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September 5, 2020

Choosing a Professional Legal Translation Services in Dubai

The 21st century is a multicultural and multinational era, where one cannot rely on a single language. Either to expand a business or to share some ideas, you must acquire language services to communicate with the communities worldwide. Even if you are running a non-profit organization, still the translation needs for the global market place cannot be denied. Although we all happen to learn foreign languages at some point in our educational career, however, it is not enough to be capable of professional translation. Experts are hired to fill that gap. Here are some of the reasons why should you appoint a legal translation in Dubai: 

  • A text in any language might seem simple, but when it comes to handling a whole project, there are certain complexities. A translation services company has not only the linguistics but the project managers who organize and monetize the complete workflow.
  • There are different kinds of documents, for example, technical, non-technical, formal, and informal. The experts translate to meet the standards set in any language following the type of provided text with exact scrutiny.
  • There are several options for a single phrase. Hence, the quality and consistency of the translated work are always vital. Therefore, the translators also use computer-assisted translation tools and software to minimize human errors and maintain flow in a dialect.
  • A trustworthy translation company provides not only a competitive price but also saves turnaround time by meeting the deadlines.

Types of translation in Dubai

Dubai is a land of opportunities having equal attractions for all. People from all over the world and from all domains of life interact here. The translation industry here covers all the spectrum leading from official Legal Translation in Dubai to dubbing and subtitling a voice over. Here are some of the common areas one might need the translation in:

  • Technical translation: It has two aspects. One refers to the instructional notes, or administrative charts whereas, the other relates to technical manuals of industries.
  • Business translation: This discipline concerns with financial or economic reports such as bank drafts, annual reports, audits, etc.
  • Scientific translation: The researchers and scientists often require translating their papers, records or books. Scientific translators are highly qualified professionals having a keen knowledge of science to understand the complex terms as in medical translation.
  • Judicial translation: Judicial translators proofread, interpret and transcribe the judicial proceedings, reports and minutes of the court.
  • Legal translation: Legal translation services relate to every legal proceeding leading from birth certificate translation to driving license translation, marriage registrations, warrants, and summons. If you are living in the UAE, you will require legal translation at every step.
  • Literary translation: This one is the most difficult. Literature is itself quite complex to be simplified and the situation becomes even trickier when it needs to be translated. There are two ways either to translate it word by word or to keep its expression so that the aesthetics are not destroyed.
  • Website translation: It refers to website localization. The companies are trying to reach the far-off audience with expansion in global business. The international brands need to translate their online content in multiple languages as to ease their customers. Website translation is done following the target country’s formatting and currency.
  • Video games translation: Game translation is an advanced niche for translation services in Dubai. It involves much complex content to be translated and has become a topmost trend for game localization. It requires full command over subtitle and dubbing technique. The game content is different from the usual web content, requiring a high-tech ability to translate the minute screen texts. The translator must be a player as to have a fine grip over visual scenarios and to understand the game situations. Most of the games are first translated into English and then to the other localized or native language. Therefore, the translator must have more than a mere limited English proficiency.
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Things to consider before initiating a translation project

So finally, you have decided to get your content translated. However, there are some key points you must consider before even putting the phrase “translation services near me” in the Google search box. These fundamentals relate to devising a strategy for your content.

  • Be clear about the target languages you want the content to be translated. It all depends upon the scope of a localization project whether a small supplier would be the right choice, or you require some high translation retailer house. You can count on an average freelance translator for a small amount of the content. However, if the content is to be translated in multi-languages, hiring a single service provider would not work.
  • Once you have made a strategy, search for ‘certified translation near me’. this is important as to be sure of your translation provider’s standards and quality. Advanced and trustworthy companies often have ISO certification.
  • Make sure the hired company has some real potential. You can ask questions directly about the qualifications and experiences of their managers and translators or can inquire online before making an offer for a free quote.
  • Conserve your sensitive content by making a confidentiality agreement with the hired company.
  • Usually, there are numerous side-works other than translation also involved, such as publishing and managing the content. Select a company which agrees to offer you maximum services within minimal capital.
  • Different companies offer different rates. Although the best practice will be to get as affordable as possible, however, the quality of work should not be risked by low cost. Do some research to get an idea about average translation cost per page and select a firm that offers you a combo of quality and price.
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 What do we have to offer?

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