a way that ensures that their meaning remains unaltered.  

Translation Services in Abu Dhabi

There is an immense need of translation services in Abu Dhabi and translation services in JLT because these areas are a home to people from different regions, most of whom do not share a common language with one another. Legal translation services worldwide have vast potential for growth because migrants whose native language is not English, or Arabic have established up and running businesses and have hired employees from different countries. Translation offices in Abu Dhabi have employed professionals from all over the globe, such as from countries like China, Japan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, USA, UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Belgium, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Egypt, etc. This ensures that all countries are thoroughly represented, and legal documents can be conveniently translated from one language to another. 

Legal translators have made it easier for business people to conduct their business in other countries. For example, if a Chinese company wants to establish its business in Ireland, legal translators can effectively translate Irish laws for the Chinese company. These laws will help the Chinese company in understanding the rules and regulations they should adhere to while setting up their business in a foreign land. Legal translation in Dubai and legal translation in Abu Dhabi promises one-hundred percent customer satisfaction because legal translation can only be executed by adept professionals, who are sure to translate everything with complete accuracy. Furthermore, legal translators can help business owners in communicating the rules and regulations of their business to workers who do not speak the same language as them. They can also help businessmen in recruiting staff by translating their resumes in a coherent manner which is easy to understand. If you have ever wondered where translation offices are situated in the city you live in, you need to do a quick Google search by typing, “translation offices near me.” Thus, Google will direct you to the nearest translation office, where you can get a large range of translation services including legal translation services. 

Prime Translation Services offer Human Translation services in Dubai

Translation services near me have rendered humanity a great service. Moreover, legal translators who work at translation offices in Dubai have served the city diligently.  Without rules and regulations, our world would be in a state of chaos. In the absence of laws, no business, firm, or individual would be held accountable for wrong actions and misdeed. Currently, our world has become a global village and places like Dubai and Abu Dhabi have become a cultural melting pot. For individuals to succeed and earn a respectable reputation in a foreign land, they need to live according to the laws of the land.

Legal translation services in Dubai and legal translation services in Abu Dhabi have helped immigrants and foreigners in understanding the city’s laws. Without the efforts of legal translators, cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi would not have developed economically. Prime translation has been striving to make the blending of different cultures easy by offering translation and interpretation services for years. The skillful staff is always ready to provide its best to the clients with the best rates. It is imperative to note that without the diligence, intelligence, and commitment of legal translators, legal documents may be translated wrongly. Wrong translation of legal documents can cause significant trouble because it might result in ineffective business contracts, delayed justice, and unfair practices. So, the biggest contribution of legal translation is that it has helped uphold justice and fairness throughout the world. 

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