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July 24, 2023

What Is Certificate of Incorporation In UAE

Starting a business in the UAE requires a lot of paperwork. One of the most important documents you’ll need is the Certificate of Incorporation. This document proves that your business has been legally established in the UAE. It is an official government record that states your company is registered with the relevant authority and has been incorporated under the laws of the United Arab Emirates.

Today, we will explain everything about the UAE’s Incorporation Certificate.

What is a Certificate of Incorporation?

An Incorporation Certificate is a legal document that officially recognizes a company as a separate entity from its owners. The government issues it and provides proof that a business has been registered and authorized to operate in a specific jurisdiction.

In the UAE, this certificate is vital for businesses as it allows them to conduct commercial activities, open bank accounts, obtain visas, and secure contracts. It also protects businesses from personal liability, meaning that the company’s owners and shareholders are not held personally responsible for any debts or legal issues incurred by the business.

Overall, Incorporation Certificate is a fundamental legal requirement for businesses in the UAE and serves as a crucial foundation for growth and success. It provides legitimacy, credibility, and protection, essential elements for any business operating in a competitive marketplace.

Why is it important for businesses in the UAE?

A Certificate of Incorporation is crucial for businesses operating in the UAE. It is a legal document that proves the existence of a company and is required for any business to operate legally in the country. The certificate contains information such as the

  • Company name
  • Shareholders
  • Directors
  • Authorized signatories
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This certificate gives businesses legal recognition and helps them establish a strong foundation. It allows businesses to easily open bank accounts, obtain visas, and sign contracts. In addition, it offers a sense of credibility and trustworthiness to clients, suppliers, and investors, enhancing business relationships.

Moreover, the UAE government requires companies to have this Certificate to ensure compliance with regulations and to prevent fraudulent activities. Failure to obtain one could lead to legal repercussions and fines.

Requirements for obtaining an Incorporation Certificate in the UAE

Certain requirements must be met to obtain an Incorporation Certificate in the UAE.

  • The business entity must have a physical office space within the UAE and a registered trade name.
  • Business owner(s) must also have a valid residence visa and a passport with a minimum validity of 6 months.
  • A memorandum of association and articles of association must be prepared and notarized. The memorandum of association outlines the purpose and objectives of the business, while the articles of association detail the structure and operations of the business.
  • A board resolution stating the intention to form a company must also be prepared.
  • The business entity must have a minimum share capital requirement based on the type of business and location in the UAE.

Meeting these requirements ensures that the business entity is legally registered and authorized to operate in the UAE.

Steps involved in obtaining an Incorporation Certificate in the UAE

Obtaining a Certificate in the UAE can be quite straightforward. Here are the typical steps involved:

  1. There are different types of companies in the UAE, such as a limited liability company (LLC), a free zone company, and a branch office. It is best to decide which one suits your business needs.
  2. The business name must be unique and not already taken. Check the name’s availability on the Department of Economic Development (DED) site.
  3. This document outlines the company’s objectives, structure, and shareholders’ details. A notary public must notarize it.
  4. This involves applying for a business license and memorandum of association to the DED for initial approval.
  5. After receiving the initial approval, you can reserve the trade name for your business.
  6. Once all the documents are finalized, you can submit them to the DED to obtain the final license and the Certificate of Incorporation.
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Overall, obtaining a Certificate in the UAE can take around two to four weeks. And this depending on the type of company and any additional approvals required.

Advantages of having a Certificate of Incorporation in the UAE

There are several advantages of this certificate in the UAE. Here are some of them:

Legal protection

This certificate protects the company’s owners and shareholders. It establishes the business as a separate legal entity. And also protect the personal assets of owners in case of legal disputes.


This Certificate adds credibility to the business, making it more attractive to potential clients, investors, and partners.

Tax benefits

Incorporated businesses in the UAE are entitled to various tax benefits and incentives. For example, they are exempt from corporate income tax, withholding tax, and value-added tax.

Access to banking services

This certificate is required to open a bank account in the UAE. And bank accounts are essential for businesses to operate efficiently.


A Certificate of Incorporation allows businesses to operate in multiple jurisdictions, which provides flexibility and enables them to expand their operations without any legal hindrances.


Obtaining a Certificate of Incorporation is a crucial step for businesses in the UAE. This official document provides legal recognition, credibility, and protection, allowing businesses to operate smoothly and gain the trust of clients and investors. This certificate is a fundamental requirement for establishing a business and conducting commercial activities in the country.

It offers numerous advantages to expand business operations. Businesses can rely on professional legal translation services to ensure a smooth process and accurate documentation.

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