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August 29, 2022

Legal Translation in Sharjah for Visa Application

People who desire to work, visit, or live in UAE and their mother tongue is not the same as the official language generally need visa Legal Translation in Sharjah. In general, when a document is to be utilized for legal purposes, legal translation is required. Legal translation is indispensable for any dealing with legal authorities, embassies and courts in UAE.

Legal Translation in Sharjah for Visa Application

Many authorities in the UAE will only consider documents written in Arabic, with legal translations made by a professional translator. As a result, each document that you need to present or process through any UAE entity requires legal translation from the native tongue to Arabic.

Prime Legal Translation is a legal and accredited translation firm that offers visa application documents translations as well in a variety of languages and dialects. Because many personal documents are required when applying for a visa, whether for a bridging visa, a permanent residence, a working travel visa, or an employment visa, translation services of high quality and expertise are required.

These services can only be provided by our legal translation company, which works professionally to deliver accurate and precise translations and nuances of the documents in the same way as the original. We recognize the importance of accuracy in these types of legal papers, so it employs certified professional translators who are accredited by the National Accreditation Authority for iInterpreters and Translators.

We offer the following services for visa application documents:

  • Ability to deliver the translated requirements when you need them
  • Careful and accurate translation of visa application documents
  • Offers extract translations to save you time and money
  • Visa application document translation is approved by a professional translator
  • Provide a certification that guarantees that the translated document is correct
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We can assist you in obtaining any form of visa – for instance:

  • Visas for visits
  • Tourist visas
  • Visas for work
  • Student visas
  • Visas for Permanent Residency
  • Visas for Skilled Migrants

Needs for translation

Each document you submit that is not in English must be accompanied by a completely certified original translation. Moreover, if you are submitting an application in the UAE, your translation must:

  • Include information about the translator or the translation firm’s qualifications.
  • Get verification from the translator that the translated version of the document is a true representation of the original.
  • Add the translation’s date
  • Include the translator’s or the translation firm’s authorized official’s original signature.

What are the reasons for having Legal Translation in Sharjah?

There are a variety of other reasons why you might require legal translation for a visa, including travel, work, immigration, and more. For a visa, you will require legal translation in the United Arab Emirates for the following reasons:

Legal Translation in Sharjah for Visa Application

Purpose of the legal translation for the visa

There are a variety of reasons why you might need to translate your visa, but perhaps the most important is to select a reputable translation business that can accurately interpret your documents. Further, Prime Legal Translation is committed to providing high-quality translation services at an accessible price.

Documents for Immigration

If you are preparing documents to go to the United States and do not speak English like experts, having essential immigration documentation translated by an accurate legal translator in UAE can be extremely beneficial. Translating your documents, including visas, correctly will assist you in completing your immigration process effectively, saving time and avoiding any unpleasant surprises. For all of your immigration documents, we provide rapid and precise services of Legal Translation in Sharjah.

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Traveling around the world

If you plan to travel abroad for the holidays, you will require a visa to visit the place of your choice. As a result, you will need to translate your documentation into the visa-issuing country’s language. Documents like these may be included in the translation:

  • Certificates of birth.
  • Information about your job.
  • Passport, along with any past visas.
  • Payslips, bank statements, and other financial records.
  • Details on where to stay and how to get to the place of your choice.

We can provide you with peace of mind by translating all essential documents on schedule and without errors, allowing for easy and quick travel procedures.

Contracts of Employment

People who start new occupations in other countries may require proper translations of their paperwork, such as visas and passports. They also need to translate contracts of employment. There is no tolerance for mistakes when translating legal documents; even the smallest mistake might result in a conflict or huge financial fines.

Prime Legal Translation always has the right person for the task, thanks to our expert staff of translators. So, we quickly and affordably give our clients a properly translated version of their legal documents, complete with a certificate of translation.

Why is Arabic translation mandatory?

When seeking for work authorization or legal residency, foreign nationals have traditionally been asked to produce supporting papers such as degrees, marriage certificates, and birth certificates. Therefore, these documents were to be written in one of two languages: English or Arabic. All supporting material submitted in favor of immigration applications must now be translated into Arabic, thanks to a recent procedural change.

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What is the significance of Arabic translation?

The United Arab Emirates is an Arab country with Arabic as its official language. So, any legal document submitted to a government authority must be written in Arabic. We will handle all of your documentation as a professional language services firm that delivers a certified translation in UAE by the UAE Ministry of Justice. Meanwhile, simply scan the documents and send them through email or WhatsApp, and you can rest assured that your translation will be thorough and approved by the authority that requested it.

Why should you use our translation visa services?

  • Consultation is free and accurate, and the best price is guaranteed as well.
  • 30 years of expertise with the preparation of all requirements and highest quality services
  • Quick Processing

So, contact us if you have any queries about our translation firm and our Legal Translation in Sharjah services. We will be happy to assist you in any way possible.

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