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September 5, 2020

Native Translator for French Translation Services in Dubai

French is one of the most historic multiple languages spoken in the world. It shares the legacy with a group of other languages which have their roots in Latin and date back to the era of the roman empire. Although very primitive, still it is owned by a huge number of people all over the globe.

According to an estimate, French ranks second in all languages for having official status in most countries after English. This Romanian language has also been cherished all over the corners of the earth for producing all times great literature and knowledge in almost all fields.

With that much recognition, translations from and to this language are getting immense popularity in the international market. This is because English to French translation services business owners is also inclining towards localization of their brands to keep up the pace with the global marketplace. Localization services are becoming a trend throughout, especially in business centres such as Dubai and UAE.

Dubai is a multicultural metropolitan economic corridor having unending opportunities for business and entertainment. In addition to business aspects, there are countless other dimensions involving translation services. From immigration to settling in, you need certified translation services at every step.

How to find the best language service provider for your work?

One can easily find an online translation service or translation software to interpret basic multilingual texts either from French to Arabic or from Arabic to English. However, quality assurance for important documents should not be risked by hiring any ordinary French translator in Dubai. Especially, for legal translation services, it becomes inevitable to search and reach qualified translation companies having a bench of professional linguists and translators to cover up a high volume of official translation with fast turnaround and affordable prices. These days, several interpretation firms are available and each of them claims to be the best. So, how will you maximize the probability of hiring the exact French to English translator in Dubai?

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There are no hard and fast rules, and the quality of service varies from company to company. Even if a famous firm is hired, the results can vary depending upon management systems and expert review. However, some tips may help you out in this regard. You can make a compatible decision out of several choices following these basic tricks. Some of these points relate to the text and text provider and others refer towards characteristics of a translation agency.

  • Be clear: Be clear in your intentions before even looking for an agency. Be sure about what you have and what you want to do! Brainstorm and ask yourself these questions to get a clear picture ahead:

what is the scope of this project?

what would be the best target language for localization?

what type of text you are dealing with either technical or formal?

what is your budget?

Quality control:

It does not matter which firm you are hiring provided the quality of your work is not infiltered. Quality control also depends upon the level and type of text. For example, technical translations ordubai legal translation services such as marriage certificate can be ruined to a greater degree only by a single mistake, however, the usual translations can still be valid even if some mistakes are present. Find a company that is authorized for quality checks offering mandatory proofreading services before the documents are handed over to you.

Localizing ability: 

If you are translating a business website, simple translation won’t work unless the product is localized keeping in mind the target audience and the standards of the local industry. In such a case, hire a firm which has experience in the relevant domain.

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Vendor Resources: 

Check out the resources of available firms, whether they only count on the translators or also have Cat tools. Sometimes, the companies ask the client if they want the CAT service included for an extra charge.

Compare multiple translation companies in Dubai before hiring: 

You can find various agencies via on internet or by simply asking your friends. Do not just go for the first company you got to know about rather cast some research. Go through the testimonials and previous project reports. Check out the reviews. Collect data about the packages and supplementary details. Get a free quote from each of the firms you investigate and draw a comparative analysis among at least 5 companies. Select the one offering a combo of quality services and affordable budget.


 The company should provide full confidentiality for sensitive and personal document translation services. Ask the managers about their privacy policy and the procedures they maintain the scrutiny so that no data is leaked. It is better to sign an NDA agreement for highly sensitive documents. Also, consider the procedure they collect the data from a client whether they are using a secure monetizing system or not!

Turnaround time: Usually, the companies offer the service for a fixed time. However, for urgent delivery, an extra amount can be paid. Make sure to get a minimum delivery time as per your requirements. The company should be able to deliver the content within a minimum time limit.

Prime translation services

Whether you are looking for translation from one language to the other language, or dubbing, or interpretation service within UAE, Prime Translation Service is a compliant language agency offering the most adequate quality work within minimum rates. We have native language speaking translators for more than 200 languages who help our esteemed audience to breach the language barrier for each dialect and translate to the desired speak media.

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We use a combination of human translation and computer-assisted tools to maintain the consistency and flow through the whole document. Our company works with small- and large-scale retailers as well as individuals covering up the global horizon in all aspects. We offer all kinds of translations leading from legal to scientific.  So, if you are searching assistance for French translation services in Dubai, our managers would be more than pleased to quench your needs. Order us right now!

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